"No smell should be poisonous." Jing smoked a lot of these cigarettes, but it didn’t produce any uncomfortable reaction. It slowly drifted across the city and finally landed on the western periphery of the city

"It’s king! The king is back! " I don’t know if it’s so good. After seeing Crystal Crazy, the dragons gave cheers. Crystal Crazy didn’t respond to them, but took off his airbag and quickly walked into the dragon group.
"General? How’s the war going? " Crystal crazy went to the white skeleton dragon group in the center, where most captains and generals were.
"Wang!" When they saw Crystal Crazy, they immediately lined up neatly. A general reported to Crystal Crazy that "our army has lost more than half of its siege of the Green Dragon, but we were able to withdraw from this place because of the sudden earthquake, but the other side has already suffered heavy losses …"
"Who told you to retreat?" Crystal crazy asked, "Why retreat without my command?"
"The most … the first decision was made by General Storm," said the general, "because he thought the city would be very dangerous."
"Danger? I tell you cowardice is dangerous! " Crystal crazy great anger way "look at those roots! They don’t scratch you or bite you. The cracks are full of mud and you won’t fall in. There are also those sharp and big buildings that ask you not to run in, and no matter how they collapse, they won’t hit you! "
"You retreat not only the army but also our chances of victory!" Crystal crazy shouted "now the enemy ran have a chance to pant! They may form a stronger force to fight back against us! Those flying dragons have also escaped a lot. When they get rid of the bad smell, they will be the most difficult opponents and they may also make our weapons! "
Jing raved, "All commanders must have strong observation ability. This pathetic man let go of a group of’ heavy losses’ enemy forces today, and the enemy forces will become the enemies they want. They will ride huge dragons to build our weapons and know our situation extremely well, so that new tactics can be used to destroy us! The wrong situation and wrong judgment may lead to the annihilation of our army! Now give that stupid general a poke! "
"Ga! !” White skeleton dragons immediately boiled up after hearing what Crystal Crazy said. A group of soldiers struggled to catch General Storm regardless of each other …
The last white skeleton dragon who died in the war was pierced high by a long stick in front of the scorpion city, and then the crystal madman retreated to the edge of the jungle with the white skeleton dragons.
They are unlikely to chase the Jade Dragon now, so Crystal Crazy intends to go back and make more updated weapons to cope with a battle first, and it seems that it wants to contact Baiskeleton Dragon Island to let more troops come here.
Crystal crazy doesn’t care much about urban earthquakes and those huge plants. It cares more about the Jade Dragon War.
As the sun sets, this place enters the night. Many white skeleton dragons have rested and many have returned to work. They have been ordered to build a new crossbow gun.
"I’m really tired. Let’s take a rest first." A white skeleton dragon pieced together with a crossbow gun looked quite tired. It went to a tree and sat looking at the stars all over the sky. It took a deep breath and said, "It seems to be getting cold … honk? What’s that? "
The white skeleton dragon looked at the head branches and they … swayed from side to side.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen The fog in the night
Clouds of gray smoke slowly spread in the jungle with the night breeze … spread …
White skeleton dragon, emerald dragon, skeleton dragon, they are located on the edge of the jungle in the southwest, and these dragons all enjoy the peace without war.
As time went by, it was late at night. Except for a few people who treated the wounded, they pieced together weapons and guarded dragons, almost all of them fell into a deep sleep.
Every dragon seizes the opportunity to rest, because in the daytime, they don’t know what new war they will face, but they didn’t expect it to be a war, and sometimes it will break out in the night …
Cheep … honk … A handyman who pieced together a crossbow gun and a white skeleton dragon sat in a tree and tried to rest, but he saw that the branches overhead were always dangling and creaking, making it difficult to rest.
"What’s wrong with this tree?" The white skeleton dragon got up and looked at the branches in disbelief. It seemed strange that the branches shook. It was not caused by the wind, but like … the trees moved by themselves.
"Move yourself? How can it be awkward! " The white skeleton dragon kicked a tree trunk and said, "Be quiet!"
