Fang Xuanling has been scared by the smell of blood in the room. He nodded mechanically and immediately remembered what his head shook like a rattle. Two words "No" popped out of his mouth.

"Sheng Yanshi was so guilty that he attacked me according to the law, but I think he is the messenger of Tang gaozu’s old son, so I will spare his life. These ears are the price for his attack on me!" Yang You turned his attention to Fang Xuanling.
Yang You’s eyes lost their ferocity at this time. In fact, Yang You spoke with a smile all the time. When Fang Xuanling saw Yang You looking at him, he couldn’t help but shake. Is it that he is going to be unlucky next?
Chapter 64 Sit at the starting price
"It’s none of my business!" Hearing Yang You’s angry inquiry about Fang Xuanling’s heart, he said quickly that he didn’t want to have his ears cut off like Sheng Yanshi.
"Fang Xuanling you are tang gaozu is making and ChengYan division is agreement ChengYan division assassination in me you dare to say and you didn’t? Ask yourself, is this reasonable? " Yang You coldly looked at the dagger tip in his hand, and a piece of deep red blood was flowing along the tip, gradually forming blood drops, gradually getting bigger and bigger, and finally splashing around with a bang.
Fang Xuanling smell speech a depressed Yang You although means biting, but he had to admit that this time Yang You began to have enough reason, even killed himself and Shengyan division tang gaozu could not have complained.
Fang Xuanling’s face turned red for a while, and the color changed several times like a chameleon. At this moment, he didn’t know how to answer. When he hesitated, Sheng Yanshi snorted twice. He looked down at Sheng Yanshi and covered a scar with one hand, but the blood was like a spring. The blood stained his hands and skirts, which was very scary.
"Fang Xuanling, I also summoned two people to discuss the redemption of Li Yuanji so late. Did you take the trouble to treat me this way? Is this something I beg you to do? !” Yang You’s preemptive export has a moral advantage.
Fang Xuanling leng leng saw Yang You gas dye-in-the-wood, but I didn’t know how to refute the growling in the belly. "The pursuit is wide, and a large number of people still hope to pardon! It won’t happen again! "
"Time won’t? You mean another time? " Yang You eyes a stare eyes like a blade swept Fang Xuanling body.
Fang Xuanling shook his head again and again. "I mean, Datang is friendly to you. This time I came with friendship. I hope the friendship between the two countries will continue like a raging river."
Yang You glanced at him and sneered, "Did Tang gaozu say this?"
"Bi Ying, this is my Lord’s parting words." Fang Xuanling’s face piled up a smile.
"Hey hey!" Yang You smiled. This Fang Xuanling is indeed comparable to Yue Buqun. A face is as thick as a wall. Yang You was about to speak. Master Sheng Yanshi lay moaning, "I must avenge this!"
Yang You coldly swept his one eye cold hum a "ChengYan division at the beginning you gave ChengCheng county later tang gaozu slaughter the city people ChengCheng county fathers do you have any guilt? Do you have several murders coming to you every night? !”
Although Sheng Yanshi’s ear was cut off, Yang You’s harsh questioning made Sheng Yanshi’s face instantly white. This is the biggest stain in his life. The whole Chengcheng County’s more than 10,000 people’s departments succeeded or failed. Saber ghost was really distressed at that time, but as time went by, his guilt gradually disappeared.
Now Yang You suddenly came out and touched his heart. At that time, it seemed that there were several murders. His eyes were shaking and looking for him. Master Sheng Yanshi shouted and spit out one mouthful blood and fell into a coma.
Yang You waved in disgust and pulled the doorbell. Several guards came in and dragged Sheng Yanshi out like a dead dog. There was still blood on the ground and a thick smell of blood.
Yang You walked to the soft chair and took a sip of tea very leisurely.
Fang Xuanling growled at his belly. He felt his belly embarrassedly and wanted to think, but he still got up the courage to say, "Pursue the King of Qi …"
"What are we talking about now?" Yang You sneer at a blade like eyes stab Fang Xuanling body a quiver.
