[True dragon day Everything Alliance has found a star god! 】

The chat channel suddenly emerged, and the real dragon sent information, which made Qin Mu Ye laugh.
[* * * Where is it so fast? 】
[The exact location of the real dragon day … but it has been taken away by the Everything Alliance. I saw the first order]
[It’s too real. Isn’t it that we can’t kill the star god and kill the evil spirit body]
[* * * You can have a long snack. Are you sure you want to brush the monster now instead of thinking about how to save your life first? Guess what happened between me and the real dragon day novice]
Qin Mu Ye is very kind to arch the fire. Anyway, he and Zhen dragon day have the transfer certificate. It is too real to worry about the destruction of the shining cosmic device. This cargo is tied to this universe.
[Too real is also due to similar activities? 】
[* * * It’s almost suggested that if you want to eat something, you can’t eat it if you are late]
Qin Mu Ye told the truth that no matter whether the activity is successful or not, a real person can’t escape death unless he can get a transfer certificate before he dies.
But this possibility is too low. You have to kill a star god to get a heroic gold chest.
But it’s not a small difficulty. It’s possible that the probability of killing the order is too small to be ignored unless it’s a wonderful work like Qin Mu Ye
Now the abyss wants to get the gold treasure chest, so that Qin Mu Ye can catch a order himself and kill it.
It seems that the things in the treasure chest are getting better and better with the equal promotion. From the low-level time, there was one thing, and now five or six pieces can be produced.
And his treasure chest has also risen synchronously. For example, the silver treasure chest at the same level comes out with order objects instead of the sixth order as in the original magical continent.
At the same time, the quality of the treasure chest is also rising. Of course, except for wooden treasure chest, black iron can also produce resources. The lowest treasure chest of wooden treasure chest is nothing even with heroic suffix.
[It’s true that dragon day did this once, even if I was on the road. If it weren’t for the vaccine and specific medicine of the ancient gods, I’m afraid I don’t know how to die, even if I go back now, I may be able to resist the ancient gods.]
[Too real, aren’t you separated from the device because of the promotion of the device? 】
Too real to express shock …
[* * * Yes, five devices were killed by us. We ran away because of the limited time activities after a long-term failure]
Qin Mu Ye said, but when he shouted 666, he was very fluent. After all, at that time, he also sold some arms to support him-his lords did not face a battlefield
[Too real, I know, I will deal with it as soon as possible]
Obviously, this real person is also aware that things are very bad. He naturally knows the strength of Qin Mu Ye and true dragon day. They both came from the same starter, but he didn’t expect them to run, not because of the war, but because of the failure of activities.
What’s even more ridiculous is that they also unanimously said that this activity is a bit similar to their second activity.
It means that the tallest of the two can’t resist running away.
It’s no problem to run away, but too real people can’t run away. Those two can run because they have transfer certificates and too real people can hack this device.
"Yeah unlucky" Qin Mu Ye soon took back his attention and then focused on Wang Weishen constantly exploring the origin of this signal source.
"According to the data obtained from it, Wei Tibao will be able to merge in three days at most, which means that our province has been here for two days."
The fusion speed should be faster, but the signal is not correct due to the change of environmental factors, so it is necessary to calibrate the signal again, otherwise the fusion can be completed in an hour at most under normal circumstances. Why does it take so long?
Various visions and data are constantly emerging in Qin Mu Ye’s eyes. What is it to find this disrepair signal source?
"Alas ~ it would be nice if I could break the technical bottleneck with a sentence. It’s a pity that I don’t have the blessing." Qin Mu Ye has some nai, but he doesn’t have the leading role treatment and it’s not good for Ji Shan to shout.
Chapter 57 Folding, Altar Palace
"Found it doesn’t look like Jishan came to shout for me." Qin Mu Ye finally breathed a sigh of relief. He thought about metaphysics.
He found a special place similar to the secondary dimension along the positioning, and threw it in the shadow of the sage
This thing can be made again if it is damaged anyway, or he will be guilty if he is really allowed to go there. Who knows what is in it?
A Lord in Mu Ye, Qin, doesn’t flinch when he should not take the so-called enemy road, and he naturally has a thick skin.
Qin Mu Ye successfully entered the middle school through remote control.
"A palace similar to an altar? Are you trying to wake me up and say that theology is the end of science?" Qin Mu Ye looked at the altar of this temple and vomited.
After a big tour, I found that the place where the signal was sent was the whole palace.
This palace is not normal. It seems to be in some kind of folded state.
Thanks to Qin Mu Ye’s multiple views and the integration of the three treasures, the signal connection was found.
"The three treasures seem to be a part of this palace, a powerful device."
"So that’s it. The life stick belongs to the energy category, and the artificial intelligence of Xinghe Rubik’s Cube is the processor."
"But such a quaint thing doesn’t look scientific at all."
Qin Mu Ye found that the most precious place in this palace is not its function, but its hiding ability. It is similar to the special technology of Nasumi in mustard, which is more powerful than folding, and it can hide from the powerful technology of a world.
The will of the universe may know this special cause, but it is obviously not found. Otherwise, how could it leave such a disaster?
I can’t see that even three treasures have been disposed of. This greater disaster will definitely not remain.
"If this technology is added to the abyss, there is no need to find a place for the abyss to settle down every time after entering the vice. Just put me directly."
"This should be a portable flow …"
Qin Mu Ye found this blind spot and couldn’t help laughing.
"Most of the functions are in closed dormancy and I can’t find the trace I need." Qin Mu Ye kept collecting the data of the whole altar palace after teasing, but unfortunately the data was limited due to the closure.
If you want to get more data, you have to completely activate the altar palace.
It’s Qin Mu Ye who doesn’t know what this thing is for. If you really want to activate it casually, something may happen.


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