Reyes can’t even cry when he wants to cry.

One Rondo is enough for him, and now a black man comes out, but how can he get it?
He remembered that the midfielder was not as fierce as this black man in half a season, and he could at least play for more than a long time.
What about now? Don’t play with each other. It’s an excellent performance not to be played with by each other
This yaya toure, he had never heard of a young man with a childlike face before, but he was so fierce.
He forgot that he was actually a kid.
I couldn’t help laughing when I saw yaya toure’s winning performance.
At the beginning, he was under pressure to let yaya toure, who didn’t perform well in the first game, continue to start. Sure enough, the child showed his talent. He soon stopped running around in the game and learned to benefit himself reasonably.
It’s perfect for yaya toure to deal with Reyes, a man with poor physical fitness.
And what makes him more happy is that he saw the defensive discipline of the team from yaya toure.
In the simplest case, the players are better than before. yaya toure’s awareness of cooperation and defense is usually in training, but it can be shown in the competition field, which means that he has returned to normal level.
Back to normal. It’s not just a yaya toure. There are other players
The whole team is gradually returning to their normal level.
That’s why this game is worth looking forward to.
He got up and walked from the coach’s seat to the court, then squatted down on the court, pulled a grass from the grass in front of him and stared at the court intently.
Seville coach Joaquin Caparros stared at the stadium for a few minutes and then suddenly could not help but exclaim.
Then his brow wrinkled up, and it became tighter and tighter.
His frown is not because the noise in the sideline stands is too loud-he doesn’t care that the fans show that he, a football coach, thinks that the strength of the fans is limited. If Hertha is in good shape, the support of the fans may bring them some bonus, but now Hertha can’t get up just by cheering up the fans. He has never paid attention to Hertha fans since he entered the stadium.
The reason why he frowned was that he found that what he saw in front of him did not match what he learned …
Before this round of competition, he also specially studied Hertha’s performance that he understood what kind of heavy losses the club’s economic crisis had brought to this team.
There are many young people in this team-from this point of view, Changsheng likes to draw young people, which is similar to himself-but it is precisely because of this that Caparros knows very well what is the problem of the team with many young people.
That is, lack of experience will lead to confusion in the face of some unexpected situations.
The list of Sokhtar after the club’s economic crisis now seems normal to Caparros.
What’s more, he thinks that the winning performance is also positive-he has saved the day.
Because he is too young, a first-team coach is not even 30 years old. He is so young that he is jealous of a 45-year-old man.
Such a young coach naturally lacks experience in dealing with this situation.
That’s why he didn’t take Hertha seriously. He thought it was normal for his team to win the game without suspense.
But now he finds himself seeing and recording Hertha with his own eyes.
Although the tactics have not changed, the starting lineup has not changed much, but Caparros is keenly aware of this.
He couldn’t understand why Hertha had changed like this.
How did they regain discipline overnight? It seems that I am not afraid of the impact of the club crisis and unpaid wages.
Caparros is full of this problem, and he feels that if he doesn’t think about it clearly, he may not find a way to beat Hertha in the away game.
Chapter two hundred and four is just a ball …
Caparros is still struggling to figure out the reasons behind Hertha’s change. Fifteen minutes have passed since the game, and Hertha has not conceded a goal in the face of Seville’s crazy attack.
Not only that, they tried to make some counterattacks.
And these sidelines frowning thinking about what Caparros didn’t notice.
In the 17th minute, yaya toure and Rondo once again broke Reyes’ kick together, and Hertha launched a counterattack from the right.
Hertha fans in the stands saw this scene and the horse turned their shouts into cheers.
Substituting for the injured mista, Popovich received the ball from Rondo and quickly inserted it. On the speed, Popovich asked bemis to be fast, and Mista rarely broke through with the ball here. Popovich’s style was completely different from Mista’s.


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