A firm but gentle shot steeply at the evil Lord not far away.

There seems to be nothing to guard against the evil Lord, but he smiled a little. In his hands, jade bone Shura shot two beams of light in his transient big eyes, which just resisted the shock wave of Qing Xuan. It was a powerful explosion at this intersection that shattered several dark clouds! ~
Then we will continue to attack the evil Lord Qingxuan, but he was held by his teacher younger brother Qingyang. Looking at it, we can attack the evil Lord Qingxuan without any intention.
"Haha, why don’t the evil Lord know about the attack? Are you afraid of something?" You can’t continue to attack Qing Xuan, but it’s a word to attack him. Killing an enemy is the most powerful villain this day. Others don’t know Qing Xuan, but they know that the evil Lord jade bone Shura grew up, but without the bone aura after death of these people, jade bone Shura will still come out of the rank that has just been refined successfully, that is, among the vast number of practitioners of repairing truth and magic, it can’t occupy such an important position.
Killed several talents to make this jade bone shura reach the top horcruxes, so it can be seen how much evil Lord has killed.
Smiling gently, the evil Lord shook his left hand and put his right hand behind him for a flash. jade bone Shura disappeared in his hand and was replaced by a small green pot. The small green pot was suspended and slowly floated in front of these people.
"Look at my sincerity, but it’s quite big. Look at me, I brought your apprentice Yuan Ying, hehe."
I was shocked to hear that Yi Qingxuan looked at the evil Lord in surprise. In his eyes, the evil Lord was a murderous demon king who killed countless people.
Eager to reach out for a recruit, the little green pot floated to him.
What seems to be thought of Qingyun hurriedly pulled to his brother, but it was too late.
"Boom"-the little blue pot exploded.
Face even variables, three people quickly retreat while quickly moving their hands, one by one, beautiful operation appeared in their hands.
The powerful impact made several people on the evil Lord’s side retreat quite far, but the evil Lord had long been prepared, but he didn’t even move.
That’s why his subordinates don’t understand that if they attack, they should pursue them with victory, but their boss doesn’t have the slightest idea and doesn’t want to attack this evil Lord. The solution is the solution, but what can they say now that they can dodge?
Chapter 1 Purple Xuan Demon Fire
By that huge impact, he swung out more than ten feet away, but the three of them looked dark and stayed calm before looking at them. If the evil Lord said that evil mainly harmed them, he would have attacked them. Now he must have done it for a reason. Let’s just look at it. Although the evil Lord is powerful, he is not afraid of himself.
Proud when the evil Lord looked at three people with a faint smile for a while and then looked at his capability. Naturally, it was easy to see Xiao Leng in the enchantment. He also happened to see Xiao Leng’s face and charming eyes. The proud look made this unruly evil Lord become speechless and familiar. This Xiao Leng was so familiar, but where have you seen it? Thousands of years of practice have seen the number of people who kill people, and it is also Sudoku. I have to say that it is very strange to be impressed by this person who has never seen anyone, but it is not so obvious here that just an instant evil Lord has returned to the natural state.
Somehow, Xiao Leng felt someone peeking at himself, but he looked up and couldn’t see his eyes. He took a step forward and easily stepped out of the enchantment arranged by the three top masters of Qing Xuandao Sect.
Clouds in the sky flashed from time to time, and the sultry air in Lei Guang made Xiao Leng feel very uncomfortable. Looking at the dark, I don’t know how far it was connected. Anyway, there were clouds in my eyes.
A thrill of surprise
Clouds in the sky, all the masters are very surprised to see Fang Xiao Leng. When Qingyun three people saw it from the evil Lord’s surprised eyes, they immediately looked at it, which surprised them. Their strength could not stop these people’s sight. They easily saw Xiao Leng coming out of bounds.
These people and the demon didn’t notice what had just blasted them with great force.
Xiao Leng looked around, but he could see the overcast sky and the darkness as far as the eye could see.
"Ha ha, I said that you have found a good disciple again." The evil Lord looked at the green Xuan and laughed, but his eyes were so strange. He was in the middle of thinking, but he didn’t notice that Xiao Leng went out to enchant and let the evil Lord recognize that this was a green Xuan disciple, but he didn’t know that Xiao Leng was a green Yang disciple.
"Ha evil Lord, you’re wrong. The little one is not a green Xuan disciple, but a sophisticated one. Don’t worry about it." Qingyang laughed and stared at the evil Lord carefully. If there is any meaning, you should also protect Xiao Leng.
It’s impossible for a familiar evil Lord to hurt Xiao Leng. People who have been very familiar with him for years have either risen or died, and those who can give themselves a familiar feeling are the people who are most familiar with themselves, but this little show is not.
"Why don’t you even give up your apprentice Yuan Ying? Jie Jie, you can’t blame me." Fang Xiao’s evil smile glanced at Qing Xuan’s cooling, saying that the physical death of the person who reached Yuan Ying’s stage was not a real death, so Yuan Ying was able to come back to life through a certain magic weapon or Dan medicine to reshape his body. Yuan Ying, who was just pretending to be his apprentice in that pot, should be able to escape from Yuan Ying quickly, but he was blown to pieces by the explosion like what evil method happened. This time, the disciple was completely finished.
