At the same time, some people are fighting back.

What the silver script needs is these … creatures with strong thinking ability.
Lin found that their thoughts were absorbed by the … silver raft and integrated into a perfect action plan at present.
That is to give up the route, because that road has the most spikes.
They should first go back to the silver world to avoid one
Chapter two thousand one hundred and forty-one See there?
"See? See there? I’m sure you saw it, because it shows up in front of your eyes. "
This is … in a thick fog.
Lin pays attention to the situation here occasionally.
Because the dark algae, which was recently converted into quail shape, returned to the fog head-fog sponge.
The reason why he came back this time was not because he wanted to escape, but because Mist Mian called him to come and see something.
So the quail algae floated to the fog cotton department … in front of the huge three-dimensional image.
The image used to show the situation of the bus meeting. Lin Qian had already seen four buses appear here.
However, the scene changed to another place, and a … star could be seen in the picture.
Yes, it’s not a star bus, but a star. A dazzling star shows the picture.
Because there is no contrast around, Lin doesn’t know how big this star is … and the main interest is that this star seems to be special.
"See it? It’s their energy. We must keep an eye on it. When they’re together, destroy it. They’ll move here! Remember to be neat … neat "
Fog cotton called the algae here and’ said’ a lot of things to it. Lin simply summarized it.
Simply put … buses, conference buses, they created an’ energy system’.
That is, this star in the picture or a sphere that looks like a star.
Because the star bus takes its own energy and needs to be replenished slowly, it can be delivered at will.
In order to solve this problem, they have created an energy system from which every parliamentary bus can get energy, which makes it easy for them to go back and forth.
It has not reached the point where it can be delivered at will, but it can rarely travel back and forth to the original location and meeting place in a short time.
In the fog, it is now trying to destroy this energy-saving place.
It wants to attack this position after all the bus departments are gathered, and destroying it can make the bus leave France.
And what to do after that, it didn’t say
Interestingly, Lin found that Mianmian seemed to discuss the plan with Chlorella. Actually, it was not a discussion. It just said it to Chlorella unilaterally, regardless of whether it could succeed or not. This idea indicates that Mianmian … may have great ability.
And it seems to attach great importance to dark algae. Maybe dark algae is an individual with higher intelligence among solidified organisms here.
However, it is not necessary for Sargassum to express that he once wanted to attack there, but Walsh has been absent so that it can’t attack.
It believes that all buses must get together, which is a very important part.
Why would it do that? Lynn felt that this should be carefully investigated.
It’s still talking about destroying energy stars with algae. In fact, it doesn’t say that the plan and tactics are repeated. That place is very important and must be destroyed.
It seems that Sargassum doesn’t have the’ impatience’ of the people. It stays here quietly and has been listening to the fog cotton.
But Wu Mian also said something else, such as why Ershi didn’t come here.
It thinks that Walsh is trapped and is now in a state of walking, but it doesn’t say in detail, but it thinks that Walsh will come here sooner or later and its plan can be put into practice
According to Wu Mian, the reason is a little different from Lin’s … But Wu Mian said that she is also guessing.
It doesn’t know what the actual reason is. It’s … I think Walsh will definitely not come.
Fog cotton has been talking to algae about this until … after a long time.
Fog cotton said that it was over, and the algae floated back into the dense fog, and the picture of fog cotton body was replaced by the bus meeting scene, and the energy star was no longer displayed.
Lynn thinks that energy stars should not be near the meeting point, because there are several buses there and there are no stars near them.
But since the bus can get energy from there, it should be the’ road’ that all buses pass through.
Lin also wants to find its location and see if there is anything powerful to send energy to the gathering point at the current bus meeting location.
Lin thinks it should be like this. When these buses are sent here, they will go through a’ transit’ to replenish energy, and that energy star is in that position.
It’s a’ transit’. How can I get there? Lynn try to locate it.
At the same time, Lin also observed the situation of the people in Ershi …
After the dark red bus appeared, the forward route was blocked by a large number of thorns, and the people took the silver raft and retreated to the silver world
This group of Ershi people tried to command a large number of silver rafts of the silver army, and their thoughts gathered together and imaginary … the dark red bus forces engaged in battle.
It’s a dark red bus. Those thorns are not forces. They look like a … natural phenomenon.
After a while, each thorn ball will explode and scatter. The power of acupuncture is not strong, and it is impossible to pierce the silver raft, but it will still be pierced if it is hit many times.
However, the manager didn’t remember the thorn ball.
The general manager recorded that there were buses and all kinds of messages that buses appeared here, or that they emitted … If objects felt dangerous, they would record them, while the dark red bus in the general manager’s record was a harmful bus.
There are no flying objects on it, which is very safe.
But now the people can’t think that, so they command the silver raft to destroy the thorn ball.
Silver rafts, their thinking makes a different weapon for the stab ball. They emit a lot of light beams … and these lights will not cause harm to the stab ball after irradiating it.
But the stab ball won’t blow itself up after this. This weapon feels wonderful.
Actually, there are complicated weapons in the silver raft. Tong Lin hasn’t finished her investigation, and neither have these people.
However, after commanding the silver raft attack, all the people in Ershi … including the co-captain felt that they could control the silver script, so they couldn’t think back.
It seems that they have also entered the silver’ trap’
But the X.O. still wants to get back to his position and use the silver raft to get rid of the surface infection and … try to contact Zhou Luo.
And Lin found … it really contacted.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and forty-two Dark world


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