To say that Owl is naturally much stronger than her in the wild.

The branch covered by the mouth of the cave was cut off by his saber, and the one-meter square mouth was completely exposed.
Leaning at the mouth of the cave, his fingertips were extinguished by fireworks, and his eyes were staring at the darkness outside. No one knew what he was thinking.
The wait was extraordinarily long, as if it had been a century-
There’s a boat on the sea, and the light is breaking through the fog!
Stretching his eyebrows, he returned to the cave vigorously, tied the wood in the bonfire into a thick bundle, let the fire burn to the maximum, and then paid the branches out of the hole.
The fire is particularly conspicuous in the dark.
With fire, there is a goal.
If you have a goal, you will be saved.
When the sky turned white, when Baoqi was finally carried by him from the wall-cutting ladder, it felt like a lifetime ago to breathe the morning air.
Scorpio base lights up.
The clothes were broken, and she was tightly wrapped in a man’s military uniform coat and walked into the base gate with his arms.
A beam of cold mountain came to her, and she keenly smelled the heavy atmosphere.
See two rows of straight line before the cold master is looking at her eyes biting cold gouge out the heart-
Today is over! Ah, ah!
In yesterday’s chapter, many girls said that Mao didn’t take drugs! In fact, it is extremely unscientific to suck snake venom in your mouth. The TV play is misleading! Uncle, the way is right! Ha ha!
☆, 31 meters slag bird! ! !
"What happened to the second child?"
When the line of sight moves to Leng Xiao’s face, Master Leng’s eyes brighten up his fatherly glory.
"Call a doctor!"
Holding the treasure and purity, striding in, Lengxiao cleverly avoided Dad’s question.
The folding of the deep as cold Boda eyes flashing didn’t say anything.
And Bao Qi came from his cold eyes and knew that it was her head again.
How bad is she?
After staying in Scorpio Island for three hours, Baoqi was sent back to Kyoto. In fact, the snake bite wound was very small and the venom was squeezed out without inflammation. She didn’t need to be hospitalized at all.
But at Lengxiao’s insistence, she went to the hospital again!
The hospital is really fate!
Of course, Bao Qi’s return to Kyoto was not warmly welcomed by the people in the capital, but she was scolded by Bao Xiangyu for two hours. If she hadn’t been persuaded by you Nianxi, she would have been beaten.
However, she was scolded by her mother and was inexplicably suspected of killing someone. She was abnormal, not only without the slightest fear or sadness, but also felt as happy as finding a treasure.
So he or she has done so much? It turns out that he has been protecting her …
Well, this news has made all the sad reminders a cloud!
A person was lying on the pillow, and she happily hung up a message to Yao Wang, a troubled brother.
"Hey, Yao Beauty, those rabbit nests haven’t been difficult for you, have they? ….. Don’t blame me for being disloyal. It’s really unlucky. I sprained my ankle and got bitten by a snake and got into a lawsuit … "
"Sister Bao, are you all right?" Yao Wang’s first heart is her.
"Nonsense! Beauty, you should resist first, and then come back to the Jianghu to kill one of them after I have recovered my injury-"When I came here, I glanced at the door and came in tall and straight, and she quickly covered her microphone." Come on, here comes the scum bird! "
"Who is the slag bird?"
"Don’t tell you! Bye-"happily put away the phone. She knows that’ slag’ is antonym.
Cleared her throat. Her smirked eyes fell on the man’s cold face.
Of course, I didn’t ignore a lot of food in his hand.
"Uncle, just come and bring so many things … how embarrassed?"


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