Tianjige gave this name to Junze Jade.

The meaning of this can be imagined!
Since then, Jun Ze Yu Shen Tianxin has enjoyed the same fame.
It is known to the world that the heavenly heart counts as a man.
After the comments were announced, everyone recognized that the imperial alliance, the royal family of Shenjia Tiandong, and the secret of nine planets would perform a grand event of heavenly heart, heavenly heart, female mind, male mind and double head. However, everyone was looking forward to it, but it was slowly becoming silent.
There was silence for some years until people gradually forgot these two names
In fact, no one knows that at that time, the twelve stars in the East were the royal family of Shenyang, and this young girl decided on this marriage.
The world is so wonderful.
They didn’t regard each other as fateful enemies, but became double-cultivation lovers who would accompany and support each other.
Strictly speaking, this fingered marriage is young marriage.
According to the understanding of heavenly mind calculation and human calculation, there is no need to compete for high strength, and worse, they prefer to see what unpredictable power effect these two algorithms will produce when they are combined.
They also want to know whether the future century will bring about a real mystery in this world.
Comparable to the old man’s secret!
This will definitely be more interesting.
There is something special about Shen Tianxin’s college student ornaments.
It’s not that the students in the black school with the logo of dust Taoist temple are special, but that they are unique and special from herself.
The decoration of the students in the Black Academy was slightly changed by her ingenuity and changed into a black robe.
Her long black hair was gently rolled up by an Aoki hair pin, and her delicate face looked like she didn’t eat people’s fireworks without any makeup.
She’s like a young Taoist who has no desire for happiness in Taoist temple, and her hands are just like a lack of good pixels.
They walked side by side in the snow.
As a heavenly heart, people have come together, even if they are gossiping, naturally it won’t be Luo Changfeng and Cher’s homeliness, Li Xing Yunhe and Linger’s being immersed in love, and it won’t be a topic like Jiang Manzou and Yu Zhongtang who can chase each other for a longer life.
Although Tiandong and Dayan Empire were in a tit-for-tat calm for several months, was the real truth of shattered glass’s death in Luoling as Tiandong said, or was it as Dayan Empire said? Although it seemed to be covered up by the heavy snow, these were just a brief calm before the storm in the eyes of those really big people.
Jun Zeyu and Shen Tianxin are not big shots, but they have minds that are not lost to big shots.
"What does Tiandong think?" Shen Tianxin asked
"You are famous for mental arithmetic every day. Do you have any puzzles?" Junze jade laughed
"As a heavenly heart, if it comes to people’s hearts, I am naturally not as good as you." Shen Tianxin said.
Chapter 31 Where the sun doesn’t shine is called the underworld
Shen Tianxin is not modest.
She said it was true.
If it comes to guessing that ordinary people can’t see through people’s hearts, she is really not as good as Junze Jade.
This is also the reason why many years ago, the whole day was eager to see Tianxin as a higher international party, but the two of them did not have to fight for the meaning of which is stronger or weaker.
Even though they are all easy-word doorways, there are many different schools.
Tianxin is a person, but it’s different and comparable.
"I really don’t know if the teacher thinks so. You know that my foundation has been disconnected since I came to the hospital. Sometimes I really am a student studying in the hospital," Jun Zeyu said
"Aren’t you a college student now?"
The heavier the snow.
There are few pedestrians walking through the criss-crossing streets in Pu City.
Head on, there was a vendor pushing a cart full of straw and straw ropes, which concealed some porcelain on which life was based.
Perhaps some slippery vendors in the snowy world were in a hurry and accidentally overturned the car. All kinds of porcelain were scattered all over the place. The snow was as deep as a thumb and did not cause great losses.
The car turned over Shen Tianxin and passed by.
Shen Tianxin squatted down and picked up the porcelain bowl from the snow and handed it to the vendor. The man nodded his thanks.
Shen Tianxin took the umbrella from Junze Jade and said
"Nature is a college student," Jun Zeyu said with a smile when she realized that there were some problems in her way of saying things.
"The hospital is not completely closed, and it is not stated in the hospital regulations that all students who enter the hospital must cut off the past, and there is always a way to connect the bonfire, geese, bluebirds, fish, fast horses and flying pigeons." Shen Tianxin said
"It’s the official imperial trust, flying pigeons and flying horses. Ordinary people are most common in the practitioners’ trust, and I seem to have read the jade bird letter once." Jun Zeyu said with her eyes staring at the straight and silvery white streets.
"I’m curious about which time," said Shen Tianxin.
"Cher city was assassinated that time" Jun Zeyu did not intend to hide from Shen Tianxin.
Shen Tianxin knew about the assassination, and it happened at the party in Tianxiangge yesterday.
"What clues did you see?" Shen Tianxin was slightly surprised.
"There is something really wrong," Jun Zeyu said, remembering the situation that day.
"What’s wrong?" Shen Tianxin asked
"I seem to know those killers or those who die," Jun Zeyu said.


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