This is not the case in the mining operations of the former Republic of China. They prefer to directly make an aircraft called’ Rock Island Cracker’ to operate.

These cracking ships can decompose a floating rock in large chunks, and then drag the cracked part back to the Ministry of God for further decomposition to obtain a large number of resources including metals and energy.
This operation is much more efficient than it is now.
However, the former cracking operations are limited. For example, they never crack a floating rock excessively, but they crack part of it and then find something else.
But once the mayor suddenly ordered a large number of cracking ships to completely decompose a floating rock at one time.
There was a problem at that time.
During the operation, the cracking ship was attacked by other creatures, and later most of the fleet was destroyed.
However, I still didn’t know the reason for the attack that time, so the mayor rested the fleet again to crack other floating rocks.
This time they were attacked again.
Moreover, those attackers not only destroyed the fleet, but also chased it to the Republic of China to launch a large-scale attack.
These creatures that attack the Republic of China are those called gel creatures.
The fierce attack was not destroyed because the commander commanded the troops to fight.
However, after that, their actions seem to be stared at by gel creatures. A small part of the original cracking is fine, but now a small part of gel creatures will attack the cracking team. It is not until this time that it is confirmed that gel creatures attack and crack.
These creatures don’t know where they came from and have never found their camp. How can we know … It seems that they are all over the whole area.
In the end, it is necessary to give up cracking floating rocks to obtain resources and change to a less efficient but safer method
But now … The mayor said to blow up the whole "forbidden area"?
Although I don’t know if this forbidden area is a gel biological site, it seems that they all choose a place without living things to crack in front of the cracking ship, but they still attack the cracking ship …
There must be a big problem with this bomb, and the gel creature attack is as fierce as destroying the floating rock.
If you blow up a whole piece of them, they will attack the Republic of China again … The mayor may think that they have learned that these gel creatures are no longer afraid.
But the captain thinks that gel creatures are the most difficult creatures to understand here, and speculates what actions and tactics they will have.
The main reason for blowing it up is that there is’ that’ creature in it. If it wakes up, it may threaten the city.
And there is another reason …
That is, the mayor is afraid that the commander will be broadcast.
However, the second reason is not a big problem, mainly the first reason.
It’s really not easy to choose between the’ that’ biological attack and the gel biological attack.
So the captain decided to accept this order and wait until the time comes …
It’s almost there now.
When the captain looked at it, it was a little short … Soon the whole forbidden area will be turned into smoke …
"What’s that?"
While the captain was waiting, he suddenly found a strange phenomenon in front of him. Huge balls of light flew out of the holes on the surface of the forbidden area …
"Those are floating island flares? But the first time I saw so many … "
When the captain wondered, the balls of light had flown in the direction of the warship.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Floating parasites
There are many floating rocks in the divine land, which are of different sizes and can be maintained stably without colliding with each other, and the reason for their birth has always been a mystery.
But it is rare to know what they can keep floating stably all the time.
Maybe God did something to prevent them from colliding with each other, and another reason is that … no living things will destroy floating rocks.
It won’t be long before they are so big and so many.
But this is a superficial phenomenon, and they will change somewhat. For example, the action of the fleet of cracking ships has caused a lot of impact on many floating rocks.
And there is another thing, which is the only thing besides the cracking ship that will have a great impact on other floating rocks … creatures.
It’s called … floating island host.
Who the hell named this? Maybe it’s a doctor, but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is …
There seems to be quite a lot of information here …
Now Lin is in a place that may be called a database, and the location of this database is in that huge disk-shaped warship.
Lin found the location of the warship in a pompom city, and then tried to blend in to observe it. The way to blend in was to create a spy.
The main reason for making spy is to make all kinds of equipment in it easy. This spy is made according to the appearance of a technician in it.
Because technicians can touch most of the equipment at will, Lin made the spy and let it enter the reference room to conduct various investigations.


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