Xiaofei shook his head. "Of course not. Empress ruled the palace strictly. This maid-in-waiting dares to make a mess on weekdays. If necessary, go to this Shanggong Bureau to take charge."

"What are the virtuous ladies doing on weekdays?"
"There is nothing forbidden in this palace. In addition to being a needlework, I just walk around this palace. These other sisters occasionally play chess, and they don’t go there, and they don’t want to stab people in the back like that in other countries’ palaces."
Princess Purple Smoke looked at her and frowned slightly. "But this day is in the palace …"
"Princess Ziyan and the palace have said that there are no rules in this palace. If it is not unusual or disturbing his personnel, you can do whatever you want."
Princess Purple Smoke lowered her head and seemed to be thinking about this san huang. She couldn’t help but say, "Although Empress Yan is a princess of a country, I think your country will not be mistreated. She is Yan’s brother or she will hope that Yan can be like an ordinary woman, even if she can’t get her husband’s pet, but she will never see her husband again after today’s banquet."
LianJianJi nodded, "san huang palace has been very white, Princess Purple Smoke is in her youth, so naturally she can’t waste the palace as much as possible."
"It must be some kung fu to hear that the Empress has fought in the battlefield, right?" San huang suddenly asked.
LianJianJia a little confused about this problem nodded san huang continued, "Purple Smoke is a weak queen who is worried about whether the Empress will …"
In the middle of this, san huang suddenly heard that even relying on this cushion is loose. Although this face expression is lazy, it is inexplicably a little more charming.
"Regardless of whether Gong knows martial arts, even if he knows this martial arts, he is fighting against the enemy, not against this friend. What position is san huang talking to me about this?" Even WanJian blinked half of his eyes. Although it looks like a wink, there is irony in this eye, which is really unforgettable.
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Chapter 41 Water in a glass
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When san huang left, she was ready to take a bath and change clothes immediately. Shelley followed in and waited on her shoulder. "The empress san huang seems to be a little sinister. She has been observing the present harem today."
Even the JianJi nodded "is it? But this time, san huang came here to send his sister to kiss us. We didn’t prepare such a person to let him marry. Nothing can be done except to see him. "
Shelley nodded. "But today this banquet is all about this official. Otherwise, I’m afraid san huang’s eyes will fly out!"
"What you have observed is that you have done it carefully, even though you know that they are not enemies, you still need to think and guard against it."
"Empress, in fact, handmaids have always been curious. Does Empress judge whether these people are friends or enemies?"
"Nature judges itself."
Shelley continued to pinch her shoulders and try the water temperature from time to time. "Empress, can you tell me if it is friendly to conclude that Yuan Haoguo came here this time?"
"We just got the Chengqi country, and the morale is high. Even though the strength is insufficient, the combat effectiveness is much higher than before. All countries will leave some details in other countries, and it is bound to know that the total number of soldiers in our country is much more after the continuous recruitment of troops. It is absolutely impossible for Haoguo to make a move on us. Remember Shelley’s gift?"
"Steel armor?"
Lian Jianji nodded. "Yuan Haoguo is not stupid. Who will get something as a gift?"
"I’ve seen Zhajia. Our armor is different. They will doubt it."
"Our steel armor is a fish scale, and they should be white. This fish scale is lighter than the armor. We gave them armor. In their eyes, because we are replacing this steel turtle scale, we will have this surplus to give them armor."
Shelley nodded. "Is it bad for us because they are afraid of defeat?"
Even when you get up and step out of the barrel, "the harm is possible. After all, Shelley, you should also know that interest is eternal."
When we get to the banquet, everyone is pushing a cup for a change, which seems to be a harmonious one, but in fact, many people can see that this banquet is actually a bit reluctant. After winning the inheritance, we must do a good job with this Yuan Haoguo.
Yuan Haoguo san huang is still a gentleman and personable, but the envoy sent here by Yuan Haoguo suddenly realized this and became a little puffed up. This speech is also a bit arrogant. The envoy seems to be a distant relative of the Queen of Yuan Haoguo, and he has also said a lot to the Princess Purple Smoke of san huang, a pair of monarch and minister are alike.
"Wanjian ….." Ruyan Qimu shouted and found that Wanjian ignored him. He turned around and saw what Wanjian was talking about with the banquet banquet official. The banquet official could see that Ruyan Qimu’s eyes woke up.
"What’s wrong with you?"
"Jianji can think about what position to give this purple smoke princess."
"It’s more appropriate to give a mother-in-law even the princess of Yuan Haoguo."
You Yan Qimu nodded his head and seemed to agree, but when you Yan Qimu got up and announced it, it changed temporarily. "It is more than enough for Princess Purple Smoke and pro-China to seal nine titles according to dignity, but after all, it is necessary to abide by this Chinese system when entering the palace of Geng Guo. Let’s start with this positive five beauties, and let’s start with the original title of Princess Purple Smoke."
How can san huang be satisfied with such a title? "Emperor Geng Ziyan is a princess born to the queen of our country, and she is the best among princesses. How can she be a mere beauty?" This is five lower than some female officials in this palace. Is it a little too contemptuous? "
"Oh, that’s my negligence. Then I’ll be promoted again."
Now that you have said that you want to be promoted to a higher level, it would be a little inappropriate for san huang to want it again. It is already very good for the pro-princess to arrive at Jieyu as soon as she enters the palace.
Even took one look at you Yan Qimu. It seems that you Yan Qimu is also thoughtful. Most of them guessed that san huang might need one more before deliberately saying that it was one lower.
"Do you also understand these crooked ways?"
"What do you mean by crooked ways? But it’s true. After all, they moved this greedy mind first, didn’t they?"
Even when she got up, she walked to this high platform and found this moping Princess Ziyan. She seemed to be worried about her future life.
Even JianJian walked past in a friendly way, and many people’s eyes were here. Even JianJian sat beside her as "Princess Purple Smoke".
"Empress’s concubines will be taken care of by Empress Lao in the future."
"Talking about whether to take care of it or not, this man is not cannibalism in this palace yet. All eyes are on me alone, but it is because of me that everyone can be a murderer. I hope Princess Purple Smoke is a quiet person, or cannibalism here will be your husband."
Princess Ziyan nodded. She is the queen’s place. In fact, she can see clearly that people can’t be spotless if they grow up in a quagmire.
"But now that you have promised your brother’s palace that you will fulfill your promise, maybe you will become the breakthrough I have been looking for for for a long time."


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