People were shocked that such a change had occurred, and the king borrowed the whole mountain and river to turn it into a powerful force.

"Is this what he does?"
Qi’s dangerous eyes DengYuan forgot his gaffes, and his mood fluctuated violently. I didn’t expect this man Wang Qiang to reach such a level.
"This is my fist! My way! My law! People seal! "
Li Yu Terran’s co-owner-in-one slammed the seal of the owner and pushed it forward, which seemed to collapse the world. The mountains were all dwarfed for nine days and went to the distance to watch the monks coughing up blood, and their bodies and bones burst and almost withered here.
At the beginning of the Tao, the wind and water source technique at the end of heaven and earth is also a kind of Tao, which can not be achieved by uniting heaven and man at the extreme.
The demon emperor forbidden the occult sciences, the earthly division, and the terran co-owner confrontation detonated the mountain stream, collapsed the peaks, crushed an ancient cliff, and set off a monstrous dust, and nothing could be seen.
Violent impact splash and let the four fields dye all over the place. It is invisible that some dragons and celebrities can’t help but shed tears when their eyes ache.
Who wins and who loses
All the big monsters can’t help leaning forward to see clearly that the scene in the forest is so turbid that it’s hard to see through.
There was no sound in the depths, and people couldn’t help but be scared.
Is JiLin Qiqi clenched his hands, breathing ups and downs surge of emotion surge.
In the smoke and dust, people saw blood spatter, broken bones and two figures
Two blurred figures stained with lotus flower.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Ancient emperor appearance blood hermetic
"What is the result of the confrontation between the king and the demon emperor and the realm?"
Even sitting on the altar and presiding over the three old demons are impatient and eager to know the final outcome.
It’s really terrible that a Terran junior can fight with a demon character in the same realm, which is even more forcing the taboo occultism to prove that his terrible potential will be flying all over the world in the future.
"If you don’t say whether you are unbeaten or not, you will be defeated. That is also the charm of the younger generation. Because it is a taboo secret art, it is a strong blow to the demon emperor."
The deputy temple master shook his head. Although he didn’t like the temple master very much, he spoke well of the younger generation Wang. He is a potential limited tianjiao who will succeed in time.
There was a lot of noise outside, but on the ninth day, it was quiet, as if nothing had happened, and as if everything had come to a close and smoke was rising.
Two figures stood there from the rising sun to the setting sun. At this time, the setting sun was like blood, and the fields were full of artistic conception.
Hoo ~
Suddenly, the wind came down slowly from nine days, lifting the haze and dispersing the dust, highlighting the scene of the last heavy day
The two figures stand opposite each other, but there is no confrontation and no ripples. Only a little blood is constantly dripping from the skirt, and the injury is very serious.
It can be seen that the king of man was covered in blood and was split alive by a ruler shadow from his spiritual place, pulling half of his body, breaking bones and muscles and eliminating flesh and blood, and even the beating insides were clearly visible.
Half silver, half blue, and half gold, and the blood is constantly roaring, witnessing this bitter battle.
On the other side, the demon emperor’s white clothes were dyed red all over the chest, and the flesh and bones were gone, and they were blown up by the owner. You can see that the light spots spread before and after.
"At this point, the king has taken over that type of occultism, which is so tragic that both sides lose!"
Seeing this scene, the group of demons couldn’t help but lose heart. It was so tragic that one of them was split in half and the other was shot through the chest. It can be said that it is a life-and-death fight.
"It’s impossible to fight this. This is the first battle of the same realm. Is he not inferior to the demon emperor?"
After nine days of pupil contraction, a coolness swept through the Terran, and such a young king was born!
The glances of the three old demons were all very unexpected. It was more shocking that the original king would be defeated but could draw.
But now it seems that they underestimated each other’s last type of life and death. Obviously, the king of man has a little advantage. He was split in half, but it really blew the chest of the demon emperor.
"It’s the first time that I’ve seen Wang, a fighter with such strength, who has never forced his cards out of the three major domains. I just witnessed it today."
