The mechanical dust crocodile also saw the scene in the picture, and it suddenly screamed again

"I don’t know …" The scholar said, "It may be a species of …"
"Species? You said that this place still has ahhh! "
When the other party pushed the whole truck, it immediately rolled up, and the truck scholars hit the wall.
And scholars found that the dust outside didn’t stop pushing.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and sixty-six Boiling world
Boom boom-‘
This is a rolling
Scholars and mechanical dust crocodiles, as well as two brain-building monsters, continue to endure this … tumbling in this room.
"ahhh!" With the screams of mechanical dust crocodiles, they keep bumping against the container wall. Although modern scholars don’t feel dizzy or hurt, they will feel very … unhappy.
It has been thinking about stopping the rolling, but after accidentally watching a picture, scholars suddenly feel that this is somewhat … impossible.
Because of the group that pushed the truck … the dust has already left, but they are still rolling, mainly because they are on a steep slope.
Obviously, the dust pushed them here, and then they left irresponsibly. Let the truck roll down the slope quickly and then …
Boom-!’ Rolling a strong impact stopped, and suddenly the original function was brighter than the container became dark.
It seems that the photo function has been damaged, of course, the picture is not displayed, but scholars can still see the light
A crack more than one meter wide appeared before the eyes of scholars, and some orange light came in from the crack, accompanied by a rolling heat wave … turbid gas.
This gas obviously does not contain oxygen or common gases that can make cell organisms alive. Scholars believe that these gases should be highly toxic to dust crocodiles or brain monsters.
"We hit it!" "We’re going crazy!" "We’re going crazy!"
However, the scholar’s idea soon changed. When the gas filled the whole container, two brain-building monsters suddenly turned around. They gave out strong brain waves and ran wildly. With the crack of the sound wall, a big hole was knocked out by the brain-building monster.
The two brainteasers ran out of the hole one after another, and the scholar didn’t even say’ wait’.
However, scholars are more interested in knowing where these two things came from to hit the container wall … They are not ordinary brainteasers when they meet God.
"Well … what’s going on here?" The mechanical dust crocodile just got up from the ground at this time, and it obviously didn’t matter much, so the scholar took a look at it and went out from the hole where the brainiac crashed.
"Here is really …"
The scholar stepped on the charred earth, and the first thing he saw was that they were rolling forward on the slope.
The rolling slope of the truck left a trail, and the black substances on the ground were rolled over, so scholars found that the ground was not completely blackened, but mixed with many orange and bright red colors and also gave off a faint light.
That’s why it’s still bright here, although there is no star irradiation.
The gas here is very complicated, generally speaking, it is not suitable for multicellular organisms. The temperature is so high that it can almost evaporate water, and the surface can be’ hot’.
But it is not a big problem for scholars and mechanical dust crocodiles.
Gravitational pompoms seem to be nothing special. After testing the environment a little, scholars turned to look back and saw them taking trucks.
The truck hit a sharp stone protruding from the ground, which made the truck bend to one side and caused cracks on the other side.
"Where the hell is this?" The mechanical dust crocodile also emerged from the hole. It looked around and said, "Is this the surface of that … big roller?"
"It should be right …" The scholar said and ran quickly to the front of the car. When he walked to the front of the car, the scholar saw the elite through the window.
The elite appeared shriveled as if the water had disappeared. Simply put, it has become a … mummy.
Although scholars were frightened by the sand bones like mummies before, now they see the elite mummies, which have a faint … sadness.
Maybe it’s sad that this creature, who has been working hard for himself, died like this.
However, this can’t be helped. Although the cab is separated from the container, they are all interconnected. If the container leaks, the cab will also be affected
Cell biology, its strange drug effect has long since disappeared, and it is obviously impossible to live in this environment.
But even the eccentric pharmacologist doubts whether it can live here.
But little brainiacs should be alive. Scholars haven’t seen them since they first came out, and they don’t know where they went.
Their ability to run far also shows that they have the ability to resist this environment.
So what should I do?
"What are we going to do?" The mechanical dust crocodile also came here, saw the elite mummy and said the same thing.
"Let’s explore here," the scholar said.
"There is nothing to explore …" The mechanical dust crocodile said, "What can we find here? This place looks quite … deserted. "
"Not necessarily," the scholar said. "And maybe we can find materials to rebuild this … truck. We may be able to fly back."
"Yes! We may … "The spirit of the mechanical dust crocodile instantly hit up, but it soon lost its way." But it is estimated that it will be arrested as soon as it goes back. "
"No, you can live in another country," said the scholar.
"Yes!" The mechanical dust crocodile has a spirit again. "I heard that there is a place where machinery and residents can live in peace! Yes, you can live there! Then let’s try to repair it quickly! "
"That’s it. Let’s have a look around first."
Although it is said that scholars can’t go back because it also wants to explore here, it still comforts a mechanical crocodile.
So they went on a journey of discovery in this barren land.
But where should I go first?
This question is worth hesitating.
The mechanical dust crocodile says it’s not going anywhere. It’s going to check a truck system here to see if it can be adjusted
However, the scholar still wanted to explore, so he told the mechanical dust crocodile to come back after a while and walked in a certain direction casually


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