And this time she wants to make sure it’s him, not the guests.

What makes you so scared?
Later, Professor Yuan also came out, and she went upstairs again. Teng Yun had got up and was looking for clothes. It suddenly occurred to him that he was too busy to come home. Let her go to the store and buy them for him directly at another time.
At that time, she had not bought clothes for a man, and she was very nervous. She was afraid that she had bought the wrong clothes, but he directly reported her number and gave her the card, and asked her to buy herself a better job by the way.
Since then, she has been bold enough to buy him clothes. This time, she has the courage to go forward and I will help you choose, okay?
Tengyun turned her eyes and gave her a very profound look.
Gentle but understand that he is in doubt.
"I also bought a lot of clothes for you, didn’t I? You all dress well, "said softly, and went to the cupboard in front of him to choose for him.
Section 1
He stood there with his arms around his arms, staring at the woman holding a shirt, and couldn’t help but remember that I didn’t tell you my size before?
"Yes, once you gained a little weight, I bought it. It doesn’t fit me. It seems that I really want to be awakened by you all the time." Gentle said that I had chosen my clothes. When I turned around, I saw manager Teng frowning at her.
I didn’t know that men also care about obesity.
When she talked about his weight gain, manager Teng’s heart broke.
"You can rest assured that your husband’s figure is definitely waiting." He raised his hand and took off his vest to wake her up.
Gentle to see his chest, but when he took off his clothes, of course, she saw that his face immediately turned red to his neck, but he took off his clothes and threw them on the bed and took a shirt from her arms to wear.
It’s eye-opening to be agile.
And when the long arm is stretched out, it fascinates us and makes us drool.
He has always been very exemplary in what he does.
"So are you waiting for your other half?"
Wen Mi doesn’t know what’s wrong with asking such an idiot question.
Manager Teng suddenly took an inscrutable look at her, and then a pair of big palms pinched her wrist and lifted it on his shirt to help me button it and tell you.
Gentle face is red, although it is ambiguous, it is no stranger to her. Help him buckle, although he is tall, but her arms are long enough.
It is at this time that two people are together and doing the longest thing that husband and wife do, and they feel as if something has been poured into their hearts.
Women are very innocent girl in men’s chests at this time.
A pair of soft ti is still flexible, and soon the man’s eyebrows and eagle eyes are staring at his woman.
Look at the workman’s shirt tenderly, sweep it at will, and then look up. Can we talk now?
"Not satisfactory!" General manager Teng commented on two words


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