A few soldiers in front of them heard the sound and turned back quickly. Major Goofy raised his gun and fired a bullet. The first three were nailed there before they could end their guns! The fourth man picked up the gun, but it was half a second slower than Goofy, and it hit him in the chest! In less than a minute, the five personnel departments solved it! It’s a cheetah in the snowfield! It’s like a leopard!

Goofy woke the major up and rubbed his head with a big bag. "Goofy, you are the best soldier I have ever seen in China! It’s already so powerful before I have received the 14-week high-strength special training! If you are trained, I believe you will become the best student in this session! "
Goofy saluted and stood at attention. "Thank you for your compliment, Mr Major! Goofy is a fluke! "
“NO! NO! NO! You are too modest! You are smart and wise, and you will be an excellent special warfare commander in the future! I wish you success, Goofy! Goodbye! Go! " Left the jungle with his hands
Goofy took a breath and felt very tired. He took out dry food and water in the big tree and ate the last dry food before he left. He had to try his best to get it himself!
He just finished his last sip of water when suddenly a big hand patted him on the shoulder-he didn’t hesitate to grab this big hand and throw it back! The man made a beautiful forward flip and landed gently!
Goofy whole body alert a look at carefully suddenly relaxed vigilance "fujita how do you know one! If I hit you with a gun, you will be wronged enough! " It was Hideo Fujita!
312 Elsie trained 23 purgatory jungle
Fujita Hideo laughed. "I just solved two pursuers. I didn’t expect to meet you!" "
"So at least fourteen of them have been destroyed by us!" Goofy smiles to say
"What? You mean you solved a team? " Hideo Fujita smiled in surprise. "I almost got caught!" "
So he narrated his own experience again, and Hideo Fujita gave a thumbs-up to "Fly high! You really do this job! "
"Speak Chinese! Or ignore you! " Goofy frown Fujita Hideo hurriedly said, "I’m sorry! I forgot that you are really admirable! By the way, do you still have food? "
"No! Just finished the last meal! What’s wrong? "
Fujita Hideo took out two compressed biscuits from his backpack and handed them to Goofy. "Good brothers! Common troubles! "
"hey! This is your life’s food intake. Keep it! "
Fujita Hideo was angry to "fly high! You look down on me and have prejudice against me! "
"You misunderstood! Everyone is allotted dry food! I can’t take you! "
Fujita Hideo said, "I don’t care if I am a brother, just keep it!" We are good classmates and brothers in life and death. You can’t refuse my kindness! "
Gao Fei nai took it and said, "Fujita, you are the most loyal and kind Japanese I have ever seen! Now I have treated you as a good brother! Otherwise, we will always be good brothers when we meet on the battlefield! "
Fujita Hideo was excited to "thank you for flying high! I will always remember this sentence! Let’s go! "
Goofy nodded, and two people just wanted to go. Suddenly Goofy raised his hand and Fujita Xiufu stopped to goofy and listened to it. "There are a bunch of people coming towards us! There are about a dozen! "
"I’m so sorry! It must be the squad that tracked me! " Fujita hideo apologetic way
"hey! What are you talking about? Don’t talk like that if you are brothers! Get through this together! Go! " The two quickly ran in the other direction. As soon as they left, a group of ten leaders came. A British lieutenant stopped with a wave of his hand. His hand took a photo of where Goofy and Hideo Fujita had just stayed. "Someone has been here!" He picked up a plastic bag and threw it here after Goofy finished eating compressed biscuits!
"This footprint is new! They should be not far ahead! " He looked at the footprints and waved his hand and led the players straight to Goofy. They ran in the direction of chasing after them!
"wow! So tired! " Fujita hideo stopped and said, "Stop, stop, stop! Dude, we’ve run five kilometers at least! I guess it should be installed! Find a good place to rest! "
Goofy looked around "all right! Let’s look! See if there is a good place to hide! "
I looked around but couldn’t find a hidden place. Suddenly Hideo Fujita looked up. "What do you think of that big tree, brother?"
