This younger brother has heard that uniting the Mahayana Ascending Realm needs to cross four levels of realm, refining, refining, gas refining, gas refining, god refining, returning to virtual gathering and virtual uniting. At present, this younger brother is just the first level of refining, refining and gas realm, that is, in the foundation period, Guo Xiaosi nodded and said that he had long heard about cultivating immortality realm.

Although the foundation period is the lowest level, it is also the first level for you to step into the ranks of cultivating immortals. Talking about cultivation techniques can not only improve your own mana, but also kill the enemy. This is a compulsory skill for my brother when he enters the foundation period. You can take it to practice and ask me if you don’t understand it.
Guo Xiaosi was surprised and asked, Is this fetal interest rate different?
Bai Tianya hummed a line. However, different fetal interest sutras are just an introduction to mental skills, and the law of fetal interest is to refine Qigong to practice fetal interest method. Only in this stage can the true qi in the abdomen condense into Dan condensate Dan. This stage is the Dan-knot period. After Dan Dacheng in the late stage of Dan-knot, God can be refined and gasified to enter the second realm.
If Tsukiji lays a solid foundation for gas refining, then the spinning period is to get rid of pathogenic gas and dredge meridians, and then you can enter the Dan-knot period. In the nine main doors, the experts in the Dan-knot period are about one or two hundred, and the Dan-knot period is to enter the realm of gas refining. It is difficult for ordinary people to see it, and even it is rare to see their faces in general cultivation.
Bai Tianya has reached the end of the Dan period with this large amount of Dan medicine at present, and it is also because of this that he got some grandmasters in the clan. Both patriarchs have to sit up and take notice of him and dare not offend him easily.
It’s also a lot easier for Guo Xiaosi to be his apprentice. Not only is the ten-day sundries cancelled, but also the lingshi is fixed every month. It’s also because he is a disciple of Bai Tianya, Zongmen, that he didn’t pursue the matter of killing Jin Miao, so that it’s a proper thing to kill his younger brother in the process of trial.
Thank you for coming here, master Guo Xiaosi. I’m more hopeful. I’ll kowtow and give thanks.
In the process of cultivating immortality, it will be of great help to clarify these festivals.
You have reached the foundation period, and I will ask the patriarch to let you practice Bai Tianya alone in your own residence, but then the conversation turned. However, you must come to my Taixu Temple every day to help me practice ordinary elixirs. If you want to practice elixirs like this, you must find materials yourself. I will show you the Tianzi Elixir Room and give you some advice.
Guo Xiaosi also knows that alchemy medicine needs advanced alchemy furnace, but once he was refining Yulu Pill, he already felt the hardships of alchemy. If he went to refine and find the elixir, he didn’t know how difficult it would be.
But every time I rushed to the ground, the help of Dan medicine was better than the master’s own care, which made Guo Xiaosi keep a strong expectation for an alchemist. It was difficult for him to find the medicine, which made it extremely difficult for him to find the elixir. It was estimated that it was also difficult for him to raise the elixir.
But after Bai Tianya said this, Guo Xiaosi couldn’t refuse to answer that Bai Di would not live up to the master’s hope.
Bai Tianya touched another copy and handed it over, saying that this is some magic essentials of Zongmen. You can take it back and practice a cultivation of immortality. No matter how high the mana is, you have to match the achievement method. Otherwise, it is a magic weapon, and so is the baby magic weapon.
Guo Xiaosi took a look at the cover with the words Changhuai spell written on it, and it was full of some magic formula essentials, which immediately delighted him in his arms.
Then Bai Tianya replaced some things, but just let him practice more words in his spare time that he can’t be lazy
Ten percent of Guo Xiaosi Tsukiji immediately returned to his own residence and picked up the things inside. He sent his brother here to meet him and take him to a new residence. Every brother who entered the foundation period will be arranged to live alone in the foundation period. If he succeeds in entering the rotating photo period, he will vacate a residence and just don’t live there. Then Zongmen will re-open a residence and practice with his brother who entered the foundation period.
Just six months ago, a younger brother entered the rotating photo period from the foundation period, and then his younger brother lived in Guo Xiaosi for more than the same period. The other disciples entered the foundation period for two years, but naturally they lived in the already-settled residence.
A group of younger brothers who came with Guo Xiaosi at about the same time, especially at the Longmen Conference, and one of them died in the forbidden area of the trial valley, which made Guo Xiaosi reach the foundation period for more than a year.
Everyone is talking about it. No wonder he killed the Kim family and didn’t pursue it. His talent is also great.
More people are jealous and crazy. Similarly, new beginners have entered the foundation period in one year, and many people have just reached the third floor. After three years, they may not be able to reach the seventh floor. Now suddenly, I heard that people have entered the foundation period. How can they not be depressed and crazy?
