Newspeak, naturally there are certain routines that can be solved.

Weighing the weight and color in his hand, Jin Xian flashed a happy face and a dangerous look from his eyes at the same time.
Boss Li lamented for a day and really lifted a stone and hit himself in the foot.
"In that case, you can go there. Remember to be quiet when you get there. Don’t make trouble. You are also a six-war general. Don’t say brother, I don’t take care of you." Jin Xian said that he put two pieces of cat’s paw stones in the ring.
"Let’s do it," said Li Da’s boss, gathering sounds and forming a line in her ear.
Delicate month petticoats tears flashed from behind Li Chengzhu leaned out of the head.
When the two Jin Xian just looked into the eyes of the moon, they were pulled by a huge force. When the body of Yuan Shen froze, there was a sound in their mind: "I haven’t seen them. I haven’t seen them."
Wait until you step into the Xianji camp and stay away from the two Jin Xian, and then you can’t understand. "Didn’t he let it go?"? What do you have to do? "
"People die of wealth" Li Chengzhu sighed slightly. "If you guess correctly, we won’t want to go out when we get here."
"Who told you to be so rich?" Yueshang giggled. "It’s a good thing to make a move."
Chapter one hundred and twenty Planning
This kind of thing Li Chengzhu toes can guess the plot.
Either those two Jin Xian casually arranged a charge for themselves and then detained themselves for good luck, and their rings would be taken away. If they were unlucky, the moon-dressed chicks and themselves would be insulted.
Of course, such a thing may be established. I and Yueshang are really just two immortals.
"What will happen to them?" Out of the sight of the two people Li Chengzhu asked lightly.
"It’s okay. After a wick, the spell will be lifted naturally. They won’t remember this period of time then," replied Yue Shang vaguely.
Boss Li gave a thumbs up.
This matter should be served by Li Chengzhu’s absolute sword
"This side seems to be the Xianji camp plate." Li Chengzhu turned to look around and there is not much difference on the other side, but Boss Li can still feel the tension on the middle line vaguely.
"Yum yum …"
"Did you suffer in the battle of Xianji camp? Why is the defense here higher than there? " Li Chengzhu is full of doubts.
"Yum yum …"
"Do you think it’s better to break through there?" Li big boss mouth asked
"Yum yum …"
Li Chengzhu mechanically twisted his stiff head and twitched at Yueshang lightly awake. "Can you stop making such a noise when you eat?"
On petticoats, his big eyes are full of injustice, his mouth puckered and he stared at Li Chengzhu with half sweetness in his mouth.
"Eat … choke you to death" Li Chengzhu than depressed.
"People like it ….." Month petticoats injustice replied.
Boss Li also wants to say something. Suddenly, a familiar figure flashed into his eyes. Boss Li quickly shut up and dragged the moon to one side.
"who?" Yue Shang asked
"Luo Sihai" Li Chengzhu lightly swept the figure. This little boy acted in a hurry and didn’t know where to go.
"Do you want to knock him out?" Yueshang stood on tiptoe and looked over there and saw a very unoriginal suggestion.
However, Luo Sihai’s appearance also completely confirmed that this side is indeed the Xianji camp, and the other side has the Ye Zhiqiu Marshal House, which belongs to the Guards.
"Eat you sweet" Li Chengzhu took a rude white month petticoats.
I have been wandering around the streets for a day with the moon, and Li Chengzhu has gradually figured out the geographical division and defense distribution in the sky
As night falls, the moon type sighs slightly and restores her original appearance again.
Boss Li glanced at her belly without a trace. This girl kept eating her mouth all day, which made Boss Li confused. Why didn’t this belly grow?
Li Chengzhu is looking forward to seeing what it’s like when Yueshang is pregnant.
Xianjun …
"Come with me" on petticoats looked up and took one look at the day and walked back with big boss Li’s hand.


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