"Here is our decisive battle to do or die! Either you die or you die today! " When the blood fog was thinking about what to do, the elder moved again. It grabbed a tiny crystallized bone and put it in its mouth, then aimed at the blood fog …

This tiny bone shot rapidly and instantly hit the blood fog on the shoulder. The blood fog suddenly felt a pain where it was hit. I reached out and touched the blood fog and found a trace of blood oozing there.
"How can it know this skill?" The blood fog immediately looked in the direction of the elders and saw them eating a small crystal in their mouth. When the blood fog saw him, he immediately picked up a leg bone and rushed to the elders. The elders immediately retreated and hid from the blood fog attack.
"Surprised? Feel pain? Yes, I am afraid. I am … the end of you! " The elders ran this place quickly, making the terrain here avoid the blood fog and spitting out pieces of high-speed crystallization on the blood fog at the same time.
These crystals are not very powerful, but they can still make the blood fog feel very painful, and the blood fog keeps trying to get close to the elder, but it gives full play to its small size …
Bang-!’ A skull was smashed by blood fog, and the elder ran out of it one second ago, releasing a lot of stench at the same time.
Cough …’ When the blood fog coughed, the elder suddenly turned and shot several tiny crystals at its face.
"Ga!" The blood fog made a painful sound, and the elders immediately pursued it. It rushed at the blood fog, and all its legs jumped high at the same time, making its forelegs aim at the throat of the blood fog.
But the blood fog suddenly raised his fist at this time, and before the elder stabbed it in the throat, the blood fog fist slammed the back armor of the elder.
"ooh!" The heavy blow made the elder let out a strange cry and fell to the ground. As soon as the elder got up, he quickly retreated back. He went to a place more than meters away from the blood fog ten and stared at the blood fog tightly.
And blood fog also picked up a leg bone next to tightly staring at the elders.
I can’t see that this thing is quite powerful and so small … The blood fog is ready to move while thinking about it.
When the elder saw it, he immediately put on a posture and said, "It’s a Gaga stupid dragon that can still die for so long, but your life will end soon!"
"…" Blood fog didn’t answer it and didn’t make any move.
Found mocking effect elders cried even more "hey, did you hear that? Are your hearing organs blocked by excrement? Ga two to show their momentum! Otherwise, you will look stupid and weak, you know? "
Although the elder shouted loudly, the blood fog was there watching, and the elder didn’t move except shouting. The two sides continued to confront each other
But they seem to ignore a problem, that is, the carnivores seem to have disappeared here.
Before the war, their carnivores escaped for some reason, and the blood fog was so fierce that they forgot about it. Now it is quiet that it notices this. "… where are those insects?"
"What worm? I said, you stupid dragon, I crush you like an ordinary scorpion … What is this? "
The elders and the blood fog suddenly issued a "Kara" on the ground, and then something slowly emerged from the ground.
"A monster came out! Kill it! Eat it! Kill the green dragon! " The elder immediately shouted a few times and retreated behind a skull to hide himself.
Blood fog wanted to retreat, but it soon found that it was not a monster but a … crystal that emerged from the ground.
This crystal … is very similar to the findings of the first three young dragons. It is simply an egg, but this egg has many cracks, and through these cracks, you can see that it is made of crystals.
At the beginning, the elder said that this thing was a crystallized ordinary egg, but now the blood fog thinks that … it may not be that simple. The most important thing is … why will it come out of the ground?
"It’s not a monster?" The elder also climbed out at this time and shouted at the blood fog, "In that case, continue to fight a duel. I can guarantee that you will not live for three seconds this time! If you dare to live for three seconds, I will let you live for six seconds! "
"I let you … live for a second!" The blood fog suddenly rushed away. It threw the leg bone in its hand like a boomerang at the elders and flew out at a high speed, but there was a little flaw in the flight.
It slightly hit the blood fog and the elder’s egg that came out of the ground.
Bang-the moment I was hit by a leg bone, the blood fog felt a strong light illuminating the whole cave, as if there was a flash blooming here.
But there was no roar … With this light, the consciousness of blood fog slowly dissipated …
"Here … what’s going on?" When the blood fog regained consciousness again, it found itself still in this cave full of skeletons.
But it can’t move, both its hands, feet and tail seem to be frozen by a powerful force, and it can’t move at all


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