"Master Sheng Yan assassinated me. Is this the case?" Yang You cold he didn’t think that this fellow would make this kind of line just let yourself seize an excellent opportunity.
Fang Xuanling secretly complained that Master Sheng Yanshi, are you crazy? Even when his forehead was hot, he did not take the initiative to do such a thing, but he didn’t expect Master Sheng Yanshi to start work, and he was also moved.
"This, this ….." Fang Xuanling don’t know how to answer the key is how to compensate the person’s identity? Kill Sheng Yanshi? Even if you kill Sheng Yanshi, it won’t help. The Sui emperor represents the face of the big Sui Dynasty, and it is also a symbol of the big Sui Dynasty. Whether it is him, Fang Xuanling or Sheng Yanshi also represents the face of the big Tang Dynasty
In the confrontation between the two countries, whoever bows his head will fall into the wind, but now that Da Sui has mastered the initiative, Datang is at a disadvantage. This situation is even more difficult for Fang Xuanling to do.
"This what? Is it false that I was attacked just now? Fang Xuanling, are you sincere in coming here on behalf of Tang gaozu? Or is it that Li Yuangen doesn’t want to redeem Li Yuanji? Since this is the case, I will cut Li Yuanji’s hands to make flower fertilizer! " Yang You went on to say that the rising tone showed that he was very angry.
Fang Xuanling was sweating all over and his clothes were dripping water, but he didn’t feel like he was preoccupied with what to do.
To quell the anger of the Sui emperor, we must let him feel avenged. Since the Sui emperor did not kill Sheng Yanshi immediately, he cut off Sheng Yanshi’s ears, which proves that the Sui emperor will not kill Sheng Yanshi.
Fang Xuanling’s brain is spinning like a strong wind blowing a windmill. Suddenly, he thought of a solution, that is, sending beautiful women.
Sui Emperor Yi Gong asked for a lot of beautiful women’s certificates. He was a lecherous. Fang Xuanling thought of this and said with a smile, "I apologize for the position. On behalf of Datang, I sent 50 beautiful women who are absolutely pure and clean."
Yang You sneered, "Why am I called a flower?"
Fang Xuanling hurriedly shook his head. "I didn’t mean that. I mean …"
"I don’t care what you mean, there is no tiger balm, there is no two hundred mangoku food, and there are no five hundred war horses. This revenge must be reported." Yang You sneered and walked out of the room. Several imperial soldiers followed Fang Xuanling and hesitated for a moment.
Yang You walked towards the west. At this time, the moon has hung on the treetops, and Tianxing River is bright and beautiful.
However, in the face of such beautiful scenery, Fang Xuanling was not in the mood to appreciate it. He didn’t know what Yang You was going to do and dared not ask, but he followed Yang You all the way and didn’t stop him from being more puzzled.
Moon moved with a group of people and finally stopped in front of a large stone building in Yang You. Several imperial soldiers lit lanterns in front of the building. Fang Xuanling saw clearly that this was a prison cell and told him that it was the ground in front of the building!
What are you doing in the prison? Fang Xuanling body shaking suddenly he thought of what is the king here?
Lanterns lit the door and there was a piercing shout in it, which made Fang Xuanling shudder.
Yang You stepped in and several imperial soldiers gritted their teeth with Fang Xuanling and decided to go in.
As soon as I stepped into the cold stone steps, there was a smell of lime and wind blowing right against my face. Fang Xuanling frowned and continued along the stone steps.
He heard moans and smelled strange smells all the way. After more than 200 steps, Fang Xuanling stopped.
Yang You seven steps in front of him is squinting at the sight of Yuwenhua, whose legs are tied to the stool and his heels are together, but there are things lying in the source. As that thing is padded, Yuwen screams every time it is padded.