A strange purple flame appeared in the hands of the evil master. The appearance of this flame surprised the three masters of the right path. The fire is extremely strong in heaven and earth. A flame is several times stronger than the true fire of the three flavors of the right path. The flame is called Xuan Demon Fire, which was cultivated by the original demon ancestors of heaven and earth. This purple Xuan Demon Fire Demon Taoist ancestor has become the first person in the fix-up world. This fire should have disappeared after he rose to the demon world, but it really appeared in the hands of the evil master.
"Three, do you know this purple demon fire?" The evil Lord smiled and looked at the three people in a hurry. This fire is more powerful than the intermediate fairy fire in the celestial world. The celestial world is also famous. The evil Lord is afraid of waiting for him. His purpose is to destroy the right path and fix the true world, so that the whole fix the true world can grasp what is in his hands.
This mysterious demon fire took a lot of effort to get it back. Although it didn’t have a test effect, it’s not bad. Can things in the celestial world be bad? Of course, the evil Lord "changed" not the magic weapons and people, but the mysterious demon fire, which destroyed many of his magic weapons, especially a fairy, which made the evil Lord angry for a long time. If he didn’t make that protective fairy, he would be killed by this demon fire. The power of the flame is not comparable to those of ordinary flames.
In the record of correcting the truth, this mysterious demon fire is listed as the third place in the evil spectrum to burn all living things with souls. Qiu Shui, Xuan Bing’s soul and bones are collectively called the three most vicious things of heresy. It can be seen that this thing is quite bad in the eyes of the right path fixer. There was once a predecessor who was the ancestor of heresy, but he was a super master in Du Jie’s later period, but his knowledge was quite strong. Although at that time, the ancestor of heresy was also a master in Du Jie’s middle period, a rank gap was actually only based on that purple demon. The fire has completely made up for it, and it has gone beyond at least one rank. This heresy was once a much-told story, but it was deeply hated by the right path. This evil Lord was able to cultivate this evil demon fire, and he must be eradicated. All three people thought so.
"We still know something about the famous purple Xuan demon fire. I didn’t expect that the evil Lord Pavilion should cultivate the purple Xuan demon fire. It’s really gratifying." Qingyun’s face was ferocious and his face became distorted because of anger
"Haha, Qingyun is the first person in the right path. Sure enough, he has some eyes. Do you still have a chance today with this thing?" The evil Lord laughed. Now he is very heart-warming. The demon fire will help him to finally destroy the right path and fix the true boundary. This way, the famous heresy was not realized when it was the strongest. Can you not be happy that he will realize it now?
Qingyun sent out a signal at hand, and a bluish black but extremely bright light was scattered in the distance. This light was the token of Qingyun, the leader of the right path, and it was also a call in case of danger.
"Ha ha, I finally can’t help it. I’d like to wait to kill you together, but I’m not interested in those old miscellaneous hairs." The evil Lord flashed slightly, and a magnificent breastplate appeared, wrapping his whole body in another armor, but his silver hair suddenly turned purple and gave off a rare purple light. The whole body armor also gave off that purple mysterious demon fire. It seems that this is a purple demon fire in the distance.
After all, Qingyun is just reaching this level, but it’s not enough for him to break through to the late stage of fitness. In that case, it’s really a genius, while the evil Lord has reached the middle stage of fitness for thousands of years, although there is no breakthrough to the late stage, but it’s not far off. Now he is at the peak of fitness, and this purple Xuan demon fire is a sure win in Qingyun, and the most powerful purple fire test cloud pot has made Qing Xuan give Xiao cold, or at least it will be able to support for a while, and he will not lose so soon.
Everything can be blamed on fate. The evil leader of jade bone Shura shot two purple fires from his eyes and shot at the opposite three people flashing Qingyun continuously, but the target was a three-legged seven-star cloud disk. Although the speed of the seven-star cloud disk was very fast, the purple fire actually arrived in front of it and scared the three people to get up quickly.
Three people also know that this purple Xuan demon fire is aimed at the Yuan God, and they are not afraid to get hurt and not be touched by this purple fire. There is no problem. You know, the three people’s seven-star cloud disk is a horcrux, and the purple fire against the Yuan God is absolutely not for that horcrux.
But the three people were wrong. Just for a moment, the purple fire burned the horcrux seven-star cloud disk with nothing left.
The sky flashed to avoid and attack the evil Lord, but the three men were very surprised. This was their lives, and the Horcrux was destroyed, so that the three men spit out one mouthful blood at the same time.
"How did this happen?" A firm but gentle shot at the evil Lord immediately flashed away from the purple fire that shot at him. Qingyun trembled and said that the three men were all red in the chest and their blood splashed on their bodies, but they didn’t wipe the body or roots of the monks who were destroyed by the purple Xuan demon fire. Even after two people fought for so long, they were not hurt even a little. This demon fire is weird.
