Say two girls sigh almost at the same time.

Pear painting clothes think brother finger is very good at shooting, and Gdzilla is very handsome.
"It’s so nice to paint pear clothes. I’m born beautiful without makeup."
Milanella praised Milanella, a college girl, who usually wears some light makeup even though she loves fighting. Who doesn’t love beauty?
Can paint pear clothes without makeup, the natural leisure beauty seems to be nothing more than embellishment, just like gilding the lily.
"The teacher elder sister … is also very beautiful"
After contact with people, I gradually learned to praise my friends. Besides, Milanella is really a beautiful French girl.
Two people sit on the bed, shoulder against shoulder, white and greasy thighs stick together, which is particularly intimate projection game.
"Is there a night watchman’s forum for painting pears?"
Two people chat while playing.
Painted pear clothes gently shook his head. "Gdzilla said the night watchman’s forum was a mess, so let me not wander around."
Milanella chuckled, "The president is guilty, because there are many posts on the forum, both good and bad, but most of them are over-boasting and reading. He doesn’t want you to read them indiscriminately."
In fact, there are still some words Milanella didn’t say that the forum can see the confession Gai Lou post every day
Such as "Sisters, please cheer me up. If the floor is over a thousand, I will confess to President Lu!"
"Morning treasure discussion posts are only for photo communication and morning treasure hobby study …"
What kind of posts? A lot of painted pear clothes are still not good
Milanella is also a little worried, because she can feel that pear-painting clothes are naive and kind, but they are really a very exclusive girl.
I can tell from the fact that she has labeled all her toys, but now the labels all say "Gdzilla& Painted Pear Clothes".
In this case, if you know that there are so many people who miss her family, will Gdzilla try those who dare to shoot Gdzilla?
"What can I do for the Night Watch Forum?"
Painting pears and clothes is curious. What do you want to say since you started with yourself?
"You should know one thing when painting pear clothes."
Milanella helped to paint a pear dress and smoothed her spoiled smile because she turned her head messy. "Kassel College will hold a free day after school."
"A day of freedom?"
Painting pear clothes crooked crooked head wondering this word.
Milanella explained, "That is to say, students can move freely and do whatever they want that day. This year, the project of the college is decided by the Lionheart Society and the Student Union."
"Real CS? Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt? "
After Gdzilla taught her, she can also tell the difference between reality and game CS. She also played it, which seems to be a game of shooting people to death with a gun. It’s terrible.
"Don’t worry about painting pear clothes. The guns prepared by the college are Friga bombs, that is, anesthetic bombs, which are generally not dangerous."
Milanella said patiently, but really … Friga bombs are also dangerous.
If this kind of bullet hits the weak parts such as eyes, the kinetic energy will cause great harm to the students.
"Well, that sounds interesting."
Painting pear clothes also has some expectations. She thinks it’s more interesting than the celebration of Shilan Middle School and more interesting than the cultural festival in animation. Castle College is great, but everyone can play games together.
"What’s more interesting is yet to come. Lionheart will decide the only winner who can get to the last person in the activity after the victory and defeat with the student union camp, and the final winner will get a special reward."
Milanella smiled bewitched.
"The reward is not important. It’s nice to play games with everyone."
Compared with the desire to win and lose, drawing pear clothes and looking forward to playing games with many people of the same age, and she thinks Gdzilla has a strong desire to win and lose, it is better to let Gdzilla feel better.
Milanella leaned close to the ear of the painted pear clothes and whispered, "The final winner can get a confession to others. The confessed person can’t refuse to have a relationship for one month."
It’s like a demon whispering
Painting pear clothes is not so ignorant now, and the meaning of this reward is instantly understood.
That is to say, if someone wins the confession to Gdzilla and follows the rules, then Gdzilla will become someone else! ?
Painting pear clothes eyes suddenly became sharp.
Chapter two hundred and eleven Admission to Xia Mi
Lu Fei was soaked in a wooden barrel, hot and unbearable, painful and happy.
The persistent high temperature made him feel almost dizzy, but Brother Lu said that he would soak for two hours if he didn’t want to live short.
Lu Chen asked the vice principal to prepare a medicated bath, in addition to a little residue left over from his previous "bathing", he also added a lot of tonics. The formula he gave can effectively relieve the body overdraft.
In the past, their training in the barracks was also very hard. For the general secret blood fighters, the secret medicine was once put at risk because of every time. Lu Chenxi felt that it was a bit like the critical blood limit of the world’s hybrids.
Among the people he knows, he has a high degree of fit with the instructor who brought himself back. He has strengthened the secret medicine many times without losing himself.
Repeatability makes the secret medicine, according to his current understanding, equivalent to making the bloodline props withstand it, which will of course become very strong.
The instructor who was kind to him used to be the strongest fighters in the East, but the instructor died of old age at the age of nineteen.
It is still necessary to rely on basic training for ordinary secret blood fighters to continue to become stronger after making secret medicine.
However, even if people can break through the limit and stimulate the so-called potential, high-intensity overload training will overdraw their latent life.
The secret blood fighters are short-lived when they come, and they will live shorter if they are consumed blindly. They must cooperate with the medicine bath to make up for the overdrawn part.
Lu Chen felt that his life span was limited because he had overdrawn his potential because of blood violence. He also tried the formula of medicine bath in his previous life, but it may be that now his life is too strong for the overdrawn part, and it is difficult for the world medicine to make up for it. He gave up after soaking for several times without feeling.
Lu Fei’s words are very good, but it is impossible to overdraw the potential blindly without cost. Speeding regeneration has something in common with his rapid recovery from sudden blood loss, and he is absolutely dead.


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