People in the ancient demon family couldn’t help moaning and felt unprecedented pressure, which almost made them breathless.
Is there really a stage for such a terrible figure to suppress the future world?
I’m afraid there’s such a big five-domain, which is a sacred king!
"The brand left behind can’t really show the peak demon emperor’s fighting power, otherwise the king won’t take this advantage and draw more, but it’s also a shocking achievement. It’s really terrible."
"It can be said that the potential of this body is comparable to that of the ancient emperor when he was a teenager. If it doesn’t die early and grow up smoothly, it will be the future of Ren Huang."
The other two old demons at the altar slowly recognized this impressive achievement.
Everyone shocked them. They really witnessed a miracle. The invincible king was comparable to that of the demon emperor in the past!
Whether it is for the demon race or the Terran, this is a great earthquake, a strange and mythical scene before and after.
The brand of snow and moon in the field is just like being spiritual, and a pair of eyes are slightly deeper than revealing the vicissitudes of life, like being here for ten thousand years.
Gradually, he faded away, slowly turned around and came to the lonely grave, stroking the flower that never fades, and gently smiled to dissipate the world.
Da, da, da.
The footsteps sounded, and Li Yu walked out of the nine days without saying a word, black and blue, white and stained with blue gold, and the blood was scarred, which made him look a heavy sense of coldness.
He is very tragic, his body is full of destructive marks, and he has been hit hard, but his eyes are sharp, like a heavenly sword, and he cuts through the fields. Gankun has a powerful spirit that makes people tremble.
All eyes are turned away, all roads are turned to worship.
It’s like a tempered fairy sword emerging from that purgatory-like furnace, which has been shaped and will shine with a little polishing.
"A bloody battle is an accident; Life and death once sublimate. "
The Lord of the Demon Emperor’s Temple sighed and felt that Li Yu was now in a different state and blossomed into Guanghua after being tempered.
Even though he is now seriously injured and close to the point where the oil is exhausted and the lamp is dry, his spirit is stronger. You can see a bright beam of light coming out through the eyebrows like a torch burning and beating.
This is a terrible vision. Yuan Shen’s heavy volume of light exudes the great vitality of Terran Co-ownership.
Finally, Li Yu walked out of the nine days and stood tall and straight.
Some people worry that he will fall, some people worry that he will stumble, some people worry that he will consume too much and faint, but it never happens. His pace is so steady and powerful that he will not fall even if he fights to the death.
People are always unyielding and proud to stand on their heads.
"It’s finally over."
Everyone said to himself a sigh of relief and a feeling of relief.
In this world war I, the demons shook the earth, and they were in a trance, as if they had seen a statue of a peerless fierce man, who could actually shake the demon emperor in the same realm.
The surge of emotion surge among the demons has been greatly impacted, even if the two factions of the Demon Emperor’s Temple are not in harmony, they have to marvel at the surprising consistency at this time.
Everyone feels that the king has gone against the sky and has only seen it since ancient times.
The demon emperor fought a bloody battle with the peak of the realm and finally occupied a little advantage, which was so unnatural and unreasonable
Who can resist the ancient emperor? Their glorious life has dominated the world and made people respect them.
However, some later generations of outstanding people have no hope or regret in their hearts, and they can’t die.
Nowadays, some people have really achieved a brilliant period, which will go down in history and be remembered forever.
It takes great courage to dare to challenge and March to that realm, not afraid of the mentality of the ancient emperor, and to keep pace with the record.
"He was badly injured and close to running out of oil and lamps. He also tried his best, but he was still too young. There was no precipitation and sublimation road like the demon emperor, otherwise the world could compete with his contemporaries."
Nine days ago, the deputy temple master was filled with emotion. It would have been impossible for him to do this, but the king really did it and created a miracle.
Rao is the difference between the two ethnic groups, and he can’t help but feel a little admiration for this junior. No wonder he can get the help of the Demon Palace. He really has the appearance of an ancient emperor.
Burn nine days smell speech eyes flashing slightly with wild flame burning.


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