Yang guang does not recommend the latter.

If you challenge the limit, you will die easily, and the gap will get bigger and bigger.
Normal mode is better.
Of course, it also makes some people cherish this opportunity, and at the same time, it also makes Yang Guang’s wealth value stable and unknown, which is beyond the boundary of wealth value.
After all, Yang Guang himself failed to buy some good things from the treasure shop.
It’s just borrowing flowers to offer Buddha.
And this way, that is, some fighters can enter the Luochang for the first time. If the so-called virtual characters die after entering the middle, they will be kicked out of the Luochang.
This so-called virtual character is easy to explain, that is, it is like playing a game.
Those people who enter the shura field will be hurt and die, that is, they will control their own characters and die, but they will not have any problems themselves, but while playing games, those experience points will go up
Let’s just say that in a martial arts battle, you can test your martial arts skills and surpass yourself in the face of powerful enemies.
Once you die, the character will die
The experience that can be gained is that
After returning to the real world, you can get these experiences, which is simply a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people!
Can Yang guang let people cherish this opportunity but made a limit.
Except for one chance, it costs one million yuan to re-enter the school.
At most, it is three resurrection opportunities.
Is Yang Guang a poor money man?
Of course, he is not short of money, but he won’t cheat money either.
Yang Guang will practice a lot of resources in this training ground, and his weapons and martial arts skills will be rewarded as well as in the game.
And it will not die itself, but it will also benefit.
Even Yang Guang feels that his golden finger function appears at this time is "benefiting the country and the people"? The stronger the strength of those low-level fighters, the better for China.
Yang guang is very good, yes, but he is too busy!
It’s impossible for him to get multiple copies of taboo ninja like Naruto, right?
He really doesn’t have this thing.
If you die, you will benefit from the transformation of some truth elements into spiritual bodies, but that is still not enough
However, Yang Guang learned a very important thing in the past two days, but he didn’t mean too much before.
That is, the old Tianshi in the Tianshi Mansion of Longhu Mountain was supposed to hold a martial arts ceremony, but everyone else left Longhu Mountain and went to Gali Fuzhou, Sam, but many people thought that the old Tianshi had come forward at that time.
That is to say, the person who appears is actually his old man’s house.


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