"Yi Chen’s eyes lit up. He took a deep look at Lin Yao and whispered," Hold your hand later ~ remember to be careful. "

Cang Peng Wang Bai "Yi Chen" means "Yi Chen". Although he is the great office of "Yi Chen", he still has two brothers, isn’t he? Those two brothers’ matriarchal forces are not weaker than Miyichen’s matriarchal forces. Miyichen wants to surpass those two brothers. It is of great significance that Guiyuan ointment can be refined into Guiyuan ointment.
From the side of Panlong Golden Gun Cang Peng Wang Lang Chao Lin Yao "Come on, pity Xiang Dao Jun!" No matter whether you win or lose, two precious things, wind and snow, were written off ten thousand years ago! But if you are killed by a king’s gun, it’s no wonder that the king’s hand is too cruel! Wang Yidan’s shot is absolutely hard! "
Provoke a thumb Lin Yao strange way "so aboveboard is a hero! Alas, my brother will come to fight with you, but now that he has learned Xuangong, he doesn’t know when he will say anything. I’ll show you how to behave! It’s not that our brothers broke their promises. You have to find out! " Once the man of God is short, he will be tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years old, and he will be closed for trillions of years. Everyone has heard that’ Dragon, Tiger, Danjun’ is closed, and Xuan Gong, Yi Chen and Cang Peng Wang immediately accepted this explanation.
Pike a little your gun has pointed to Lin Yao Cang Peng Wang Zhong’s vitality is pegged to Lin Yao.
Lin Yao, a smirk, got serious and threw the folding fan aside. Lin Yao slowly waved two machetes as thin as cicadas and almost full moon. Two machetes were more than seven feet long, but the blade was carved with three fingers, and the silver gods were faintly twisted. These are two newly forged artifacts! Ling Batian leads the soaring 10,000 overlord to have a stroke. There are people who are proficient in alchemy, refining device and refining array. These two machetes are made by Lin Yao, who asked them to spend a lot of effort to create them. Although they are not as wonderful as Lin Xiao’s refined artifacts, they are also two first-time refined goods.
Lin Yao has his own ideas. He wants to gradually integrate into the big circle of the divine world. He wants to get in touch with all kinds of powerful gods. If he parades around the city all day with a blood-transforming magic knife, he may provoke a man who knows how to kill and rob the treasure house. He hides the blood-transforming magic knife and prepares these two machetes to decorate the facade on weekdays. The machetes are extremely light in quality and attached to the gods. Whether Lin Xiao gave them to Lin Yao is a wonderful thing, which is just right for the combination of the wind and Lin Yao.
Holding two machetes and waving them gently, they gave off a crunchy smell of "before". Gradually, the two machetes danced into a net white light. "Before" has become a continuous long ring, but as Lin Yao waved the machete faster and faster, that white light gradually dissipated and "before" no longer came out.
Cang Peng Wang took a deep breath, and then his body suddenly dissipated. In an instant, the tip of Panlong golden gun has already stabbed Lin Yao. The tip of the nose is a blink of an eye. The golden gun has stabbed 36 million guns in Lin Yao. The sky is full of extremely fine golden guns, and the extremely fine golden light is like a big cocoon wrapped Lin Yao inside.
Lin Yao chuckled at his shadow, and his left hand flickered easily behind his back, while his right hand scratched, cut, split and stabbed in an understatement. The white light was as thin as a crescent moon, and the golden light was easily unloaded. Ding-ding, the sound was ringing in my ears. Gradually, the sound became more and more dense, and the clouds in the four miles were moved by the impact resonance, eventually forming a continuous dense thunder.
King Cang Peng’s physical strength is about 100 times stronger than that of Lin Yao, and the attachment force of each gun is also 100 times that of Lin Yao. However, Lin Yao split out the knife light and did not touch the machete with him hard. It was Tai Chi unloading method that deflected the gun shadow, so no matter how much effort Cang Peng Wang spent, he finally stabbed Lin Yao Cang Peng Wang with great anger. His stabbing speed became faster and faster, and gradually the sky was full of gun shadows flashing. King Cang Peng’s body was like a tornado swirling around Lin Yao.
However, Lin Yao is relaxed and drifting in the tornado, just like a breeze with apricot blossom fragrance in March without any pitfalls. No matter how many guns King Cang Peng stabs, Lin Yao is constantly shaking his wrist. The machete will deflect the incoming gun shadow, which is as dense as rain ~ not as dense as rain. The gun shadow brings up a series of extremely sharp winds and sprinkles skyscrapers. Suddenly, there are several extremely fine gaps on the ground.
