And its brain …

Also has a certain intelligence.
In all kinds of movies and TV shows, Ershimin likes to turn all kinds of other creatures into Ershimin, that is, to make other creatures with different limbs stand up and then let them … especially, the limbs grow into five-finger structures similar to Ershimin.
This makes them more in line with the aesthetics of Ershi people and convenient for these animals. It is quite normal for them to make props for Ershi people in various films, videos and animations.
Although it is common in movies and TV shows, this creature has never appeared in reality, even if it evolved there.
But I didn’t expect this creature to appear here.
After further careful examination, Lin found that … this rabbit is not a whole creature.
It is a’ synthetic’ creature.
The nuclei of its hands, brain and all parts of its body are … different.
Simply put, all parts of its body can be regarded as different organisms, and it … doesn’t grow from a single cell into a whole body like ordinary organisms.
Instead, many different cells grow into organs such as hands, feet, bones and brains, and then these parts are combined to form organisms.
All parts of it live together like symbiotic organisms. Although it looks’ stitched’, it is not a whole organism. If we want to give a name, this kind of organism may be called’ multiple symbionts’.
….. Lin think this is also the composition of the former synthetic organ.
Because some tests have been done before, the synthetic organ should have this function. It may be that different parts of the rabbit have been cultivated somewhere and integrated when these parts grow up.
The complex way of organs creates this kind of … Anime creature estimation is also to match some imagination.
Besides this rabbit, there are many similar synthetic creatures here, and Bilu also met one.
The ….. Still want to find than dew.
Put the rabbit back on the ground and watch it protest against the sound spy and continue to jump in the direction of Bilu.
As the spy jumps, you can see that there are many creatures moving in the maze. Everyone who sees the spy will shout there, don’t jump over.
They are all small animals, and most of them can’t stand and move, but in this … special place, they can stand and walk, wear clothes and have five fingers and speak the Kirsch language.
"You can’t jump any more!"
And another one came out and blocked the spy.
This creature is a little’ normal’ than others because it is also a primate and a species called’ golden monkey’.
It’s on the wall opposite the spy, shouting, "Hurry back to the entrance and take this maze well, or else …"
"Otherwise?" The spy asked
"Or I’ll send you back!"
As he spoke, he jumped at the spy. He did this. Don’t wander around. The small animals in the maze are also coming this way
It seems that they are going to attack each other physically, but they are not going to kill the spy. They want to catch the spy and put it outside.
The spy didn’t attack them, but … easily hid them and attacked and continued to jump into the depths of the maze.
"No-!" The golden monkey kept jumping after the spy. "If you cheat to the end, you will die here!"


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