"It’s impossible without the moon. There are my relatives, my friends and even my mentors in human beings. I can’t watch human beings fall. That’s what human beings can’t do." Wang Ming insisted.

"But you just said that you can’t guarantee that mankind won’t retaliate against us, so once mankind grows up in a few years, don’t you also say that there will be a war of legal redemption?" Yue Hua nai Dao
"But I am the law to ensure that human beings will not retaliate against all races, but what I can do now is to let human beings integrate with those friendly races as much as possible, so that they can understand your culture and your difficulties as I do, and maybe they can smooth out scars, contacts and discrimination. I believe that if we are honest with each other, then we will eventually live in peace," Wang Ming said lightly.
"oh! All right! I hope you are right. I don’t want to fight human beings in my lifetime. "Yuet Hua nodded his head.
"All right, let’s go to rest. Let’s start from Danyang City." Because the topic suddenly changed to Wang Mingnai, where the atmosphere in the human camp was very depressed, so that everyone could disperse.
The next morning, after breakfast, all Wang Mingshou were ready to go. Because the animal control city had a good rest, Wang Mingshou’s army did not feel tired. Although he encountered a six-magic attack halfway, he did not hurt his bones. It was easier for them to March all the way.
In this relaxed atmosphere, Wang Ming and them marched all the way to Danyang City in a hurry for most of the day. At this moment, the gates of Danyang City are closed and the walls are full of patrol soldiers. When Wang Ming and them first came, the scene of the lively businessmen was completely different.
When the city wall soldiers saw Wang Ming’s army, they immediately rang the bronze bell and gave an alarm to the city. Danyang City also immediately moved to defend against Wang Ming’s attack.
Chapter five hundred and thirty Last resort
"Grand Commander, what are we going to do now? A horse has gathered outside Danyang City, and the Six Demons in the Night have not come back. Presumably, they can’t come back, and since the other party can pull out nails from all over our place, it’s not surprising that we are fighting them now or staying in the green hills without sorrow and firewood?" At this time, in the secret hall behind the Duke’s mansion, a thin man dressed in blue was sitting in the middle chair of the hall, and next to him was a white man and three men who looked exactly the same. This should be the last elite of the family, and the question was a white man, the first one. This man looks very handsome and looks very handsome. Looking at his appearance, everyone will think that he is a decent man, giving people a very light feeling.
Although these people with family names are not always Danyang City, Danyang City is now the only city they can contact with higher races. Once they give up here, it means that they can no longer control this area again, which means that their years of hard work will be wasted.
But it will be very troublesome if you don’t leave. After all, there are not many people here, although there are some top-level combat forces, but the strength is still not enough. Although they think that this team that is besieging them now may not be able to do anything to them, if they don’t withdraw now, they will not be able to leave if they wait for other people to destroy all the higher races and then come to support this team.
"No, we can’t leave now. It’s not time to give up. Have you forgotten that we still have a trump card?" Sitting in the hall, the man in blue, of course, knows that the man in white asked him what he wanted. The man in blue shook his head firmly and then cold way
"What? Grand marshal, you mean the living dead? " This for a while to talk is cold’s three brothers a cold blood, he is really surprised at the grand marshal can ring the cause blurted out.
"Well, yes, it is the living dead!" Sit in the hall grand marshal nodded his head a way
"But but we study the living dead is not to say that there is no success? Can you do it now? Can we command them? " Cold blood continued to ask, although he knew the plan for a long time, he didn’t participate too much. He knew that the research had not been successful, and he was worried that it would be too hasty to release it at this time.
"Well, it’s true that we didn’t succeed completely, but that doesn’t prevent us from responding to their present situation. It doesn’t matter whether we can control them or not. What’s important is that they can bring huge casualties to each other." The Grand Commander said coldly.
"But the grand marshal, even if we hold Anyang city, then his higher race has been destroyed. We won’t draw water from a bamboo basket in the end! In this case, we will stay here and fight with them! " The white man and jack way
"Ha ha angel that you don’t know! When the four groups of joint forces opposite them attacked, I asked someone to give the research method of the living dead to the higher races, and I also gave them some samples. I’m afraid that if we lose this weapon, it will be the last weapon to fight back. Now it seems that my concern is not wrong. Those higher races have those living dead, I’m afraid even their joint forces can’t do anything about them? " Family name grand marshal smiled, and this smile contained biting weird proud way
"oh! If so, then it’s true that we can fight with each other, and we still have a chance to defeat the tribe. "The angel nodded at once, and others in the hall nodded silently. Although they all know how dangerous and vicious this study of the living dead is, it’s time for the family to be born and die, and they will definitely do whatever it takes to defeat each other.
"Well, when are we going to start work? Why don’t we three brothers take the lead and take the living dead in our hands to kill those guys outside at one stroke?" Frost suddenly said at this time.
"Yes! Yes! We take the initiative to beat them all. "Cold’s other two brothers also chimed in. Recently, something happened to the surname family, and the three brothers have long been unable to hold back. Now that there is a chance to fight back, the three men immediately volunteered.
"No, don’t worry, let’s take a look at the opposite situation and see what level their leader is. At the same time, we can delay and wait for the news of those higher races. If they take the lead, you can surprise them head-on. Otherwise, we can talk to them first." The grand marshal shook his head.