Guo Xiaosi didn’t have the leisure mood to go to these gossips, just like when he killed Jin Miao, he was described as an evil devil by everyone, together with his master brothers, who refused to let him go, causing him to live alone and the rest of his disciples to avoid at a distance. At that time, Guo Xiaosi didn’t care about it. Everyone was jealous this time, and he didn’t know how to practice. It was also due to coincidence that he was fart big with them.
And there is no shortage of such idle people in the clan. They are always bitter about others’ prosperity, as if they don’t complain a few words about it, but they are the boss’s unhappiness, but such complaints are not at all for those who have made it.
When I came to my new home in Guo Xiaosi, I felt very calm, because in his view, living in this three-bedroom apartment plus a hall is just a temporary place where I live. It takes ten to twenty years for my brother to enter the foundation period before he can move into the rotation period. Ten years and twenty years is equivalent to six or seven years for an ordinary person who has already entered the foundation period to cultivate immortality.
Guo Xiaosi knows everything is wrong. Even if he can’t cross the mirror, Kaji can live to be nearly 200 years old. Therefore, ten years and twenty years are just a moment. For a temporary residence, he will not jump a few times because of its spaciousness.
Three rooms, one bedroom, one training ground, and one way to put his own things away, he always carries some extremely precious and hidden things with him and dares not be careless.
After picking up everything, he simply scrubbed a suit in the yard and moved it. He also got dusty and had to clean it quickly.
A well in the courtyard is almost Guo Xiaosi’s material. Generally speaking, all the mountains are drinking springs, but it seems that the well has not been seen yet. It is not clear whether it was left by the former brother who lived in this courtyard or whether this well has been in the Millennium.
Well is always not a bad thing in one’s own courtyard. At least, you can get some well water to scrub it. When you live in the first place, you can’t scrub your body, which makes your body smell thick with sweat. However, at that time, all your brothers and sisters were filled with this smell, so no one cares. Now it’s different. Once you see Fan Yin, Fan Yin has entered the foundation period, he can’t smell that sweat.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Mountain to find materials
Guo Xiaosi got up early in the morning and practiced the method of fetal interest. The method of fetal interest was inherited in the same strain. He practiced the method of fetal interest to the seventh floor before he could practice the method of fetal interest. The method of fetal interest originated from the method of fetal interest, but it was different, which made Guo Xiaosi feel at home in practicing.
However, although it is not effective, Guo Xiaosi still feels that an early practitioner didn’t make any achievements. Yesterday, he listened to Bai Tianya Bai’s lecture on practicing the fetal interest method, but he has absorbed aura to dispel the impurities of physical illness and can dredge the whole body. When he wants to practice the fetal interest method to the fourth floor, he can go for a spin. Once he succeeds, he can continue to practice the fetal interest method until the ninth floor can impact the Danka.
First, close the three treasures and raise their three treasures. Guo Xiaosi has a quiet mouth and ears. In addition, the three treasures quietly absorb the surrounding aura, and the aura will be turned around in a certain order to remove the impurities from the body. This is the foundation. The purer the foundation, the smoother it will be.
However, it is impossible to practice early, and many Guo Xiaosi also know this situation. At the moment, there is no Dan medicine to assist, so it is expected that the practice will be extremely slow.
After noon, Guo Xiaosi hurried to the Taixu Temple. When he had an appointment with Master Bai Tianya, it was okay to talk about things during this period. He had to go there to see if he needed his help, so he would stay and help. If he didn’t need it or Bai Tianya had closed the alchemy, he could also stay and see some alchemy books or some ordinary materials to refine some ordinary pills.
Although these ordinary elixirs are ordinary, they are indispensable for cultivating immortality. Compared with the simple Jin Chuang pills, the success rate is very high. Guo Xiaosi rarely fails once, and the materials needed are also very simple. Therefore, every time an elixir is refined, it has to be refined several times to meet the younger brothers.
Generally, younger brothers who haven’t entered the foundation period can get one Jin Chuang pill every month, while younger brothers who have entered the foundation period can get three Jin Chuang pills every month, which is enough to make them recover quickly from serious injuries. Therefore, although the value is not high, it is indispensable. This is also the coolie that Guo Xiaosi must do every day.
If he arrives at the photo-taking period, he can recruit a new brother to complete the alchemy and pill-making, which is unusual, but it is still complicated to do everything by himself. It will save him a lot of time to let others do it.
You’re here. See Guo Xiaosi come in and say hello. I don’t have much blood-sucking grass here. Come to the mountain and help me pick some. By the way, I’ll look around and see if I can find a jade toad to refine some jade toad cake.


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