Being illuminated by them in a colorful environment will be’ distorted’ just like bubbles rising on the water surface … protruding colored spherical objects.

Then these colored spheres and thousands of missiles flew towards the ancient warships.
But at this moment, Lin also noticed that two geniuses of the ancient warship met.
One genius attacked another with a blade-like weapon, while the other quickly retreated and dodged the attack, throwing a ball at the same time. The attacker took the blade and fell suddenly and was attracted by the ball.
So Lin also saw the ancient warships make the same move.
It quickly receded and at the same time a … small ball was ejected from its head.
This ball has a diameter of more than 30 meters, which is very small compared with the ancient warship body, but it has launched a strong suction.
Lynn found that all missiles and those colored objects were attracted to the ball … and then they collided and exploded.
None of them can directly blow up the ancient warships.
However, a death warship rushed out in the glory of the tumbling explosion.
The shape of this death warship is very similar to that of Lin’s, that is, it is shaped like a blade, and its sharp part directly pierces the ancient warship.
Lin can feel a very violent vibration. Because of death, the warship pierced directly from the’ head’ of the ancient warship and most of her body was deeply plunged into the ancient warship department.
It instantly destroyed a large number of rooms and passages inside, but it did not hurt those genius fighting areas.
"Boom-"Then Lin saw the death warship thrust in and shook it violently to try to pull it out.
But it didn’t do it because Lin found out … The part that it pierced broke section by section.
It seems that all the structures in the ancient warship department put great pressure on it at the moment when it stabbed in, which made it stab inside and caused several cracks in the whole body.
Finally, the death warship broke and stabbed into the ancient warship department, and a large number of solidified creatures and other crew members scattered from the broken hull. Lin saw them scattered everywhere in horror.
Death battleship body also left the outside didn’t stab in that section.
And this section is also the disappearance of fly ash from a beam of ancient warships.
However, these warships did not give up attacking the original one, and there were four warships left, and they also flew out of the explosion.
Lin found that their bodies were somewhat damaged, which seemed to be caused by the explosion, but they still crashed into the ancient warship without hesitation.
Ancient warships … Also literally crashed into them.
The small side in the process of collision between the two sides … that is, these death warships were knocked out.
It looks very normal, but as a result, they are all much smaller than ancient warships.
But they didn’t suffer much damage when they were hit by flying … Instead, they disintegrated the beam and left traces on the shell of the ancient warship.
But the ancient warships also emitted a beam of light to them.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and thirty-seven Similar?
"Maybe we can see it soon."
"See what?"
"It will bring everything back to life. It will make everything … gain wisdom again! Our kind will appear! "
The stars are a mass of colorful mud, looking at the sky and twinkling stars.
They’re waiting … all the time.
But their wait seems to be over soon.
They don’t think so much about the ball in the colored mud, and the pillar god has been saying some strange words and the same things.
Maybe they know that there is a’ similar’ in the distance.
The battleship battle … continues.
Lin is also the first time to see what effect two disintegrating beams will have when they collide.
Actually, it’s not two beams, but … many beams.
Because at the same time, four death warships fired beams at the ancient warships, and the ancient warships also fired the same number of beams.
When they collided, they didn’t see any special effect from the appearance. They were two dark’ lights’ … just colliding together.
But something happened in the battleship department.
"Ah …" "This feeling is …" "What a pain …"
Lynn found that the ten geniuses in the battleship were now prone to pain and discomfort, and they showed their body.
And there are a lot of cracks in the channel walls around them, and even a lot of … liquid appears in the cracks like bleeding.


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