Watching Cang Peng Wang Wu’s brothers shake their heads repeatedly, they also see that their brother has fallen into Lin Yao’s calculation. Lin Yao is a passive defense, but Cang Peng Wang is a force to attack. It is a far cry from nature that the two men spend energy, but they are not worried that Cang Peng Wang will be defeated. After all, Cang Peng Wang’s strength has been put there for several years to cultivate a powerful divine power that Lin Yao can’t match. Even in the long war of attrition, it must be Cang Peng Wang in the end.
"Yat-sen" felt that something was wrong. Lin Yao was acting a little weird, but I didn’t see where it was weird for a while.
I waited for King Cang Peng and Lin Yao to pester each other for about half an hour before I found out that Lin Yao’s left hand was always behind his back! But where is the machete in his left hand? Lin Yao just waved a pair of machetes, but when King Cang Peng attacked, Lin Yao put his left hand behind him. He was a machete to meet the enemy!
There’s another knife?
Mi Yichen was about to wake up when he picked up his eyebrows. Lin Yao carefully laughed. "Cang Peng Wang Xiaoxin, your ass!"
A bloody figure suddenly emerged from behind King Cang Peng, and the bloody shadow was holding a machete as easily as Lin Yao’s right hand and splitting it into King Cang Peng’s buttocks!
Cang Peng Wang Da-hai stabbed Lin Yao’s heart with a gun, and his left hand swung out the life artifact, the golden mace, and slammed it into the blood shadow head.
Lin Yao’s body twisted and suddenly the sky was full of blood shadows flying. At least thousands of blood shadows were holding the same machete with a swish sound, and they took turns to split at King Cang Peng. These blood shadows were all tangible and virtual shadows, and they suddenly exchanged with each other like ghosts. In an instant, tens of millions of knives split at King Cang Peng.
Rao is king Cang Peng’s posture is extremely fast, but he is not the one who combines the speed of Feng Lin Yao! Cang Peng Wang Ti is a skyscraper, and his flying posture is unpredictable. However, Lin Yao’s cultivation and evolution of blood tactic are even more changeable and mysterious, especially when King Cang Peng’s body is still in physical flight, there are still some obstacles. These blood shadows are pure energy, but what is the resistance when flying? Thousands of blood shadows are obviously lighter and more changeable than Cang Peng Wang when they move around.
It’s a moment’s effort to count the machetes, and King Cang Peng hit hundreds of blows. The blade of the machete is a wisp of god’s armor. After several years’ training, King Sheng Cangpeng’s armor has become an artifact, and he can reach the point of artifact in one step. These machetes are transformed by an artifact, but his armor can’t stop these magical cuts. The thin gaps are densely covered with armor, which hurts King Cang Peng’s body.
It’s a hovering Lin Yao who flew out for dozens of miles and looked at King Cang Peng.
King Cang Peng gawked at his body with hundreds of gaps in armor, and suddenly’ scoffed’ hundreds of extremely fine blood fog bursting out of his body. King Cang Peng cried in horror, "The king lost ~ the king lost at a speed?" How is that possible! Where is the king! " Cang Peng Wang Gen didn’t understand what happened. How could he be so confused and lost?
"Yi Chen" jumped up suddenly, and he saw the middle key clearly-Lin Yao’s roots are tangible things, and he doesn’t even have weight. He is just a wisp of blood gas that condenses like a ghost thing, but the tangible things are completely integrated with the wind and master the rules of the wind. How much worse can this speed be? Cang Peng Wang’s speed is faster. After all, his body is so big and weighs tens of thousands of pounds. Although he has also mastered the wind rules, he is more sophisticated than Lin Yao, but after all, his body is too heavy and Lin Yao can’t compete with him!
Not to mention, Lin Yao is a lightweight guy with a machete in his hands, and Cang Peng Wang Panlong’s gold gun and gold mace are heavy weapons. You can’t see anything wrong at ordinary times, but compared with Lin Yao, who also understands the wind rules, these heavy weapons are cumbersome.
Lin Yao’s performance really made Mi Yichen overjoyed. This mysterious and unpredictable posture is sometimes big, not to mention the one that he just took out!
Seeing that King Cang Peng’s eyes are already red, it is necessary to throw caution to the wind and release the Hanazono Sakura world and Lin Yao to win or lose. Yi Chen quickly cried, "King Cang Peng, everyone is fighting with each other for a while. Why don’t you sell your face and sit down and talk about it?"