Goofy is really a good place when he looks down his fingers. This big tree is big enough for two people to hug each other. The trunk is very high enough for more than ten meters. The branches are spacious enough for two people to lie down and rest!
"well! It really is a good place! !” Goofy threw the rammer hook into the tree, hooked his hands to protect the climb, and soon went to the side! Fujita Hideo also arrived at the branch soon! I took the rammer hook and climbed for a while. There were just two big branches, but they were very spacious!
313 Elsie trained 24 to get something to eat
"Hey hey! Fujita, look at this. This is exactly what we are going to do! How spacious! If you want to lie down here, you can’t shake it! "
"yes! It’s much safer in here! We can see them, but they can’t see us! Hey! "
"Are you hungry?" Goofy asked Fujita Hideo and nodded "Hungry! There is also the last compressed biscuit to eat! "
"Don’t worry! Keep the compressed biscuits hidden! Now! You wait! I’ll get something to eat! " Goofy jumped from the tree and Fujita Hideo opened his mouth and said, "Oh! It’s incredible! He is so good at flying! "
After about ten minutes, Goofy came back! Shouting at the tree, "Fujita is coming to eat!" "
Fujita jumped, too! He studied Ninjutsu Lightness Skill, but naturally he didn’t say that the highest state of Ninjutsu is to confuse the enemy with his own posture and make the enemy confused!
Gao Feiyang raised the rabbit in his hand and said, "I’ll treat you to a delicacy! English hare! It’s delicious! "
"wow! You are really amazing! It seems that I won’t worry about eating if I follow you! "
"That is! Always hunting! If you can’t get food in this mountain, you will starve to death! What the fuck! You have to roast and eat this thing! " With that, he made a fire and prepared to roast rabbits.
"hey! No fire! I was discovered after a lifetime of fire, and I must not be wrapped in dumplings? " Fujita hideo to goofy nodded "that how to do? Eat raw! "
"Why not? Raw food is good! Nutrition! " Then he took the rabbit and peeled off the rabbit skin saber! Show inside with blood tender meat army blade a piece into his mouth to chew a "well! It tastes good! It would be better if there were some salt! Very tender! You also try? "
"aye! You Japanese are all carnivores! Can you eat so fragrant when you eat blood? " He learned to Fujita sample the rabbit skin peeling saber also a piece in his mouth "well! It’s not that bad! I imagine your country. No wonder people are very natural! It’s shipped to eat raw food! I still remember that you have a dish called sashimi on Sunday! That’s right! "
"It’s goofy! Sashimi or shredded raw fish is delicious! "
"Forget it! Delicious. What? Almost gave me diarrhea! " Gao feiqiang swallowed rabbit meat "but you will die if you don’t eat it!" Just eat! "
Two people eat almost when suddenly goofy ears listened to the way "something! Tree! " The two of them sat firmly on the tree and ate while waiting for Goofy to hide the rabbit skin in the leafy place, which will not be easily found. If they leave the ground, they will see it as well!
Suddenly a dog called Fujita Hideo to "No! There are military dogs! He will find us! "
Goofy put the leftover rabbit meat in his bag and said, "Level one alert! Prepare to fight back! "
The two men ambushed the tree and looked at everything around them through the scope. The military dog barked closer and closer!
The two men waited quietly, and soon a group of people came! It is their imaginary enemy who is searching around with a big German shepherd!
What a clever nose that military dog has! After a while, I smelled a smell of blood and came to Goofy, where they were hiding. As soon as the tree was up, I found rabbit blood!
314 Elsie was trained and 25 pairs were captured.
"woof woof! Wang! " The military dog kept calling several soldiers and quickly came to the tree to search for the target, which has entered the best range!
The military dog ran to the tree and roared at the face! Two soldiers rushed over to look like goofy and Fujita Hideo. Two soldiers were shot and killed!
"They are trees! Call me! " The second lieutenant commanded several soldiers to raise submachine guns, which was a strafe! Beat goofy and Fujita Hideo to their heads! But fortunately, because of their hidden places, trees and high places, the enemy roots can’t see their hiding places, so it’s much safer than it looks!
