The waiter here is a witch girl, and I don’t know what the main family has done to make these witches smile and welcome the monks. You know, before this, the Terran witch was bitter.

A bunch of cultivators got together in twos and threes to taste the fairy tea and talk about something. The whole tea hut suddenly calmed down and all the monks looked involuntarily at the door.
A pink palace dress blasted people into graceful manners and appeared at the door, and her eyes were extremely proud. She swept back and forth in the lobby and then found a seat by herself.
Glug-a burst of saliva sound, followed by a large number of repairs, was suddenly awakened by the monks in the middle of then.
It’s incredible that one of the late female practitioners in the "amazing charm" couldn’t help secretly licking her tongue. Since she was charmed by this woman’s charm, it was inconceivable.
There is hardly a female practitioner in the cultivation of immortals who is not beautiful. After all, even ugly women will become beautiful in the daily bathing aura. What’s worse, there are many side secrets that can slowly change their appearance. It is really rare in the world, but it is impossible for these monks who are used to beautiful female immortals to be so rude just by their appearance.
Its charm is high.
"Is this Taoist friend overdoing it?" Blasted into Shu Yi just took a seat, and a middle-aged road flyover with a full face of ShaQi got angry and shouted at blasted into Shu Yi.
First of all, to make the occult technique of Mei Gong seem to be a training-picking, and everyone in this person’s field will echo it.
"Roll-"blasted into Shuyi eyebrows a pick a majestic breath pump body but did not even look at the road flyover.
"Yuan Ying later?" The middle-aged Taoist priest faded at the moment when Shu Yi was blasted into giving off breath, but he bit his teeth and quickly left Chaliao.
As soon as the Taoist priest left, people got up and left.
"Congenital bentonite?" After being blasted into Shu Yi, she took out the small blue mirror and watched it.
Let’s talk about this woman who left Tianyuan when she was killed by Xu Lingxuan’s design and took the corpse of the Five Elements. Today, after experiencing the auspicious baptism from heaven and obtaining the lime fairy fruit in the fog shadow family, she has soared from the early stage of Yuanying to the later stage of Yuanying, which is now admired by thousands of people.
With the passage of time, this woman’s hatred for Xu Lingxuan and Ziyi has not only not been diluted, but even worse than before.
Its intention to transform the corpse into an incarnation outside the body has never stopped. This woman once got an ancient evil practice of resin substitution by chance, which recorded two merits: one is the five-line tactic to kill the gods, and the other is the mysterious four-spirit unique corpse technique.
Compared with the five elements, this technique has a lot less magical powers, but the only advantage is that it does not gather the five innate unique spirits of Jin Mu, fire, water and soil.
And the so-called earth, water, fire and wind are the four major carriers, including the innate bentonite, wind spirit, water spirit and fire spirit of Qilian Taoist, and this innate bentonite is the most difficult to find.
"Huh?" Blasted into Shu-yi’s palm, the small blue mirror’s khaki light suddenly flashed up, but it was gradually approaching Chaliao.
Qilian Laodaoyi is a monk who enjoys his leisure time very much. Almost every day, he will sit in Xianyuanju for a while, and he will feel even more happy after he has become the three elders of Sirius Pavilion.
Just stepping into the entrance of Xianyuanju Loumen, Qilian Road keenly felt that there was a happy eye on him.
The eye master is naturally blasted into Shu Yi.
When Shu Yi was blasted into the world, she was a little carried away when she saw that Qilian Road had entered Chaliao. It was the hard work to find a place.
After the reaction to come over, the blasted into Shuyi is very obscure, and it will be put to good use by flattery. If there is a "glad eye", it will be repaired. In the early days of Yuanying, the old Qilian road was dizzy, but it was involuntarily coming towards the blasted into Shuyi. The eyes were full of deep infatuation.
Blasted into Shu Yi, she did almost everything to cast a charm on Qilian Road, which was a natural hit.
After the Qilian old son fainted, he was blasted into Shuyi, and the whole person was as if nothing had happened. He threw two Lingshi stones at random and led the Qilian old son with a slight dementia to float away.
After more than three hours, the two dodging lights fell in a remote forest tens of thousands of miles northeast of Qingzhi City.
