But Momo’s ghost, the body, the cold hand temperature transferred to me.

It’s like a momentary touch. I quickly let go. Momo laughed coldly
Because Momo chose this body, it may have died too long, or it was put aside for too long in Taiping Li. Whether it is sneer or heart smile is that kind of hehe expression.
After my hand came back, I scratched the back of my head and then turned around and looked at the rotten ghost of Chen Shiqi.
How I wish the ghost of Chen Shiqi wouldn’t be so painful. After all, he just saved me.
I reached out and just wanted to touch the ghost of Chen Shiqi.
Aside Momo suddenly shouted a don’t touch him!
Hearing this sudden, I quickly drew my hand back!
I took one look at my hand and just shouted Momo at me! However, I only took one look at that body because Momo possessed it, which was really unbearable.
Momo walked up to Shi-qi Chen, took one look, and then said, Go away and don’t hurt Zhou Bin.
I was stunned when I heard this!
What do I mean when I say to Momo? Instead of hurting me, he saved me.
Momo turned to look at me and said that he was cursed by me. If you touch this curse, your body will rot and even your bones will fall off by these worms.
When I heard this, my heart was suddenly shocked. I took a step behind me for fear! I asked Momo how to save him.
Momo said to make the curse disappear …
I was stunned when I heard this! Because I feel that this sentence of Momo is nonsense.
Of course, breaking the curse will make the curse disappear!
At this time, Momo shouted at the ghost of Shi-qi Chen around me and said, Come with me …
Say that finish this shi-qi Chen ghost ordered a head …
After Momo goes ahead, the ghost of Chen Shiqi goes behind! They divorced …
Just then, the ghost of Shi-qi Chen turned to me and said, Zhou Bin, don’t forget you promised me …
I ordered a …
Shi-qi Chen disappeared and turned out to be dead.
This reminds me of what the monitor told me!
I also remembered the day when Chen Shiqi took his convertible with two younger sisters …
Are those two sisters the ones who killed Chen Shiqi?
I gasped at the thought of this!
When everything calmed down, I collapsed … I took out my pocket and found there were no cigarettes in it.
At this time, I picked up the ground phone from the ground and I don’t know when I left it!
The screen of the mobile phone was on, but I didn’t pay attention to it, but put it directly in my pocket.
Then I got up from the ground! Originally intended to go to the duty room, but now it’s such a mess … Think about it or forget it!
I’m really afraid of scaring my senior in Chen Xi!
After getting up from the ground, I turned and walked towards the ward …
I just walked to my ward and lay in my bed. My mobile phone suddenly rang qq again!
My heart is in my throat again!
I was uneasy when I saw the message in the chat box.
The message is that the ghost sent me and wrote me outside your door.
Chapter 45 Female the Ghost in Red
My first reaction when I saw this message was to look at the door.
I took a closer look at the door and found nothing.
It seems that the heart was calm and restless in the chest.
Where? Where on earth? I looked around, but I just didn’t find the ghost.
At this time, my eyes fell off the bed and the screen phone was on. I reached out and reached for the phone that put the bed!
When I touched that mobile phone, the qq tone of the mobile phone sounded again!
The image of a needle suddenly stuck in my heart, and I was scared and trembled.
However, I picked up my mobile phone because I felt that I couldn’t see the ghost, which made me feel alive. I might as well ask myself where she was.
After picking up the phone, I stared at the qq chat box on the screen of the phone, and I saw the female ghost send me a voice.
But I didn’t have that courage to click that voice.
Yes, I didn’t listen to that speech, but I shook my hands and pressed the words’ where are you?’
Sometimes the unknown terror is the most frightening!
After clicking send, I suddenly got a cold shiver! Then let the phone still go to bed.
Of course, I paid attention to the surroundings because I could feel the ghost around me!
I was scared when the screen of my mobile phone suddenly lit up!
I picked up my mobile phone again. When I put the screen in front of my eyes, my heart thumped! I quickly left my mobile phone on the bed, then moved towards the bed and almost rolled to the ground.
That ghost is hidden in my mobile phone screen! Just now, when I looked at the screen of my mobile phone, the screen suddenly flashed, and then a face appeared on the screen!
That grimace is not static, but the mobile phone screen is moving!
I took a look at the screen of the mobile phone, but the face on the screen of the mobile phone has disappeared.
At this time, the qq sound of the mobile phone rang again!
I carefully took the phone and it said-see you later.
The next day, I decided to leave this ghost hospital.
I’ll pack up in the morning! I just finished packing, and a nurse told me that you can’t leave the hospital yet. My wound is very susceptible to infection!
I looked at the nurse, but I ignored her.
My backpack walked towards the door of the ward.
Actually, I thought to myself, I’ve fucking had enough. I don’t want to stay here for a fucking minute … I guess I’ll get mental illness or depression if I stay in this hospital for a long time! Chen Xi senior came in at this time!
After seeing senior Chen Xi, I looked at her and said to her, I just didn’t go to say goodbye to you. I was discharged today.
After saying this, I leaned over and wanted to walk from the left side of senior Chen Xi.
Senior Chen Xi grabbed my arm and shouted at me and said, Hey, Zhou Bin, put your things away quickly and don’t be disobedient!
I smiled at Senior Chen Xi when she said this! I said no, I can’t listen to you this time. I’m leaving the hospital and getting the hell out of here.


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