Seeing Kelan didn’t seem to listen to his words, the hound suddenly got angry. "Kelan! You should have seen the blockade outside by now! You are not stupid. You should know very well that those things in it can’t be stopped by guns and mecha roots. Who do you think these things are for? "

"A wily rabbit is a dead stooge, and birds are cooked to the best of their ability! This is a Chinese proverb. Haven’t you heard it? What’s more, for them, whether it’s value or threat, you want that’ thing’ in it, you know? ! Now if you want to go in, they will give you way, but when you want to come out, can you be so easy? "
"I … I really fucking hate iron not to produce!" The hound smashed a toilet partition door and suddenly aged and brittle, and a hole the size of a bowl appeared in the polymer door panel.
The idiom "Hate iron not to produce" is not so … "Kelan’s mouth was interrupted by hounds.
Click! There is another hole in the toilet partition door.
A crack more than half a meter long connects the two holes together, and the whole door panel is crumbling.
"I love how how you can’t tube! The problem now is that those people who call themselves crisis management departments have arranged the pockets. Don’t you know who this pocket is going to catch? Are you going to drill in so obediently? " Hound jumping way
"If they wanted to arrest me, they would have arrested me." Kelan sighed. "They know more than we thought."
"They? Who are they? " The expression on the hound’s face froze-he had already heard the implication of Kelan’s words. This "they" refers not to the people in the "crisis management department" outside, nor to the research institute and the security bureau, nor to a class or organization he knows.
"An organization called’ The Immortal Crew’" Kelan sighed and finally said the name. "They are the hidden masters. The so-called highest decision-making organization’ Joint Parliamentary Group’ is just their puppet."
"The Joint Parliamentary Group … is a puppet?" The hound froze. He always felt as if there was a thick sputum stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t spit it out or swallow it. It made people want to go crazy.
"Who is this … undead crew … exactly?" The hound took a deep breath. "What do they want to hide in the dark?"
"They …" Kelan recalled the general posture of "Pope" Chiron, and he couldn’t help but pause "maybe it’s not a person".
"Not a person?" Hound leng a obviously didn’t expect Koran will give such an answer.
"Not a person … what can it be? Computer AI? Can’t be an alpha? " The hound pulled out a ridiculous smile at the corner of his mouth. "This joke is not funny at all. Don’t tell us that real human rulers are a group of alphas. Hehe, then I will feel that I haven’t woken up yet. Now I am dreaming a ridiculous dream."
"One thing is certain that they used to be human beings … I don’t know, it’s something like me," said Kelan.
The hound stopped laughing and looked at him and asked, "Something like you?"? I probably understand … "
"This is my guess. I have never seen the true face of the undead crew. I have contacted all the people who know that they have never seen them with their own eyes, including Schroeder, Lin Qi … and that Ma Qinuo who was transferred to Mukahe."
"Ma Qinuo also knows that this undead crew will?" Asked the hound
"He knows the crew will, but he doesn’t know much."
The hound suddenly gave a long sigh and shook his head simply. "His mother … turned out to be such a thing … No wonder Ma Qinuo would take the initiative to contact you at that time. I knew it as soon as I was a dead pig … If I hadn’t left the army, I should have been able to access this information now …"
"Old dog?" Koran some worry to shout a.
"I’m all right, I need a little." The hound waved at Kelan and squatted directly without taking care of the dirty ground in the toilet. His hands gently rubbed the cranium points on both sides of his forehead.
"I always knew you were hiding something from us, but I know you must have your reasons for not telling us … now I see this is it."
"I’m not going to tell you that the undead crew … they have so much energy that I can’t guarantee their privacy. Will they do any extreme measures to make ordinary people’s lives just a number in their eyes? A chip can be put on the scale number," said Kelan.
"I know," the hound nodded. "You did the right thing … now I already know about it. Oh, and Asano Akira outside is sure to hear it … don’t tell others."
For a moment when he got up from the ground, Kelan felt as if he were ten years older.
"I never thought it would be such a group of people who decide the fate of mankind," the hound said slowly. "So you should join them later?"
"They have sent me an invitation to pass the test so that I can become a member of the immortal crew," said Ke Lan. "Molten fire mining area is the first stage of the test."
"Kelan, can you promise me one thing?" The hound suddenly said
"What is it?"
"Even if you really become one of them, don’t forget that you are a person and not a monster."
The hound paused and continued, "It’s easy to be addicted to life and death … I don’t know what you will become by then, and I know the truth of’ kindness does not command soldiers’ … but don’t forget the time when you play chess after you become a chess player."
The hound rubbed his face muscles and adjusted his mood. "It may be too early to say these things to you now … but I have nothing to feel. I’d rather have someone with more ability to lead us than the group of joint parliamentary groups who eat and die … it’s you … you have to be careful about those things. Even if they treat you as the same kind, the meaning of the same kind and companions is different …"
His words were incoherent, but Kelan still understood most of the meanings in them.
"I know" Koran nodded his head.
"We should not be a burden to you, should we?" The hound smiled and asked
"Not counting"
"That’s fine. You can go in boldly. If you come out, this group of research institute rabbits dare to play any bad ideas and end their lair first."
"Line but their lair seems to have been end …"
"Grass is fucking long mouth, right? If you can’t talk, don’t talk. "In just a few seconds, the hound has returned to its usual state, as if that conversation had never happened.
"… that I don’t say"
"By the way, even if they have sent you an invitation, it is not necessarily sincere, but you need to distinguish the specific situation yourself. We can’t help you in this respect … It’s always right to keep an eye on others … especially those who are in a high position and look at the bureau. They can see a lot of things that we can’t see. As I said before, they are chess players and we are chess-chess players can see the whole game and we can see the situation around them.
The third defense line and the headquarters of the research institute, which are designated as "polluted areas", are a "white zone" with a width of 300 meters.
In order to prevent the cover of personal buildings infected by meme from infiltrating into the defense line, this circle of buildings has been erased by some powerful weapon. Kelan can see the bare foreign foundation and molten metal materials flowing like magma, and then coagulate again.
At the end of the white zone is the super energy shield like an inverted giant bowl.
The third line of defense has no stationed personnel, and the whole line of defense adopts automatic control system-if anything moves and tries to cross the white area, the dense battery will be locked immediately until it will be blown to the ground without even slag.
At the same time, in order to prevent the transmission of meme information, all communication lines in the whole West Second District have been cut off. The wired network of the Crisis Management Department can be used, while Kelan and Asano Zhao are equipped with two sets of communication devices-the wired communication devices are connected to the headquarters at this end of the defense line through a cable as long as six kilometers. If the cable is cut off, they can also make laser communication … Of course, the laser transmission path is unobstructed before.
"The automatic fire of the third defense line will be closed in fifteen seconds. Are you ready to cross the white zone in front when you have a five-minute window?" Schroeder sound comes from the earphone.
"I finally confirm that I have a random fire limit? I won’t be responsible for breaking any priceless bottles and jars, "said Kelan.


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