Cang Peng Wang stayed for a while. He turned to look at Mi Yichen and then at his armor. He suddenly laughed and shook his hand and threw the Panlong golden gun aside. He nodded and smiled at Lin Yao. "Good Wynaut is a hero! I wonder if you can sell Wang’s noodles here, because Wang has aged wine and even more delicious dishes. "
With a wave of his hand, all over the sky, two places at once have turned lotus flower into body. Lin Yao has just thrown a folding fan and gently fanned it. He nodded at King Cang Peng and laughed. "King Cang Peng is really a hero! This is Mi Yichen, the young master of Mi Yitian, right? I am climbing high! "
"To say! Say! " Lin Yao’s attitude makes Mi Yichen feel happy again! He opposed the invitation of the two sides to Lin Yao to drop the clouds to the peak of the skyscraper cliff, and a group of people smiled and complimented each other and came to Cangpeng King Skyscraper Palace to sit quietly.
Chapter three hundred Congenital artifact
Wine and food are naturally like flowing water to send Mi Yi dust. Lin Yao, the chairman, took the position of guest of honor, accompanied by six brothers Cang Peng Wang, and a group of Cang Peng Wang raised mountain spirits, monsters, beautiful women, danced with silk and bamboo, sang graceful fairy sounds and danced with monty. This tune just matched Lin Yao’s taste. At that time, the guests and the host were intertwined, and they drank red one by one.
Lin Yao complimented Cang Peng Wang for dominating the sky, while Cang Peng Wang complimented Lin Yao for being a rising star with a bright future.
Mi Yichen complimented Lin Yao on being a young gentleman. Lin Yao complimented Mi Yichen’s emperor nobles, who were not comparable to ordinary people.
After three or five rounds of drinking, everyone got a little drunk and suddenly asked Lin Yao, "I wonder if you have such ambitions in this life?"
"Ambition?" Lin Yao cocked his head and looked at Mi Yichen. Suddenly, he was as straightforward as a street punk. He smiled and asked, "Young Master, do you want to attract me?"
Mi Yichen drank a dime of wine. He slowly released the wine jue and looked at Lin Yao seriously. "Yes!" "
"reason!" Lin Yao also simply said, "You will have fewer people around you, Yi Tian Shao?" Give me a reason! Can you tell me the reason! "
"Yat-sen narrowed his eyes and sank." Yat-sen is heaven and man, not me. I want to have one of my own! After I wait, I will become the master of Mi Yitian, which will naturally benefit me! "
"How can God hand over the throne if the man of God is immortal and immortal?" Lin Yao is very puzzled looking at "escape dust"
"Yi Chen sink a way" there are reasons but ~ "
Thinking for a while with his head cocked, Lin Yao chuckled, "If it’s not one of our own, you can’t know if it’s causal?"
"Escape dust nods" yes! There is cause and effect in it! If you take refuge in nature, I can tell you. "
Compared with a finger, Lin Yao sighed lightly, "If I look at the beauty and the young master from behind, you can say that I am the master, and I will let you go and join the young master on my bed. What’s the harm?"
Mi Yichen, Cang Peng Wang and others looked strange. It was a long time before Mi Yichen hesitated and asked, "Is this what you want?"
Lin Yao’s eyes widened and he asked in surprise, "Isn’t this enough?"
Mi Yichen stayed for a long time. He looked at the monster and looked at Lin Yao for a long time before nodding. "Does Dragon Tiger Dan Jun have other requirements?"
Lin Yao simply said, "Give him all the elixirs you can find, and he will join the Lord as much as I do!"
"Yi Chen is also very simply. He immediately nods," That’s a deal! But you can truly respect people if you respect one thing first! "
"Well, what is it?" Lin Yao frowned and shook his head. "I can’t do it if it’s too difficult!"
"Escape dust sink a way" it’s too difficult to things and won’t let you go! It’s good to kill the rod Weng for you! "
"Qiu Zhang Weng? Who is he? " Isn’t it killing people if Lin Yao has a little interest? He didn’t do less to rob men and bully women. Lin Xiao may still have some psychological obstacles. He can’t finish killing people for reasons.
"That’s my second brother’s mother family sent him to be the manager. Although he was a god, he was the most treacherous to kill him, that is, he broke my second brother’s arm." Mi Yichen said slowly, "He is now with my second brother, azure mountain. Are you sure you want azure mountain to kill him?"
"Azure mountain?" Lin Yao touched the bar. Suddenly, he pointed to a jade that was dancing wildly in the hall and turned into a beautiful fairy. "Ask her to stay with me for one night tonight and you will die!"
Mi Yi Chen Da Le Cang Peng Wang Dale and a group of people raised their glasses and cheered and drank.


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