Although there were various incidents such as conflicts with other races, the dust crocodile believers didn’t wake up the tree because the number of missiles required by the tree could almost give the dust crocodile treasury to …

So the tree has never been awakened.
Until … finally.
A major event really happened. When the invaders swept into the land of dust crocodiles, the members of the cult also remembered the promise of trees when the dust crocodiles were frightened.
At that time, the dust crocodile customized a lot of’ last resort’ schemes.
In addition to the crocodiles’ well-known solidification and blooming, there are other schemes, such as China launching the most powerful missile … and returning to all invaders, and then rebuilding the text by a few protected’ fortress’ dust crocodiles.
Or make a large spaceship escape and other methods.
Awakening the sleeping tree was also the first plan at that time, but this plan was not supported because a large number of missiles were to be shot at the tree. In addition, the dust crocodiles were planned at that time, and a few believers and non-believers were not sure whether this plan would succeed. They thought that even if a strange tree was awakened, it would be nothing.
In the end, all the schemes were rejected, and most of the other schemes were not enough … Good Dust Crocodile adopted solidification and blooming. Although solidification and blooming are still being tested, this scheme is relatively the best.
For that tree, it has not been forgotten
At that time, some missiles of the military dust crocodile entered tree coordinates.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and forty-six Hit the target
Awakening elite’ is an elite who wakes up in solidification to save the dust crocodile after successful solidification and blooming.
And there are some elites who are members of the belief tree.
These elite have a special plan, that is, if they wake up and find a way to save the dust crocodile, they will start the missile.
Launch missiles, wake up trees, and let trees guide them to act like actions. This is their specific battle plan or a planned plan.
This can ensure that the dust crocodile is more likely to solidify and bloom and defeat this group of invaders.
So at that time, the dust crocodiles entered the launch coordinates in the missile. In fact, this line was not sneaky but licensed.
After the parliamentary discussion, they also felt that there was nothing wrong with leaving a back hand … Later, this plan was implemented, but it was only when the elite were told that there was no other way that the missile had no target to blow up that the plan was made.
This is quite strange, because other crocodiles have never believed in it except Christians, but they also believe that … this plan is feasible.
Although there is no way to do it, it also means that they somewhat believe it.
So the plan was carried out … The dust crocodiles entered the coordinates of the tree in many missiles, and some dust crocodiles fled out with this coordinate, trying to find the tree and give it direct guidance.
No one knows if this dust crocodile finally succeeded. After setting the coordinates, everything will solidify and bloom as planned to start the elite awakening … and then it will be like this.
Solidification and blooming seem to be a failure, because there are still so many three-legged cities in which the skeleton is connected with the east and the west, but the number of elite is very small. Obviously, they can’t save the dust crocodile.
At present, it seems that the plan to wake up the tree is feasible, because the three-legged column is destroying the weapons, which is like indicating that they are afraid that these weapons will be launched to the tree …
Is that really the case?
Or did the three-legged column happen to destroy the weapon for other reasons? For example, the environment seems to be trying to find out this situation.
It asked the mechanical dust crocodile to launch the two missiles, whose coordinates have been set. If there is no mistake, the missiles will fly towards the tree, but the two missiles should not be able to wake the tree.
There are many types of dust crocodile missiles, and the power is of course very different. The actual requirement is not missiles, but’ powerful enough to explode’.
This explosion is powerful enough to create a large area of sand as big as that on the other side of the tree, but … how big is it? The phase description here is vague and there is no specific size
It is said that the dust crocodile itself calculated that it would take almost the whole country to create such a large sand, and those two missiles could not do it.
This is the general situation that scholars know now.
Scholars, mechanical dust crocodiles are still in a certain place in the research department. Although main control room has been destroyed, there are still some reference rooms to find some information.
Now that scholars have seen the special plan of the dust crocodile, they think that this tree is also connected with their remolders, or maybe they are remolders
And the mechanical dust crocodile also agrees with this plan. Although it is not a believer, it also thinks that this plan should be feasible, rather, they have little hope now.
Scholars think that the sand in this description … seems to have been there.
"Boom …" Now a vast and barren sand missile is galloping.
One does not know where the other has gone, but this one is close to its target, and the coordinate setting of the other part guides it to fly towards the target.
"It’s coming." "What’s it doing?" "I don’t know. Maybe it was for us." "You don’t want to bite something like that, do you?" Then give it a bite. "
Two ellipsoidal multi-limbed creatures are watching the missile fly from far and near. During this period, they have given the missile a lot of comments.
Then they quickly ran to one side and dug a bunker to bury themselves and expose their eyes.


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