Did the two of them have sex before?

Those who are bent on thinking that winning by Rome will get worse and worse, now they feel confused when they see winning by spring breeze.
Their curse and ridicule seem so ridiculous and meaningless in the face of this fact.
They care about things, but people don’t care at all!
What could be more frustrating than this?
Of course, those media who don’t want to admit defeat ridiculed Changsheng for running away from Rome and being able to go to a woman to cry and gain sympathy. Maybe that’s how Changsheng meets Avril Lavigne?
You know, women are easy to sympathize with others, and it’s normal for Avril Lavigne to have a sudden maternal weakness and let Changsheng take advantage.
These media say that this is the truth. I have to say that they have done a good job in self-hypnosis. Now they are happy again. They think that when they see Changsheng next time, they must laugh at him as a soft meal or scold him as a disgusting guy who pretends to be poor to cheat women …
Now that she and Changsheng have been exposed by the media, Avril Lavigne naturally admitted this generously in an interview.
"Is he and I are lovers, we are flash decision? No, no, actually, I’ve known him for a long time … before I was famous … Derek Webbley? I think you must have misunderstood something. He is my idol and I admire him very much, but he is often my boyfriend. "
Avril Lavigne smiled at the camera and the host of the audience while attending a video talk show.
When she said the last sentence, she even turned to look at Changsheng to show her love in public.
It was Changsheng who watched the program with Avril Lavigne.
Avril Lavigne wants to announce in a radical way that she and the rumor of winning always stop at the action school.
Girls are not embarrassed, and even more so, I am a big old man. So Chang Sheng appeared with Avril Lavigne in a talk show in the United States.
When he came out holding Avril’s hand, he greeted the audience with a smile and introduced himself gracefully. "Hi, everyone, I am the bastard who robbed your dream lover Avril!"
Such humorous self-introduction has always won a lot of goodwill smiles and applause from the audience.
The host Chang Sheng is a foil to make the background board, and the protagonist must be Avril Lavigne.
Unexpectedly, after the program, he found that Changsheng was actually very talkative, which was completely different from those China people in his impression. This is a talkative Lang China person.
I had to add a lot of winning questions to the interview program temporarily. Fortunately, the host did his homework, even if he added questions temporarily, it was reliable.
Of course, in fact, this arrangement is very popular with the audience, because the audience is actually more interested in this sudden Avril boyfriend than Avril Lavigne …
"Well, maybe the question involves personal privacy. If you don’t want to answer it, you can refuse to answer it," said the host. "How do you know each other?"
After asking him, maybe two people should have eye contact to determine whether the question can be answered.
I didn’t expect that he got two different answers.
"He helped me fight in the bar …" This is Avril’s answer.
Chang Sheng said, "I helped her fight in the bar."
Then I realized that I was different from them, and I just looked at each other and laughed in unison.
When the host saw this scene, he couldn’t help but sigh, "I haven’t seen couples on my show. I’ve seen many people show their loving kisses and hugs in front of me, but I think now is the best show I’ve ever seen!" What a tacit couple! Bless them! "
Chapter 11 Parents
This Christmas, Changsheng and Avril Lavigne can finally be together in a fair way. Instead of living alone in the apartment, they invited their friends to a lively party at which Avril introduced her boyfriend to her friends.
Of course, Derek Webbley was also invited to the party, and he looked a little embarrassed, but he came anyway.
Maybe he is still thinking that he will have a chance after all … After all, he is Avril Lavigne’s idol …
It is normal for Wei Boli to greet him with enthusiasm and always win. In fact, it is hard to be jealous of this person at the beginning.
Later, Avril Lavigne asked Changsheng why she was so friendly to Webber and didn’t show jealousy at all.
Chang Sheng smiled and answered, "Actually, I want to thank him, because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have made that decision. Who knows when I will say that to you, right?" In fact, we all have to thank him … Besides, I’m a winner. Why are you so upset about the loser? If you are worried, you should be a loser and never a winner. "
"No wonder you like being a winner, Uncle!" Avril Lavigne rolled her eyes.
The party was very lively, and both the host and the guest enjoyed it-except one frustrated person.
Avril Lavigne hugged Changsheng when they sent the last guests back to their apartment.
"Merry Christmas, Uncle. Is this the first time we spent four christmases together?"
Changsheng shook his head. "I was still in Hertha, and you were in Canada, your hometown. We spent a Christmas in overseas dialect. It was the first time for the two of us to spend Christmas. In fact, it was five years."
Avril Lavigne smiled. "Yes, it’s the fifth one. I think we will spend many Christmases together, right?"
"It’s not just Christmas. We have to spend many Spring Festival and New Year together … and many, many ordinary days that are not holidays. Merry Christmas Avril Lavigne …"
Changsheng leaned over and grabbed Avril Lavigne’s red lips
Changsheng stayed with Avril Lavigne until the end of the Christmas holiday. Avril Lavigne continued to be busy writing songs, shooting advertisements, videos and magazines … and continued to live her big life.
What about winning?
He said goodbye to Avril Lavigne and returned to Italy.
Before he left, he called his parents and told them that he would definitely come back to spend the Spring Festival this year, so that the family could finally be reunited during the Spring Festival.
Now that the holiday is over, he also has to work.
His job is to build a strong team for Lazio during the season and help Lazio rise rapidly in the competition.


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