I’ve long seen soldiers of Dagan dynasty kill Koo Wang Foer in a random way, which dare to shoot out a dozen ice cones with their hands around.

These soldiers didn’t even have nine repairs, and they saw that Wang Foer was a child. Some carelessness was shot by this dozen ice cones. On the spot, one person rushed to the ground to see that it was not alive, and several people were injured.
These soldiers were suddenly in an uproar. They were flying Xiong Jun, but the sixth army of the day usually guarded both capital and the imperial city. This time, they were beaten by the East China Sea and followed the East China Sea to the Yuanshan Mountain to kill the corpse soldiers.
This kind of expedition is not a dangerous business. Everyone knows that this is the first step for the East China Sea to add some military benefits to their children. After a few months, the Imperial Capital Wu Keda won a good name and entered the military system of Dagan Dynasty.
Every three years, the Dagan dynasty recruited talented people to enter the DPRK. According to the categories, it was divided into four branches, namely, literature, Taoism and martial arts, and miscellaneous branches, which were subdivided into astrology, water and soil, and so on.
Thirty-six people from each subject are awarded official positions in three grades.
If civilians have military merit, they are much cheaper than when they were born.
These flying bear troops are also thinking of cutting hundreds of corpse soldiers’ heads back to the imperial city, which is a great achievement. How could you expect that a poor man like Wang Foer would have lost his companion’s life?
These flying bear soldiers also dare not hard stop Wang Foer immediately scattered on both sides shouting hello scattered nearby colleagues before and after the siege.
Wang Foer secretly complained about how he knew that his luck was so bad. He regretted saving this animal just now. Although Fei Xiongjun was a selection division of Dagan Dynasty, it was not an elite selection. When the soldiers joined the army, their families were more important than one thing.
Therefore, with the speed of this animal, Wang Foer rushed through dozens of flying bear troops in a row. Suddenly, Wang Foer’s face became extremely ugly when he was trying to escape. Suddenly, a fragrant wind floated across a fragrant charming body and suddenly fell on his back. Then there was a charming smile. "Lu Gaowu, a waste brother, learned who to fight, and I’ll play with his head. After you told Lu Zhengyang, the old king’s egg, you will see our iron-clad army make way and then send troops to encircle and guard his family’s head."
Then GeGeJiao laugh behind several people shouted angrily, it seems that there are thousands of military forces chasing from behind.
Wang Foer listened as if she had been possessed by a dying god at the worst time of her life, and even had no chance to turn over. This sudden appearance of a woman seems to have killed the Lord of the Flying Bear Army or someone loved her … This hatred has not been too deep.
Can’t wait for him to think much about the woman behind him, and I don’t know what tricks he has got. His animals suddenly become obedient, and the left and right conflicts escape from the unfinished encirclement of the Flying Bear Army.
Wang Foer struggled to look back from the probe in the female arms. Thousands of flying bear troops rode the flying bear beast, and then they chased the flying bear beast with their tails. They didn’t really fly, but they were extremely fast and huge, which was suitable for attacking cavalry with heavy armor.
However, this kind of flying bear beast is extremely difficult to raise. Except for the Dagan Dynasty royal family to form the Flying Bear Army, it is impossible to equip the ordinary army. Whether it is the Dagan Dynasty or Sidi Army, it mainly rides beasts or wind horses and beasts.
Thousands of flying bear beasts have stepped on the ground like thunder, but Wang Foer’s animals have no stage fright at this scene, and they are running faster and faster. In less than half an hour, they have already left their pursuers behind.
The woman smiled all the way and gently manipulated the animals in her crotch. Obviously, she was very familiar with Buyuan Mountain Road.
Wang Foer is a bit impatient and finally said, "If you don’t bother, can you go by yourself?"? I’m going back to Wulaofeng to find my master. It’s not very convenient for you. "
Chapter 3 The enemy’s tracks are stealthy
"Little brother, you are not cute enough to talk like that! Do you want big sister to teach you how to play the woman-"
Wang Foer felt his back very soft, and two round and big meat balls rubbed against him. He was all hot. "This woman is so coquettish. If the earth touches me, her virginity will be hard to protect, but now I am only six years old. Is she still a pedophile?"
"This light smoke beast on the moon is the youngest brother of the wind horse beasts. Where did you get it? Why don’t you give it to your big sister?"
Wang Foer coughs! A light said, "If you can send me to the vicinity of Wulaofeng and leave a few hundred taels of gold, you can just take it." He was very angry with this animal for a long time, and how much trouble this random run caused. "I didn’t do it when this animal came."
The woman giggled and drifted away from the mount Wang Foer, only to see that this woman looks very beautiful. About twenty-seventh grade, the corners of her mouth, eyebrows and eyes are full of amorous feelings, and the clothes have been infiltrated by blood, so I can’t see what color it is.
"Little brother, you don’t understand the market. This light smoke beast on the moon is the best kind of wind horse beast. I don’t dare to give it to my sister for a few hundred taels without changing your horse or a foal."
Wang Foer gently patted the horse’s neck and face, but his heart was happy. "It turned out that there was such a history by grabbing an animal. This can be developed."
On his side, he was thinking about how to exchange real money for Shu Ri. The female body suddenly spurted blood and threw herself at Diwang Foer. Only then did he see that there were three injuries behind the female, and a green palm print broke all the clothes. Her white and tender skin was actually poor and secretive.
The other two wounds were caused by a lance. Although shocking, it didn’t scare Wang Foer, a bold guy.
"She was so seriously injured. It seems that that little hand named Lu has a hard hand!"


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