A number of householders have patted their chests and said no problem when they heard three generations say so.

"In the end, I want Konoha’s child to have all your families responsible for practicing and consuming materials at the same time, and your family will share it equally. I don’t think your family will even have its own resources for practicing?"
Chapter XI Guiding Practice
Those discussions show that our hero Shu Mao doesn’t know, but soon he will know or guess.
And Shu Mao is sitting on the bed and meditating with Naruto as usual.
At 5 o’clock the next morning, everyone gathered at the bottom of Shumao’s building. A group of six people saw their friends coming and talked about what their parents had told them.
"Let’s not say that we will say it together when Shu Mao comes." It is careless to make a decision. He is afraid of trouble himself.
It’s almost five o’clock, and a group of people are a little impatient, and Ding Di finds that Lumaru hasn’t come yet, when three people come from a distance, and everyone looks intently at them waiting for those three people, Lumaru Naruto Shumao.
"Hey, you are all here! By the way, this is for Akamaru’s tooth. You tie it. "
Tooth took it and saw that it was a 1KG load and tied it directly to Akamaru without speaking.
"You learn to warm up with Naruto first, and I’ll tell you a few points first." Say that finish and signal Naruto to continue.
"I believe your parents have informed you that a Shumao class will be set up today, and you are the object of my post-education, which means that you are all in my charge. In addition, after Lumaru told me just now, your practice has been shared by your family, including Naruto and me, so that we can be more involved in the practice. This is very good. Honestly, it has helped me a lot, such as accidentally getting injured in training, so that Lumaru’s medicinal materials can help you recover well. Again, I emphasize that you should never learn Ninjutsu privately without my nod. This is a very important thing to remember for me
"All right, let’s stop. Let’s do morning exercises today."
Say that finish before a few friends left immediately took the lead in running, Naruto immediately followed the third one to Lumaru, and then followed them one by one. Even Ding Di, who hates running the most, followed a few little girls who couldn’t help it.
"Naruto, you lead me to the back and have a look. Just run two laps according to the route we just took."
"Do you three want to unload some burdens?"
"No, we can do it." KINOMOTO SAKURA doesn’t know what’s going on. Shumao found that some changes have taken place in KINOMOTO SAKURA and he doesn’t know what’s going on.
"That’s fine. Today is a slow 2 laps. I believe that your physical strength is also good. You are all at home, so come on."
Although it’s a long way, it’s not a big deal for this group of people who are all beginners of ninja. I gritted my teeth and insisted on seeing three girls coming. Others didn’t say anything. What’s more, Shu Mao tied a load on Akamaru and didn’t let Akamaru’s poor little dog drool, but his teeth looked forward to running two laps with everyone.
"You have a special person in charge of the next three meals, and I will tell them what to buy for you. Even if there is nothing good for breakfast today, Naruto and I will make it. There is soybean milk over there, and then there is a bottle of milk for everyone. Of course, you can also have dinner this morning if you want to drink more-after eating a large bowl of egg yolk porridge, go to the pot and put salted duck eggs and some small pickles on the other table. You can eat some if you dislike porridge."
"Finally, I want to say that I hate the unsanitary wave food store. You can eat as much as you want, and when you finish eating, you should pack up your bowls and chopsticks department and put it in the cupboard. The last one to finish eating is responsible for cleaning the table and cleaning the kitchen. Of course, you can’t just eat and leave without listening to me, so you won’t want to enter this kitchen."
"Now it’s time to arrange for everyone to prepare for skipping rope, a fishing rod, a high stake in your own calf, and get ready. In addition, get to the classroom on time and get ready after eating!"
After all, the last person to eat is punished to clean the kitchen. These young masters and ladies never do these jobs at home, but it is very kind to go to Shumao and eat these hard dishes and chopsticks. Cleaning the kitchen? No one can imagine that one by one is desperate to eat well. Today, breakfast is liquid and it is very convenient to eat. After a while, one by one leaves, and finally Miss Ueda is left.
"Yes … I’m sorry I’m the last one. I’ll clean the kitchen after eating."
"You haven’t done these jobs? Naruto? Wait for you to clean up with Chuda. "Hey, hey, am I helping Naruto to seek benefits?
"good brother"
After a while, people arrived at the new class one after another.
"It’s good that everyone arrived at Daiwa on time. Those heavy loads are that you are already forbearing. You have to wear the same heavy load as me. It’s only 9KG. Besides, this is what I prepared for you, skipping rope and fishing rod. You didn’t prepare your own wooden dunk for you."
"Ah, I want it, too?"
"Aren’t you sent to my assistant by three generations?"
"It was three generations of adults who said I was your assistant and then listened to your command."
"That’s no problem. Just do as I say." Shumao waved at Yamato with no intention, then turned his head to the little boy and continued to preach.