"Haha, how about this purple fire?" Evil Lord laughed and stopped chasing.
Purple extreme shenhuo is a new term, but no one has heard of it. Too few of these three disciples have not heard of it.
Chapter 19 Homogeneous branches
Purple demon fire A fix true world has never had a name, but it shocked everyone when it first appeared. The seven-star cloud disk is also a horcrux material. Even the strongest three-flavor true fire in the fix true world will be burned for a long time without the spell of the caster, but now it is a powerful messenger. This is the first time that the purple magic fire has been burned completely.
"Hey, hey, how about Qingyun? I’m still very strong. You are doomed to die today. Haha, my evil Lord Sahado is about to complete my great career. That is to unify the cultivation of truth and control his right path and evil ways. My evil Lord is destined to live forever." The evil Lord laughed and his handsome appearance seemed so evil.
A sullen Qingyun is angry to the extreme. Now the evil Lord is much stronger than him, especially the purple extreme shenhuo has no possibility of equal strength.
Qing Xuan is also sullen. If I had known this moment so soon, I wouldn’t have given Xiao cold the purple fire-refined cloud pot. In that case, my own side still has a certain chance to reverse a signal that I have sent a signal to the nearest place. It also takes a few minutes for a lot of things to happen here.
The purple extreme fire has never touched anything in the world, and people don’t remember that ordinary people know fire, but they don’t know that there are many kinds of fire, such as fire that can burn Yuan Shen, fire that can burn everything, and fire that has no temperature is the most terrible thing.
"This celestial flame? You don’t have a chance to leave haha, I won’t let you leave, but I can wait until your reinforcements arrive, but what’s the point? It’s just that I, jade bone Shura, can evolve some more. "The evil Lord’s bad smile is itchy.
Xiao Leng stayed outside, but there was no rain to go back. It was dark or dark. The whole world seemed so gloomy. Xiao Leng was very happy to see that the three highest generations of Qing Xuandaozong teamed up to decorate the colorful enchantment. Xiao Leng smiled unexpectedly.
Being able to come out easily means that you have a strong epidemic power on this enchantment and a strong understanding of the six realms spells.
From time to time, there was a flash of thunder, which was so grand that Xiao Leng was a little scared.
"I have to go back. If the master comes out to see me, I will be scolded again. The master is really better than the head martial uncle. Hehe, this little gourd is really a good thing." Xiao sneered that he should go back. He denied that he could go back or not, and he was able to get out of the door without dropping himself. Of course, he could go in.
But when Xiao Leng’s hand touched the enchantment, it was bounced.
"Hey, how did this happen? Didn’t I just come out from the inside? Now how can I not get in?" Xiao Leng said to himself, but he still tried his best to enter and return to his master’s residence. Now Xiao Leng’s strength is the most powerful among this new generation of younger brothers.
But Xiao Lengru just can’t get into this colorful enchantment.
"Alas how can’t get in? I can’t blame me for this. I won’t go in. "Xiao Leng Xi Xi laughs. Since I first came here, I was transformed by the mountain gate. Xiao Leng’s mind has changed greatly. Although kindness has not changed, it has also changed a lot, especially before, I didn’t know how to resist and blindly followed the wishes of others. I won’t think too much, but now I have my own opinions.
"I can’t blame me for not getting in. I played in the mountain and then came back. Anyway, Master can find out and come to me again. Master is miraculous and will find me easily." Xiao sneered, but he ran like a whirlwind to go to the cardiac phase to make him speed very fast, and his body was transformed to make his speed soar further. The strong physical conciseness made those who were practicing in the Yuan Dynasty unable to compare with even those who were practicing in the specialized physical training. If his speed soared in the middle of the Yuan infant period, his master Qingyang would need some great efforts to catch up.
Xiao Leng heard the snake king drinking, but it was not so real. Now he doesn’t know that Qing Xuanzong is fighting a life-and-death battle, while his master, the three highest elders, are falling everywhere.
"You accept your fate. Now that I’m here, you can’t leave." The evil Lord laughed, but his hands stretched out and two strands of purple shenhuo sprayed out and shot at Qingyun dozens of feet away. Although he had strong realistic power and this purple shenhuo, Qingyun was the biggest threat to himself.
The two-handed pinch tactic revolves around the three people’s swords, all of which are lashing at the evil Lord, and all the magic weapons are made out. At that time, the whole day is filled with several colors, which is really beautiful.
A series of firm but gentle spells were brought out by three extremely excellent masters. The evil leader’s side was seriously injured by this rainstorm except himself. Some of them lost their lives. Without concise Yuan Ying’s physical death is real death. Those small demons who did not concise Yuan Ying’s heterodox spells were shattered by that powerful firm but gentle spell. Many broken limbs fell from the sky with a touch of blood, and the second, third and fourth generations of Qing Xuanzong were shocked and looked at the blood in the barrier one by one.


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