Then it is quite possible to warn the evil spirits that they are still alive at the entrance of the real female tomb.

Then comes the burial day market, which is worth pondering.
In the pre-mystery field of the ancient tomb of Zhennu, if you enter the burial field of Tianxu, you will have a great chance to release evil spirits.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao who happened to know the ancient characters with similar patterns, maybe it would really be careless to release the evil spirits into heaven at the moment.
Sweating, but his hands didn’t stop, Sun Hao moved his agarwood sword and flew away, accurately hitting a military mask by mistake.
The mask can’t stop agarwood from being crushed by a blow like a mountain.
But the surrounding yin qi quickly gathered to try to re-form the mask shape.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed off, and the agarwood sword flew out of the back of the military with a jerk.
The agarwood sword is not very regular. The tip of the sword suddenly provoked a worm about an inch in size with a dark little finger.
The tip of the insect agarwood sword kept twisting and struggling to escape from the tip.
Sun Hao, a god, urged a small flame to shout and wrapped a black bug.
The tip of the agarwood sword squeaked, and the small flame flew back with a single shot.
The whole black worm turned into a cloud of flying dust and slipped from the tip of the sword.
And the military who was masked by Sun Hao took two steps forward, and his legs fell to his knees and struggled for a few times, but he couldn’t get up anymore.
Gaia’s eyes flashed and a tiger roared, "Good agarwood. I didn’t expect it to be a bug monster."
In the tiger’s roar, a piece of wind blade cut a military mask, and picked out the black bug’s disorderly blade to instantly split the bug into a bit of meat.
The worm was destroyed, and the mask military was really destroyed with a bang.
The mask military is very powerful, but after finding a way, it can’t stop Sun Hao and Gaia from more than 20 masks, and the speed of the mask military is rapidly decreasing.
Masks are gathering in the passage of the tomb. After discovering the changes in the tomb, the military actually stopped gathering around but scattered along the pyramid-shaped mound and could not escape.
After two tall masked generals looked at each other, they didn’t tangle with Sun Hao and Gaia. They jumped up and rushed in with their tall bodies into the ground where the bluestone tombstone was pulled up.
After Sun Hao and Gaia destroyed the mask of the tomb, the two mask generals had fled.
Their escape direction is exactly where the real girl once frozen them.
And as they fled, two passages appeared in the tomb.
One is that two masked generals left the cave, and the tombstone should be generated by the masked generals breaking through the trap, while the other should be the normal pyramid of the ancient tomb.
Chapter one hundred and four True Female Statue
After simple discussion, Sun Hao and Gaia finally decided to go straight to the point without making complications.
Although the evil spirit worm is horrible, it is closed after all, but it is difficult to be born in the depths of the burial day market.
Sun Hao and Gaia moved like the wind and advanced into the depths of the tomb passage.
Sun Hao’s back was originally cut into strips of meat by Gaia’s wind blade, and it fell on the ground and broke into pieces of black lines. After they walked away, they slowly crawled up, and eventually many black lines formed strips of black insects and rushed to the ground.
Military face once again emerge ferocious mask staggered straight up.
Two tall masked generals also reappeared in the tomb and watched Sun Hao disappear. After hesitating for a long time, they finally did not pursue and slowly sank into their once frozen lair.
There is no specific time limit for the opening of burial days.
When most monks fall or are eliminated or broken out, the burial day market will naturally close and wait for an opening.
Although there is no specific time, there are several points that are quite consistent.
In about three months, most of the ranked elixirs will break through the mystery outside the burial site and rush into the burial site.
In about three months, then there will be a preliminary ranking.
According to the usual practice, in three months, the ranking order will be almost the final ranking, except for the monk who fell halfway, and his ranking will not change much.
Three months later, the true strength of the monks was revealed.
It is clear at a glance who is strong and who is weak in the list of days.
Gao Gao is still the little master of the Sea Temple, whose soul has not returned. This little master of the Sea Temple should have been killed in the realm, and he has made great strides all the way, ranking first in strength compared with indisputable advantages.


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