"Violence is not impossible, but it will arouse suspicion unless the other party attacks normally …"

Closed-nest thinking network is the first step, and then you should plant hidden energy into all zerg bodies.
"Maybe I can change my mind?"
Qin Mu Ye suddenly reacted to one thing. If he sent it himself, would the Zerg in this worm nest planet really be at ease?
In another way, for example, let their brain worms have problems, which led them to get this kind of hidden energy, and also let him feel that he has the idea of getting his own unique one or two through psychological hints
I’m afraid it’s not an easy thing for me to put in the hidden energy species. It’s best to use the brain worm nest thinking network.
"It’s a try to change the virus type into a network hotbed of direct worm nest thinking, but the optimization is more difficult."
Qin Mu Ye is naturally aware of this convenience, but is it so easy to crack that Zerg can form science and technology?
Thanks to the fact that the opposite side is an order and is still a brain worm who is not skilled in learning, otherwise Qin Mu Ye even developed this kind of hidden energy.
I’m changing it. The black hand brought him a little news.
"Master, there seems to be something wrong with the big and secluded dynasty," said the black hand.
"What changes?" Qin Mu Ye thinks this should be no small matter, otherwise it is unlikely to come to him.
"At the same time, many families and schools, but etiquette, have purchased a lot of things at the same time. Although they are different, they are surprisingly consistent. It will not exceed three hours at most." The black hand threw a data report to Qin Mu Ye.
Qin Mu Ye simply looked at the in the mind also has a bad feeling.
For a large number of 25-year-old people in the great and secluded dynasty, it is natural to insert a lot of spooks to monitor them. If there is less power, there will be more than a dozen.
Three hours seems like a long time, but it looks dazzling in the same report.
You know, big power purchases are fixed and most of them are delivered to the door, which is obviously problematic.
Others may not notice that it is, after all, a country similar to a feudal society. This fact tends to favor the fact that business belongs to a cheap industry, and warlocks will certainly ignore it.
However, the geeks who have been educated in different times have different thinking, so they can find the difference at the first time.
"What do you mean?" Qin Mu Ye inquired.
He doesn’t engage in intelligence, and it’s not for a think tank to ask the black hand first.
"Before you not guess too deep and remote dynasty will mess? According to the analysis, 7% may be what the Zerg started to do, and the high probability is that the opposite brain worm is too immature and inexperienced. "
"The remaining 3% is probably due to the high-handed policy of God, the emperor, and the war in France to make oil and water, which makes the aristocratic families and schools dissatisfied and want to rebel. This may be some kind of contact."
The black hand simply said the think tank guess.
"…" Qin Mu Ye a black line he didn’t expect the zerg hand so fast?
To say that the possibility of rebellion is unlikely is to give this group of aristocratic schools a hundred courage, and they all dare not start work on God’s hidden emperor. The great probability is controlled by brain worms.
And what will buy a high probability is also a scam to give a sweet date first.
"Is there a solution?" Qin Mu Ye asked 1.
"There is a direct notice to God’s deep and remote emperor to let him check it himself" said the black hand directly.
All right, just do it first. Whoever pollutes, controls, distributes and protects.
But think about it. Anyway, it belongs to God’s deep and remote emperor. You can’t let him go, can you?
Of course, if the really big deep and remote dynasty was eroded by this, Qin Mu Ye wouldn’t mind helping them to scorch the whole big deep and remote dynasty directly from the sky.
Then don’t worry about what their planners are. What if all the planners are dead?
Before, there was something really wrong with the other party, and it was still a redeemable situation. Otherwise, Qin Mu Ye wouldn’t do it because he doubted whether the final reincarnation and the big and secluded dynasty had solved the zerg invasion and the high-dimensional demon. Before, Qin Mu Ye wouldn’t do it at random because he was also afraid.
An ordinary person naturally has no strange setting that he will never bend the strong heart or give in to his strength.
It doesn’t matter what intrigue or unscrupulous tricks are, it is the most important thing to solve things.
Chapter 364 You mean there are fewer people across from us?
God You Di soon received the news from Qin Mu Ye. After reading the first idea, it was naturally impossible, but it was not impossible to react quickly.
At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the list given by the other party, but a closer look reveals the problem.
Most of these people used to be realm magicians, but now they have become nine realm magicians one by one, and all of them are concise and firm, which is not like a breakthrough.
This made him wake up instantly. He was not afraid of this group of people becoming stronger, but somehow getting stronger.
"It seems that there is something really wrong. It’s not just these aristocratic schools that even I love Qing." God’s deep and remote emperor’s eyes flashed a cold mountain
This kind of thing is natural, but it can be big or small depending on how the other party fuck.
If you hook up together, you can really fool him.
"Before, you need to find the talents behind each other first, otherwise it is not good to make moves." God’s deep and remote emperor is not Qin Mu Ye who wants to make moves.
Although he is the strongest in the great secluded dynasty, in fact, he has to consider political influence more, and he can’t arrest and have evidence just because the other side has problems
After all, the other party is now breaking through. There is no evidence to show that it is hidden from the outside world. If you do it, it will definitely cause public resentment.
The people here definitely refer not to ordinary people, but to the family and school that he ruled the great secluded place.
Even those who benefit from god and the emperor are sometimes what the law wants.
That is to say, Qin Mu Ye can be reckless because of the special structure of the abyss. If he were his Lord, he would naturally have to balance the heroes, factions and so on
Otherwise, it is impossible to say that it is still as simple as a small village after the power is big?
Then the emperor’s eyes swept over the eunuchs and maids who served him, and there was meditation in their eyes. Is there anyone under control here?
The emperor’s paranoia is naturally a kind of ability. The emperor was alone, but the former god did not believe it, but later he believed it.
A lot of things will go bad if you get rich. It’s more about balance and skill than family or love.
Interest is what he should consider. More often, reason is dominant rather than sensibility.
Therefore, he is now considering who should handle this matter. The other party may be under control, but there are many things to be done even if it is against his will.
He knows that these personal ideas may really exist in the people, but they are rare, which is in line with the estimation. It is a pity that the ability is insufficient at this time, and this thing has long been lost when I grow up.


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