The family commander naturally has his own ideas. Now they may have a chance to defeat the opposite side, but at the same time, their strength will be damaged. After all, they can attack the elite of the opposite joint race. If they can wait until his higher race comes here with the living dead or his hands to support them, they can save a lot of strength to take the gang in front of them and then have the spare capacity to shock the higher race.
"oh! All right, then! " Since the grand marshal said that it is not good for the three cold brothers to say anything, he can nod his head a way
"Angel, your image is the most positive and gives people an honest and trustworthy impression. I will leave the negotiation of this tower to you. If you can stop them for a while, you can stop them for a while." The Grand Marshal ordered the handsome white man around you.
"Yes!" The man in white bent down to lead his life, and then Shi Shiran walked out of the dark hall and went straight to the tower. The duke of Danyang City always controlled a puppet house by the surname family. At this time, he could also listen to their decision to resist the surname family.
"Master Wang Ming, let’s wait around here and wait for his troops to bring the higher race to support before we start work, or let’s get Danyang City first." It’s been a day since Wang Ming’s big troops arrived outside Danyang City, and the team has been revised almost. Yi Chi Monto will ask.
"Hehe, it’s not about us, but about each other. Sometimes we have to learn to observe before we can be invincible." Wang Ming smiled slightly.
"ah? Look at each other? What do you think? Will the other party surrender? Impossible!!!! How do you say that the surname family has been lurking for so many years and intends to dominate this continent? How can it fail and surrender? " Ike Monto immediately shook his head when he heard Wang Ming say so.
But it wasn’t long before his words were finished that a messenger rushed in outside Wang Ming’s camp, saying, "I’m told that the overseer Danyang Tower is now hung up and leitian says it wants to surrender to us, and one of them says it wants to talk to our boss. Look at this …"
The soldier hurried to this juncture as if to hit Ike Monto in the face. As soon as he finished his speech, Ike Monto was stunned, then his face turned red and he didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, all the girls were covering their mouths and laughing, and Xiang Ji laughed without caring about Ike Monto’s face.
But Wang Ming didn’t laugh when he heard the news, but frowned and repeatedly asked, "You mean they are going to surrender and someone wants to talk to me."
"It’s the overseers who listen to their propaganda, which seems to want to talk about the surrender conditions." The soldier quickly repeated the side way again
"Well, Ichimento has mobilized everyone to prepare for the siege, so let everyone cheer up and never relax!" After hearing the soldier retelling Wang Ming, he immediately ordered
Just now, his face was still red. Ikemont suddenly heard Wang Ming’s order, and his face was embarrassed and changed to surprise. In this short time, it was just like changing face. Outsiders looked very funny.
"Master wang Ming what? Isn’t the other side going to surrender? Then let’s just accept this city fair and square. Why do we have to fight? " Ike Monto was really confused by Wang Ming and asked.
"Didn’t I just tell you whether to fight or not depends on the other party’s reaction? Now the other party’s reaction is already very white, so we should get ready to start work." Wang Ming said lightly.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Master Wang Ming, you just didn’t listen to me wrong, did you? The other party said it was surrender, saying that when you went out to discuss it, why did you have to do it? " Ezekiel Monto hurriedly confirmed with Wang Ming again.
"Well, I didn’t hear wrong. They said it was leitian surrender and wanted to talk about the conditions. But the only reason why they delayed was that they didn’t want to lose people to deal with us and wait for higher races to destroy us together.
Since they can do this, it proves that they must have a trump card or have not used it yet. We will not only fight them at once, but also send someone to warn his team that they may have any means of counterattack, "Wang Ming immediately explained.
"What? Can’t they really surrender? " Yichimengtuo still asked in vain.
"You! They have been with me for so long and haven’t entered the country yet, but their family name is family. Anyway, there is always some pride in quitting Danyang City or fighting with us. But now they have sent a man who is not the Lord of Danyang to discuss surrender with me, so they said they didn’t escape or plan to fight with us. When they want to delay, "Wang Mingnai shook his head.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-one Strange negotiations
"oh! Master Wang Ming, what you said really makes sense. Shall we do it now? " Ezekiel Monto finally got white and then asked
"No, let’s go out and have a look. Besides, Ike Monto, you should find someone to inform the other four groups to be careful. You should arrange everyone to prepare for the battle." Wang Ming shook his head gently and then ordered.
After Wang Ming commanded, he took the people to the gate of Danyang City. As the soldier said, the gate of Danyang City fluttered in the wind, and then a well-proportioned and handsome man stood in the wind. It seems that this person is so light. At this moment, the white flag of Chengtou is even more radiant.
When the white man saw Wang Ming and a group of people coming to the city gate, his eyes and pupils closed and locked Wang Ming’s position. Then he immediately took the lead and said, "Is this cabinet in front of you the head of your army?"
"It’s the guy who feeds you. Now that Danyang City has surrendered, why are you still here in Rory? Why don’t you just beat the gate and let the old man in? Why are you still putting these positions here to scare the old man?" Wang Ming didn’t chat with his opponent and drizzle as usual, but said in a very rude tone that this way of speaking is not Wang Ming’s style, and it is simply a savage race leader.
Wang Ming’s bite is not only the white man on the tower, but even the people around Wang Ming are all leng. The white man was ready to make Wang Ming wonder what to say.
"uh-huh! Pavilion Our surrender in Danyang City is surrender, but our surrender is also conditional. If we can’t promise our conditions, then we will never surrender. "The white man Nai can continue to insist.
"oh! I see! You are conditional to surrender "Wang Ming nodded and pretended to be white.


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