Everyone looks intently at it. It is the root that is responsible for planting the mantra ninja. Because the mantra is all his responsibility, the cold expression is the most feared person in everyone’s heart.

However, cruel as he has a full face of blood lying motionless.
Uchiha Shisui saw Chiba appear at the door without danger and shouted with joy.
Stop the water and instantly reach Chiba with a face of excitement. Because of the speed all the way, the chest keeps fluctuating, and the big sweat of soybeans keeps dripping on the temples.
"Thank you for stopping water!"
Chiba looked down at her arms, unconscious, red beans, beautiful eyes closed, beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes kept shaking. It seems that she is still sitting in a nightmare in a coma.
Chiba pitied and kissed the red bean and gave it a smooth forehead to one side to stop water, then turned to look at Tuanzang and his angry eyes almost burst into flames.
"Go to hell!"
Chiba’s red eyes are constantly spinning like The Hunger’s three-hook jade eyes from hell.
Suddenly, I felt that I couldn’t move at all, and I lost my body control. I was surprised. When was this illusion that I unconsciously let myself be enchanted?
The deep Sanskrit sounds in everyone’s ears like the chanting of the dead.
At the root, everyone is dead. This is only when there is less B-level Ninjutsu Ninjutsu that there will be a vision (in the animation, Kakashi copied and never cut the water, and the waterspout appeared. At that time, it felt quite sensational. I didn’t know what it was, but this setting was cancelled later)
Chiba’s hands are dazzling and the printing speed is extremely fast, like a phantom.
Three generations of Naruto appeared at the door and exclaimed that others didn’t react, but Dr. Konoha was a ninja. He was proficient in five attributes, chakra Ninjutsu, and he was extremely sensitive to fire escape! I can see it at once.
In an instant, the three generations of Huoying judged that this Chiba was a class A fire escape.
"Stop it!"
Three generations of Huo Ying hurriedly stopped to help Chiba or Tuanzang, but he was definitely not able to watch the ninja fight in the village.
"Chiba, you can’t cast an A-class large-scale fire escape on your konoha companions!"
The root ninja was even more shocked when he heard the news, and his eyes widened.
"… you’re kidding!"
Everyone at the root can’t escape the A-level fire escape range with a wry smile. Everyone knows that there is no way to escape this kind of hall root.
And there are three generations of hokage behind them. Even if you want to avoid the road, I’m afraid that you will be thrown to the front by the shadows behind you.
"Water, water and waves!"
"Water, water and waves!"
The root ninja played a water escape in despair, but everyone knows that the root is not better than the chat!
Like a thunderous day, thunder and thunder burst, everyone’s ears rang and Chiba’s mouth spit out a huge fireball with a diameter of tens of meters
Covered the whole hall
Those few weak waters make people feel more ridiculous like a drop in the bucket in mantis cars.
The flames instantly engulfed the entire root ninja, even the group was included.
They are all dead anyway, and they have no roots. People give their lives to hide.
Joke, this kind of fire escape department is dead
Give your life to save the dead? !
Three generations of Huo Ying and others were also escaped from the heat wave and instantly left the root gate.
The flame disappeared, and three generations of naruto and dark ninja hurried in.
The eyes were miserable, and the burnt bodies were everywhere.
There are ninjas and flames burning everywhere, and the pungent smell of blood keeps rolling in everyone’s noses.
Chiba’s face was flat and he stared at the three generations of hokage motionless.
Three generations of Huo Ying’s eyes are complicated, staring at stubborn teenagers.
Anger, sadness and regret
"Chiba, you’ve made a big disaster. It would be great if you just gave it to me. Now it’s an irreversible situation. You murdered the village elders. This is a capital crime!"
The three generations of Huo Ying were heartbroken and angry. For Chiba, there was no such thing as Uchihiro’s arrogant ceremony and helping the village to shock the delegation of Lei Guo, and a little goodwill disappeared.
Chapter 60 Three generations (recommended, collected, little friends! )
"oh? !”
Chiba finally sneered, "What will you do if I don’t kill him? Kill him for me? ! Let him go! "
Three generations of hokage were asked one leng, "How can you hide him but the village elders! Although he made some extreme moves, he was excusable for his kindness to the village, and didn’t he not kill the red bean? !”
The three generations frowned, and some unhappiness was not only Chiba’s disrespectful attitude towards him, but more importantly, Chiba questioned his own decision of Huo Ying.
"Ha ha? ! Lord hokage? ! Do you find it funny? ! What kind of incantation is different from killing people? Is it true that you have to wait for the red bean to die before you can settle accounts? !”
"You this rhetoric is different from that day LeiGuo representative? ! If Hinata Hyuga is not taken away, he has to pay for his family. If he is taken away, he can only resist? ! Isn’t this a lie? !”
"And this is a hidden is not an assassination of me? Does he dare to admit it? A konoha elder assassinated a konoha juvenile genius more than once? ! Is this excusable? "
"Don’t I have to die to revenge on him? !”
Chiba sneer at a rhetorical question.
Three generations of Huo Ying Sarutobi Hiruzen opened his mouth to say something to persuade Chiba, but he couldn’t say it. These things were all heard by himself. Tuan Zang colluded with the elder to assassinate two Konoha geniuses.
Just because Chiba is a Uchihiro family who often approaches Kyubi no Youko Tuanku, it is suspected that he has ulterior motives. If it were a family, it would not attract the attention of Tuanku.
A false accusation is that no matter how thick-skinned the three generations of Huo Ying are, they can’t open their mouths.
Ninja life is cheap and precious.
If the village needs him, he can let one person, including himself, sacrifice. Hyuga Hiashi almost committed suicide in the village.
But ninjas are not killed at will, dirt. If you just kill ninjas in the village to satisfy someone’s desire or make unwarranted guesses, the village will be in chaos long ago.
I once warned Tuanzang, but I didn’t want to punish Tuanzang for destroying the village stability because Chiba didn’t pursue it.
If I had known this, I wouldn’t have been tough at that time and let the regiment converge so that the situation could be saved! How do you know this? !
The third generation of Huo Ying was a little upset and waved his hand to let the dark side take it away. Wait until the punishment decision came out in Chiba prison.
One is that I have some doubts and antipathy to the family genius, although I have a little affection, but I have disappeared at this moment. Today, it seems that Chiba is very extreme and full of Uchihiro’s unique evil spirit and has no will to inherit fire.
The other is my friend for many years. Although he has different ruling ideas, after all, he has been hiding together for a long time without credit and hard work.
I am in charge of the konoha light, but where there is light, there is darkness. It is the person who handles the konoha darkness for himself.
Although I don’t agree with Tuanzang’s ruling philosophy, the three generations of Huoying know that it is nothing to keep Konoha stable and peaceful.


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