Although there are quite a lot of animals and plants that can learn by themselves on this continent, trees are usually impossible to move, and even the white skeleton dragon knows this after staying on the island for a long time.
"Goo … honk …" The tree that was kicked suddenly showed a strange line. The whole trunk kept shaking a lot of bark. Its surface fell off, and two long branches were bent like arms and were aimed at the white skeleton dragon in front.
"Ga!" White skeleton dragon handyman saw this scene and was immediately scared and shouted. It hurriedly fled and shouted "Ga! There are monsters! The tree is moving! "
Many white skeleton dragons sleeping around were awakened by it, and they came out of the tent one after another. Several soldiers shouted to the handyman, "What’s your name?" Is there an enemy attack? "
"No!" The handyman rolled and crawled to the front of the soldiers and said, "Tree! The tree is moving! It points at me! "
"Ga? How is it possible for the tree to move! " One soldier showed disbelief and another soldier said, "Where did you see it? Show us! This may be … it’s a wooden spirit! "
"Mu Ling?" The surrounding white skeleton dragons immediately gathered around to say, "It’s possible! Take us to see it! "
"Ga … Mu Ling?" The handyman seemed to be less afraid when he heard it. "That was just now …"
It took the white skeleton dragons to the former tree and saw that the bark of the tree almost fell off and it was still shaking, and each branch was actually placed in different directions, which was obviously not caused by the wind.
"It’s Mu Ling!" "Wood spirit appears here!" "So Mu Ling has recognized us!"
The former White Skeleton Dragons have been afraid to cut down the wood, mainly because they are afraid that the wood spirit will be angry. They think that if they are recognized, they can cut down some, so it will be much easier for them to make weapons. Of course, they don’t know what form the wood spirit will recognize them. This is usually a prophet who says that even if it is recognized, but now there is no prophet, they will think that this tree is a’ wood spirit’ …
Here, the white skeleton dragons are very excited. One white skeleton dragon even ran to the trees and said, "We have been recognized now! Already … "
Suddenly, the branches of this tree bent sharply, like flapping, and the white skeleton dragon flew out and hit another tree.
All the white skeleton dragons were shocked when they looked at this situation. They seemed to have no way to understand what happened. What’ wood spirit’ would hit them?
"Cheep …" The tree kept shaking its body. It seemed to pull itself out of the ground and move.
"Goo …" The white skeleton dragons didn’t know that, so suddenly there was another sound in the jungle, as if it were made by a monster.
"honk! That ….. "As the sound approached a figure more than three meters high, it came out of the forest, but it was not a common dinosaur, but a tree that crawled one by one. It had no skin on its body, and its roots seemed to be broken. Generally, there was a small piece left, but it still wriggled at an abnormal angle, and the branches supported it to help the body move slowly.
"This … is a wooden spirit?" After seeing it, the white skeleton dragons couldn’t help stepping back a few steps. These moving trees are not the only ones. There are more similar’ trees’ coming out of the jungle. Although they have no eyes, they all seem to stare at the white skeleton dragons.
And it’s not just here.
This is the battle when the Emerald Dragons attacked the scorpion in the eastern jungle. There is a big swamp in the jungle here. Although there are many monsters in it, they will not encounter any danger if they are not close.
But not tonight …
"Wow!" A scream rang at the edge of the jungle, and many jade dragons ran quickly to the place where the sound came out with torches in their hands.
"What the hell happened … what is this?" The fire shone on a huge’ flower’ with a diameter of more than two meters, and its petals were all sharp barbs. These barbs hooked an emerald dragon to the center of the flower and kept sucking its flesh and blood.
"That’s … the hook tooth flower in the swamp!" An emerald dragon recognized the flower and said, "But this flower should not be so far away from the swamp!" "
"Don’t worry so much! Burn it quickly! " The commander ordered the Emerald Dragons to immediately pick up torches and rush to the flower.
Meanwhile, the southern jungle
Tucker didn’t sleep but sat on a big stone and looked at the stars at night.


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