"They are many firepower fierce! Grenade! " Goofy and Fujita Hideo each threw a Grenade! Goofy shouted "Jump!" Flying body jumped before waiting for the ground edge to knock down four enemies with several shots! Fujita Hideo also followed! When I reached the ground, the Browning pistol in my hand solved four shots in a row! Ten people are gone! There are only two people left! Goofy ran over and captured the second lieutenant and another soldier who had just regained consciousness!
"Don’t move! You have been captured! Don’t kill if you surrender your gun! " Goofy English shouted that the second lieutenant was about to resist Fujita Hideo’s pistol and held his head. "Move again and I’ll blow your head off!"
A small team was instantly disintegrated and destroyed! Lieutenant thumbs up "very good! You two are excellent! Our team was wiped out by you so quickly! Good self! We went back! " Take others back to the station!
"Good hanging! If you are slower, you will be connected to the pot! " Goofy is glad that the voice just fell and a sound rang out behind him. "You have been captured! Don’t kill if you surrender your gun! " Goofy and Fujita Hideo one leng was about to turn back "turn around and throw away the gun! Otherwise, you will be immediately executed on the spot! "
There’s no way for two people to surrender their guns, and no matter how fast they are, they can’t live at gunpoint! Two people slowly turned around and there were more than twenty people surrounded them! Looks like everyone else is here! A total of four people have already reimbursed two teams! Twenty-four left? No, twenty-one people! The rescue means that three people have been killed! But I don’t know who!
"Let’s go, two!" Goofy and Fujita Hideo were taken in the other direction! After a large jungle, I came to a small hillside and my eyes became wider!
"Over this to the back of the mountain ridge is our compound! Let’s go! I am starving! " The leader officer walked for half an hour, and they finally arrived at a big tent in the station.
"Bring them here!" Wei Dao Gao Fei and Fujita Hideo were taken in. Wei looked at them. "Please sit down!"
"Tell me!" Goofy left him a way
"Say your troops mash! And the general position of your other comrades! I will let you go! "
"Ha ha ha! Mr. school, I think you’d better save it! Unless you kill me, you won’t get anything of value! "
"oh! The mouth is quite hard! I advise you to tell us everything you know! I can’t guarantee your life if I’m responsible! Do you want to die? "
315 Elsie was trained, and 26 were dead.
"I don’t want to die! Besides, this is a special military training exercise! You can’t kill us! " Goofy laughed
Commandant looked at him and laughed "yes! But I will make your life hell! Just wait for your comrades to come and save you! I will try every means to make you talk! "
Fujita Hideo said, "We warriors of the Japanese Empire will not bend! You are simply wishful thinking! "
"Are you? Somebody take them to the interrogation room! Treat them well! Ha ha ha! "
Two soldiers came and took them to a small tent next door, took off their coats and tied them to a big tree. A soldier took a whip from the side and dumped them two times. Go ahead! Suffering from flesh and blood! "
"come on Let grandpa see that you all have some social means! Come on, don’t be fucking soft! Like a girl! "
"Black! Still dare to call the station! I’ll kill you, you tough guy! " British special forces whipped it away! This whip is hard enough, and I took a bite out of my clothes! A blood print came out! Goofy frown Kouga bite leng didn’t say anything!
"Ha ha! It’s quite forbidden to fight! I won’t let you out! Hey! " Another whip! Goofy laughed instead. "Come on! Give grandpa some hard! Stop fucking tickling! Did the big girl teach you anything? Have strength! "
The secret service team was even more angry when they heard it. "I told you to shut up!" It’s just a whip that dyed the high flying clothes red! Goofy has been laughing at Fujita Hideo swearing, "You are abusing prisoners! I protest! "
"I let you protest! Hey! " A whip took out Hideo Fujita’s clothes! This whip is specially designed to deal with prisoners! The whip has a layer of burr, which is a flexible steel wire covered with steel thorns and wrapped in leather! A whip will pull your clothes out! Do it again and you’ll be raw! Terrible! Hideo Fujita got a whip and shouted "Hi!"


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