"Hum" staring at this stupid gawk with his thousands of miles of mouth full of little old son blasted into Shuyi gas will not dozen 1 come.
Pa-every slap hit the old son’s face in Qilian with a bright red finger print and immediately hung on the old face in Qilian.
"Who are you? Why am I here? " Qilian laoer woke up from a daze and was full of horror. He stared at the pretty girl in front of him and felt uneasy from her cold face.
After dumping the old son of Qilian, Shu Yi seems to be in a better mood. Seeing that the old son of Qilian turned angry and laughed, "Rest assured that the Palace brought you here with a great good thing to become for you." Shu Yi was blasted into being as thin as a baby, and the old man of Qilian couldn’t help but feel a quiver.
"What a great thing?" Qilian Laodao settled his mind and said calmly, "What good things must be brought here?"
"The palace has got a set of extremely severe resin refining techniques, and it is hard to stop it if it is a fairy to practice to the extreme," blasted into Shu Yi’s one-way way.
"What about me?" Qilian road can feel wrong and take a step back from self-sufficiency. The purple mansion keeps a magic weapon of life at a moderate temperature and is ready to move.
"Of course you do," blasted into Shu Yi Jiao laughed. "This secret technique of refining corpses is called Four Spirits, which requires four innate spirits, namely, earth, water, fire and wind, and your innate body is just the earth spirit."
"I’m the Three Elders of Sirius Pavilion. Don’t you dare touch me." Qilian Road retreated several steps, but the breath was firmly locked by the blasted Shu Yi.
"What happened to Sirius Pavilion?" Blasted into Shu-yi’s cold-blooded way, "You are Sirius Pavilion’s main palace, and you can take care of it." With that, a slight leap of the foot and the operation of shrinking into inches instantly appeared in front of Qilian Road, looking at Qilian Road like a dead man.
Qilian Road was still waiting to move, and he felt a sudden burst of colic in the purple house.
"Don’t move the Gong Mei technique. Are you such a native tile dog who can break the peace of mind?" Say that finish, lift the finger of fine fine jade and gently click a little on the forehead of Qilian Road, and then Qilian Road will collapse to the ground like cooked noodles and completely lose consciousness.
Soon, when Shu Yi’s hands were lifted, five green lights fell on the hill for less than half an hour, and a day order hidden law was formed in the hill.
"All four are Yuan Babies. It seems that it takes more time to refine them. Hehe, four Yuan Babies are monks." Shu Yi was blasted into a charming smile. "Xu Lingxuan, Ziyi and Liang Yi, you wait."
When Qilian Road fell, TaBaHongmeng woke up from the practice in Sirius Pavilion in Qing Dynasty, holding a cracked Yu Pei in his hand, and his eyes were full of anger and shock.
"Come and inform the ancestors that the three elders were killed."
Tianyuan City waited for three days in a row, and Liang Yi finally met the wizard’s temple to lead the messenger.
The messenger is a white-haired wizard, and Liang Yi’s strength actually sees through the depth of the other side.
"You are the star?" The old man seems to be very interested in Liang Yi. "Monty refined body tactic, taxiing mid-term spirit pet gee, even the old man is envious."
"The elders YanChong" Liang Yi quickly returned a gift but felt that there were a few cannibals staring at himself, not saying that there was Chang Fei and others over there.
Seeing the old wizard such as Chang Fei and others, he took back Liang Yishen’s eyes. "Are you Chang Fei?"
"I have seen the elders, and the younger generation is Chang Fei," Chang Fei replied respectfully.
"Well, don’t bother. Your master and I have been old friends for many years. This time, she specially entrusted me to pick you up." The old man heard that he had withdrawn his cool color and was full of kindness. "These two are your people. They are really qualified."
"Elder Mispraise" Chang Ming’s old son returned with trepidation.
"It’s a little troublesome". It’s necessary to meet several conversations between the elders, Chang Fei and others. Liang Yi secretly smiled bitterly in his heart. It turned out to be the real world. It seems that this witch temple line will not be calm again.
On the second day, we led the elders and nine selected people on the road back to the witch temple.


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