This is a strange look. Fang Xuanling was shocked. At the same time, a jailer put a bamboo tube into Yu Wenhua’s mouth and suddenly Yu Wenhua coughed violently
The light shone on Fang Xuanling and found that Yu Wenhua’s face turned red quickly. He coughed as if to cough up his lungs.
Fang Xuanling wondered what on earth could make Yuwenhua feel so uncomfortable? Although he didn’t taste this taste, he still shuddered at the sight of Yu culture.
"All anti-thieves are going to die. So is the culture of Yu, and so is Li Yuan!" Yang You’s cold voice echoed in the room with Yu Wenhua’s cough.
Fang Xuanling dare not speak. Although he is an emissary of Datang, he represents Datang, but he has no position.
After Yang You finished, he waved and dragged Yu Culture and added, "Bring Li Yuanji."
"Well," the jailer replied and walked towards the depths of the prison.
Fang Xuanling was stupefied. "Who are you?"
"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!" Yang You answered after a brief silence when several jailers brought Li Yuanji.
Li Yuanji’s hair was messy, his face was pale and thin, and many of them were brought here by several jailers. He kept resisting "Let me go!"! What are you going to do? "
A jailer sneered at a thick fist and hit Li Yuanji. "Bastard is dishonest and castrates you to be a eunuch!"
Li Yuanji ate his teeth until he insisted on greeting the jailer’s straight female relatives dozens of times, but he dared not say anything on the surface.
Fang Xuanling moved his steps and wanted the former Yang You to stop him coldly. "How about watching a good show in Fang Xuanling?"
Fang Xuanling swallowed. He knew what Yang You was talking about, but could he watch it himself?
Yang You took two steps and smiled. "Li Yuanji, look who came to see you?"
"I don’t watch, I don’t watch!" Li Yuanji said that his voice was hoarse and panicked. Although he was not tortured by tiger benches and pepper water, every time he saw the scenes of Yu Culture, Yu Wenzhi’s brothers Yang Shilan and Tang Fengyi being tortured, he couldn’t help but fear that the Sui Emperor would torture him like this one day. He thought that if so, he would be crazy.
"Really?" Yang You smiled.
"I can’t see it!" Li Yuanji roared.
Yang You shrugged regretfully. "It’s a pity that Li Yuan sent someone to redeem you, but you don’t want to see it. In that case, send him back!"
Chapter 65 "dirty" people
Li Yuanji smell speech is one leng father sent someone to save himself? His face lit up at the thought and said, "I want to see him. I want to see him."
Yang You took two steps back and shook his head as a sign for Fang Xuanling to sigh and walk away.
"I’m Fang Xuanling in the King’s Palace of Qi," Fang Xuanling said.
Fang Xuanling?’ Li Yuanji one leng this person is not the king of Qin Li Shimin Zhang Qin Wangfu long collectors? Why did father send his messenger? But Li Yuanji didn’t think much about this moment. He was carried away by joy. My father really sent someone to save himself, and he was about to escape from this terrible place. This is a great event!
Months of experience in the dungeon filled his heart with bitter memories. Yu Wenhua, Yang Shilan and others cried bitterly, accompanied by him every day, whether it was day or night. He couldn’t tell the difference between day and night because it was always dark and red in the dungeon, which stimulated his eyes at any time and made him difficult to sleep.
He doesn’t want to stay in prison for a moment! This moment Li Yuanji couldn’t help crying.
Sobbing and crying surprised Fang Xuanling. How overbearing Li Yuanji, the king of Qi, was. It was incredible to cry like a child at this time.
Fang Xuanling couldn’t help shaking just now when Yu culture was tortured. It seems that the King of Qi was scared. This also proves that these tortures are terrible from another side.
"Get me out! Get me out!" Li Yuanji cried.
Fang Xuanling struggled to get rid of Li Yuanji and grabbed his hand. He stood up and said, "Anyway, he is the prince of Datang. You can’t abuse him. How can you explain this to the Tang Emperor?"
Fang Xuanling said this in the hope that the ransom will be reduced for this reason when negotiating later.


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