Surrounded by thousands of flames, eleven venerable men dodged in horror. They dared not get touched because they could feel its temperature!

"You retreat!" Blue thrush demon statue suddenly to side ten demon statue, the magic statue drink a way.
Smell speech qi oboro magic statue and others like amnesty quickly moved to the periphery.
At this time, there is a blue shark demon statue and a red feather confrontation.
"What is this blue thrush demon statue?" Shen Tu Xianzun and others were shocked again.
The blue thrush demon statue is still close to the red feather, which seems to be angry. Suddenly, hundreds of red flames fly out of its body surface and thousands of red flames are wrapped around it at the same time!
Faced with so many crimson flames, the blue thrush demon kept dodging and his face became more and more dignified.
Suddenly, "Roar …" The blue thrush demon gave a loud roar, and suddenly his body was distorted …
A moment later, a black giant with a thickness of about three meters and a length of more than 100 meters appeared in everyone’s sight, and its huge head had a bulging meat bag.
"Is this a blue thrush demon statue?" Duanmu Xianzun looked at the black giant in surprise.
"god beast!" A demon statue in the demon world suddenly exclaimed
I heard the demon statue exclaim that the giant, that is, the blue shark demon statue turned his huge head and cast a glance at the demon statue. "Yes, I am also a beast, although it is a level!" A dull, hoarse voice came into everyone’s ears.
Chapter 311 is against the rules for you again!
In the void, a flaming lion and a black python confront each other and are quietly vain. Then they are the red-feathered blue thrush demon statue.
Looking at the blue thrush demon statue of red feather in front of me seems a little annoyed because the other party is a first-class beast and he is a first-class beast. He dares to provoke his majesty in the face of himself!
The blue thrush demon statue is really a level beast, and his body is the Ooray python.
Wu Lei Python beast is very strong in defensive attack. Of course, this is relative to the level beast. Its strongest attack is the flesh ~ body attack, but the thunder it releases is an ordinary thunder, but even so, its strength is quite terrible.
Besides, when it comes to maturity, the Wulei python will evolve once and become a member of the dragon! At this time, the blue thrush demon statue has entered a mature stage and is about to evolve!
The real blue thrush demon statue is still afraid of facing the red feather. After all, the god beast is graded, but at this time, the blue thrush demon statue has entered a mature stage. Facing the red feather, which is still in its growth stage, he forcibly suppressed the fear in his heart and summoned up the courage to challenge the red feather.
If Zilin suddenly appears here, the blue thrush demon statue will inevitably climb to face the super beast immediately, even the mature beast has to be at the mercy, let alone the blue thrush demon statue.
But it’s a pity that Zilin was thrown by Xuanxing Xuanlin. At this time, the celestial world was in chaos and there was almost no attack. It was quite dangerous for Zilin to come out, so Xuanxing didn’t let it out.
"Lin Lin, since the blue thrush demon respects the transfigurable man, what hasn’t the red feather transfigurated?" Then Shen Tuxian leaned in curiously.
The blue thrush demon statue is a level beast that can be humanized, while the level beast Hongling has no reason not to do this.
At this time, Duanmu Xianzun and Hao Lianxian Zun also moved over. They were also very curious about this, but the feathered Xianzun did not lean in, but he always paid attention to Lin Lin and others listening to their conversation.
"The real red feather can be humanized long ago, but if so, it will have a great negative impact on its future cultivation. It will not be affected until it reaches maturity." Lin Lin told everyone what he knew
After listening to Lin Lin’s explanation, everyone suddenly nodded. "So the blue thrush demon statue has entered a mature stage?" Hao Lianxian tried to ask.
"Well, it has indeed entered a mature stage, but it can be transformed into a human being in the growth stage of the beast, which has no influence on their cultivation. Only intermediate, intermediate and super beasts will be affected by this." Lin Lin continued to explain.
"So that’s it." Duanmu Xianzun nodded his head. They knew little about God beast. Now it feels quite fresh to hear Lin Lin explain.
"Blare …" When everyone was talking about it, the red feather suddenly gave a long cry in the distance, and saw that the red feather body quickly became bigger. In a blink of an eye, its height had reached more than three meters, and its eyes were tightly staring at the eyes of the Ray Python.
"Boom …" A bowl of thick golden thunder suddenly rushed at Hongling!
Looking at the galloping Lei Hongling, a crimson flame instantly appeared on the body surface. When the thunder struck the flame on its body surface, "Chi … Chi …" kept ringing for a moment. After a while, the thunder had disappeared and the red feather was not hurt!
The flame on the surface of the red feather will release the blue thrush demon statue and easily resist it!
"Roar …" Wu Lei Python gave a roar again. I don’t know if it is venting anger in the heart or bravely eliminating the fear in the bottom of my heart.
After the blue thrush demon roars, it drags its huge body and rushes to Hongling "Boom … Boom …" At the same time, several bowls of rough thunder hit Hongling again.
Although the blue thrush demon statue is very large, his moving speed is definitely not slow, even the powerful in the distance can reach his speed at this time.
In a blink of an eye, the blue thrush demon statue has come to Hongling’s side, and at this time, the thunder he released has hit Hongling in front of him!
I saw the flame on the surface of Hongling shaking like a stone thrown into a calm lake, but those thunder still failed to hurt Hongling.
But at this moment, the blue thrush demon statue’s huge body has swept towards the red feather. See the blue thrush demon statue’s body, which is three meters thick and more than a hundred meters long, quickly wrap the red feather and cling to it! At the same time, the blue thrush demon statue keeps shrinking and tightening. He seems to strangle the red feather!
"Hongling!" In the distance, Lin Lin shouted anxiously, so the red feather has been wrapped up by the blue thrush demon statue, and everyone can’t see the red feather figure.
Even Shen Tu Xian Zun and others are nervous. After all, Hong Ling is on the celestial side, and they don’t want Hong Ling to have an accident.
"Roar …" When everyone was worried, the blue thrush demon suddenly let out a bitter roar and saw him suddenly appear hundreds of miles away. His huge body kept swinging and there were dark cracks around him.
In the distance, Hongling still stands quietly, glaring at the blue thrush demon statue ahead.
"giggle ….." Lin Lin laughed happily when he saw the red feather, and a smile appeared on the face of skyshatter and others. Red feather not only was not injured, but also caused a little damage to the blue shark demon statue.
See the blue thrush demon statue more than 100 meters body surface was covered with several wankou scales, and hundreds of scales in the middle of his body have disappeared, and from time to time, smoke billowed and dark red blood poured out from that place.
"Roar ….." Blue thrush demon statue completely angered his mature repair unexpectedly enemy but growing red feather! Although it is a level beast!
"Boom … boom … boom …" Suddenly hundreds of wankou thick thunder galloped away from him in the distance! At the same time, the blue thrush demon statue also quickly moved to Hongling!
However, when he came to the front of Hongling about 100 meters, he suddenly stopped. He was not prepared to attack Hongling just now because he had realized the flame terror on the surface of Hongling!
But this is nothing more than the blue thrush demon statue’s inability to see his body, which is more than 100 meters long, swing rapidly and his tail is violently drawn towards the red feather!


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