"Our hotel is also responsible for catering, which is very famous here. If four people want to have lunch, they can go there to enjoy it." The receptionist seemed to be organizing the language and added, "Our catering is better than some high-end restaurants, and many people often come to eat here."

"People who don’t live in this hotel will come to our restaurant for dinner." The receptionist proved that her diet was good and the business was booming. "If you want, I can lead you there."
There is no excuse for the four of them to be worried. At this time, it happened to be lunch. Mu Ming looked at Cheng Man, who said, "Hotel food is generally not good, but you said that heaven and earth made me want to try one."
"I promise I won’t let you down once." The front desk knew that there was a play and was slightly happy to come out of it, so it was ready to lead people.
Qi Shaochen took Cheng Man’s shoulder and followed the receptionist. The corners of his mouth smiled gently. Muming and Gu Jingke followed closely, and the receptionist led people to the place to live.
A few people took a look at the menu, but there was no surprise. They stretched their eyes and ordered a few dishes, which was like holding a try mentality.
The receptionist hurried back to her post when she saw people sitting, and the four of them looked at the surrounding environment of the restaurant. Some at the front desk said yes, there were indeed many people eating here
It seems that the food tastes as the front desk says, otherwise how can it attract customers?
The restaurant dress is neutral and looks beautiful, but Mu Ming’s attention is not this. From the direction of the restaurant, you can see the hotel gate, which proves that anyone who enters or exits can have a panoramic view.
It didn’t take long for someone to come, but the food was served by four people, who tasted it carefully but felt it tasted good. When the food was half eaten, three figures flashed in front of the hotel.
Four people the line of sight that figure is just a few people to three people!
Fu Tan came to sleep, but his belly rang and he had to get up and go upstairs to find something to eat. He will vigorously wake up with the second army and walk into the hotel restaurant after being introduced by the receptionist.
Come on, they can’t be so ostentatious, like ordinary people, they still have to eat as usual. Three people walked into the restaurant and glanced around it, only to find that many seats were full.
Several positions were still beside the four people who had just had an argument. I saw four people talking and laughing and eating, and my heart flashed with emotion, while my brow jumped vigorously.
Watching a few people spit coldly, "It’s really lucky to have a meal!"
People pay attention to first come, then come. Now they are the latter. Naturally, Cheng Man just heard and thought of acting in the front room and immediately exerted his effectiveness.
She quickly raised her eyes and snorted, "We are unlucky today. We will hear dogs barking everywhere."
Vigorously is not far from their position. If you pretend not to hear it, you can’t play it. Just after you said this, your face changed immediately.
The second army quickly grabbed him and said, "Did you forget the boss’s orders?"
This sentence stifled the effort to look coldly at Cheng Man and stopped talking. Three people sat next to four people and hurriedly swept away the food and were ready to go.
When the phone rang, he took out a look at it and looked around, then at vigorously and the second army, slightly setting his eyebrows and saying, "Let’s go."
This means that things have come. Mu Ming, four people and a half squinting, watched three people go out of the restaurant but didn’t go to the hotel. Instead, they walked to their car. The three people started the engine car and quickly left the parking lot.
Cheng Man took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Li Yuanfa, who had been waiting for news. People have been away from fast tracking.
When the three-person car is about 500 meters away, Mu Ming and four people also got out of the car and took a drive. Mann directly dialed the words "Where are you now?"
Li Yuan said, "I’m on the left side of your car" while tracking the car. Four people looked over and saw Li Yuan drop the window by half a head.
After determining the position, Cheng Man added, "You should be careful when two cars track the target too big and easily arouse suspicion."
"I am white!" Li Yuanyin’s enthusiasm is obvious because these natural instincts have been honed a lot. "Cheng team must have no goods in their hands. Now they must be meeting traders!"
These three people just took something with them on the plane. Even if they want to bring something, they have to ask if they can pass the security check. They won’t be so stupid to take something with them.
"We know that these three people are the leaders, and they must have contributed to this transaction." Cheng Man did not shy away from Li Yuan and told all his thoughts.
The four found that Li Yuan was a good seedling, and his ability could be seen through careful carving.
"Cheng team his car stopped" Li Yuanyin to come over Cheng Man glanced at the front sink a way "we know"
Cut off the words. Several people parked their car in a temporary parking space 500 meters away from their car. After that, the three people looked around the car and saw nothing before they hurried into a shop.
Section 166
"What should I do if I pick it up?" Cheng Man asked if the shop was a bath shop, sauna, etc. It was a bath center.
"There must be people they want to see in it. We can’t show up in the car now. Those people are likely to hide in the dark and watch." Muming whispered and looked around quickly through the window.
Vigilance quickly formed in the hearts of four people.
If this is not enough, Cheng Man took out his walkie-talkie and dialed Li Yuan. Jane gave a brief account before spitting out a sigh of relief.
"If we don’t drive, it’s not the way. Those people will be able to see the clue." Cheng Man twisted his eyebrows. Fortunately, they stopped at 500 meters away. If they were closer, I’m afraid they would be suspected.
Now we can still find a way to clear up the suspicion. Several people look at the surrounding environment, and there are bursts of dark light. Traders will definitely arrange people to monitor them, and their anti-detection ability is not weaker than that of the police.
Li Yuan is also nervous in his car, holding the steering wheel with his fingers folded up, and he can’t come forward, otherwise the next step will be difficult to complete.


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