"Well, I’m also a children’s school, and I know what you’re thinking. You’ve all learned the basics from teacher Iruka at home. Your only hobby in your class is to do what you want. For example, Naruto likes to stare at KINOMOTO SAKURA and KINOMOTO SAKURA likes to stare at Sasuke. Oh, I’m sorry. Sasuke is always worried. You and Ino can’t see Sasuke after I didn’t throw Sasuke to me." Shu Mao ignored the feeling of being named by him and went his own way. "Then every time he likes to eat and eat potato chips and deer. Maruko is like hitting the plane all day long. You don’t understand what it means to sleep and hit the plane. It’s also called that your teeth like to glance around and touch Akamaru. Of course, this is necessary to communicate with dogs. I never see his eyes. Even when I sleep, I don’t know that the last question is very serious. I don’t know what to be shy about. To be a queen, you have to study hard with the other two women. "
"Based on your lively classroom, I decided to take you out for skipping rope. This skipping rope is not a simple game. The specific game is like this. No matter whether you have interrupted it for 2 hours, it’s almost 7: 01, and there is no rest in the middle. The toilet speed has gone to exercise. Your proportion is now that everyone skips rope and installs a ring to run a lead ring. Oh, you have to thank your Yamato seniors. This is what he just did."
"I forgot to mention that Senior Yamato and Naruto and I are 9KG heavier than you. You have to thank him." After hearing this, a group of people stared at Yamato Takeru.
If eyes are a kind of evasion, I think Yamato died instantly. I don’t know how many times, everyone thinks so.
"After jumping the rope, the second thing is to go fishing by the river. You can eat whatever you catch at noon. I will be responsible for fishing for you. When you do, you will have stakes. Stand on the ground and put stakes on your feet so that you can fish and catch fish in this way. Then you can just learn from Naruto, which is also two hours from 9: 30 to 11: 30."
"Ok, you are the first ~" Say that finish and take them to the playground.
"The devil is definitely the devil!" KINOMOTO SAKURA Ino thought at the same time.
By the end of the afternoon training, the Xiaoqiang people were all tired, and even Yamato was sitting on the ground with a tree, and he had to cook lunch for them because of the tree.
"Brother Shumao, I want to ask you what you want to tell me to jump rope and fish?" I don’t know when he followed Naruto and called Shu Mao like this.
"Good, I knew that thinking on the first day was good, so who knows? You can help this kid solve it, or I’ll sell it and help me count the money. "
"Let me tell you something. Maybe not."
"Then tell me about it. I like your head, deer pill."
"I can see that skipping rope has several advantages. The first skipping rope involves the legs and wrists. The most direct thing is to exercise the strength of the legs and wrists; The second point is to have skills in skipping rope, and it takes only a moment to jump over your feet. This is probably the training opportunity. The third point is that you are hungry when you jump. I guess there is also a function of promoting digestion. Although we are sitting on the ground, our hands and legs are actually hanging. The first aspect is the strength of our hands and legs. At the same time, the second aspect is that our waist is super sore after our legs are released. This is also to exercise waist strength. "
"Well, that’s good. Anything else?" Shu Mao asked directly
"The amount is good? What I don’t know? "
"That Yamato has been training with you all afternoon. You should have more knowledge than Lumaru. Besides, you have been in the dark. Can you tell?"
"Sorry, I really don’t know." Yamato touched his head.
"Do you also want to know?"
"I … I probably know a little." Ueda held up his hand weakly.
"oh? Well, tell me about it. There’s no punishment if you’re right. Don’t you think it’s easier to remember the answers you summed up than if I told you directly? Young field, you should be confident. "
"I think it’s explosive power. I don’t … I don’t know if it’s right." I saw Shumao staring at her, and the young field lowered its head and then two forefingers touched it
"Haha, that’s right. It’s explosive power. Let me ask you first, is it all strength to exercise with me early?"
"Can it be said that it is a body art?"
"Then what do you say is the most important thing about body art?" Look at the new generation of trees that haven’t grown up. Go on
"Speed power? No, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to keep exercising every day, so your strength and speed will be greatly improved in body art, but are these two factors the most important in body art? No, I can tell you that it’s not explosive, but speed and strength are both explosive. Let’s just say that speed and strength are not necessarily explosive, but if they are explosive, they will certainly be able to exert their strength and speed beyond their ability. "
"You’ve all seen the spring. The tighter the spring is pressed, the more it bounces. Of course, there is a compression process, and there is a short-term maintenance process. People’s explosive power and muscle tissue have calf, leg, thigh and leg muscles, and then arm muscles have explosive power, but they can exert extraordinary explosive power, wrist and waist."
Chapter 12 One-day class ()
"This is my conclusion to you, and it is also a subject. You can collect all the information you can receive after class to prove that the explosive power of wrist and waist is directly related. If you consult ninja, then you can ask them to sign your name."
"What do you want someone to sign?" The question is Ino, and she knows that her father is very patient now.
"I want to see your connections?"


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