"good! I believe you! "

Su Yu smiled and waved and said, "Ride to Xiaohong! You all come with me! Chen Qun, you go and do your own thing! "
Chen Qun respectfully turned back.
Then Su Yu came to the Ministry of Industry with craftsmen and alchemists.
Su Yu, who was riding in the emperor’s sedan chair on the way, has already communicated in his heart to take out several pieces of steam engine parts and theoretical drawings.
If Su Yu has lit up the technological leaves, he can take out all the detailed information about the technological leaves from the blacksmith’s shop in detail.
the Ministry of Works in feudal China
The arrival of the emperor made the whole people of the Ministry of Industry panic, and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry went out to meet him in person.
A large and small officials of the Ministry of Industry have knelt down and shouted long live.
Su Yu took people directly to the Ministry of Industry to make tools and took out several detailed steam engine drawings for these craftsmen and alchemists.
"You may make this thing?"
Su Yu chair with fragrant teas asked with a smile.
Several old Wei craftsmen and top alchemists of the Chinese Empire gathered together to watch the drawings given to them by the Emperor.
They looked at the steam engine drawings and slurped.
"oh, my god! This is a wonderful work! "
"It should be a day! Amazing! "
"It is difficult for the emperor to be wise to us!"
"Exquisite workmanship is unheard of!"
"This thing is very delicate just by looking at the structure!"
"Look at this theoretical data. What are many things that I have never seen in my life? What is an axis? Are these lines going to be torn down like this? Like looking at the sky! "
"shh! It would be strange if you could even understand the little emperor! "
These craftsmen are constantly giving out surprises and shocking sounds. Although many solid lines and dotted lines in the design drawings make people look a little stupid, they are professionals after all.
At a glance, you can roughly understand the manufacture of steam engines and most of them marvel at the fine structure.
Su Yu couldn’t help laughing and coughing after listening to these people’s amazement for a while.
"Ahem! Come and have something to say! "
The craftsmen hurriedly let go of the drawings and respectfully knelt in front of Su Yu.
"You may make this thing?"
Su Yu asked
"It is not difficult to report to the Emperor for manufacturing, but the key is that we can’t understand some things in this drawing, even if it will affect the final effect."
A craftsman said with shame that an excellent craftsman should not only be clever but also know some knowledge of physics and mathematics.
Many things can’t be made by experience alone.
Although Su Yu has promoted the new educational concept for a long time in the Yanhuang Empire and popularized the digital promotion in Allabo, many tutorials have been filled with the basic courses of mathematics and physics.
After all, this knowledge is limited. Su Yu’s promotion of knowledge is a simple educational enlightenment, which enables the children of the Chinese Empire to lay a solid foundation from childhood and guide the imperial educators to produce new educational thinking.
However, the design drawings are all designed to some previous professional design knowledge. Without some professional knowledge, people can’t even understand what the drawing symbols represent.
It is not enough to read these design drawings by relying on the knowledge system that Yanhuang has popularized.
Su Yu smiled. He had already considered these things.
"Wang Xuan"
Su Yu indifferently commanded
"Emperor, I’m going."
Behind him, Wang Xuan nodded with Su and Su Jiu and went out with a lot of thick papers and scrolls.
"This thing is called steam engine drawing manufacturing, but it is not difficult. There are some professional words and knowledge that you need to catch up with."
Su Yu gently kicked the feet for more than one meter high scrolls and paper to laugh at some evil and malicious. "But you are all smart and alert to learn because of me!" Here is a summary of some knowledge about building steam engines. You have read and chewed them thoroughly these days! Start manufacturing again! "
They all turned around and saw a pile of scroll paper at the feet of the emperor, revealing a corner with a few words faintly missing.
Self-study Road for Novices of Organic Chemistry
Principles of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Basic chemistry and beginners
Mathematics and physics closely
Principles of mathematical analysis
"The college entrance examination is necessary! The physical formula is big! 》
Basic mechanics of physics
Basic physics heat
Physics? Chemistry?
Isn’t this the promotion of new subjects in private schools and institutions of higher learning in the Imperial Empire?
However, they don’t know that it is very difficult for Su Yu to exchange these books directly from Tongwanjie Mall! If the promotion of Su Yu Empire is elementary school and elementary mathematics and physics, then the scrolls here are high necessary knowledge of chemistry and physics.
The craftsmen didn’t know the difficulty of these books, and they promised to come with confidence. "I should follow the imperial edict!"
"Hey hey!"
Su Yu ha ha a smile
Su Yu asked these craftsmen to learn these things. First, they made more high-tech things to lay a good foundation. Second, they had childlike innocence.
Let a group of old men and young uncles chew on the theme. This scene is very joyful to think about!
"Remember that you are all the people I value most! Whether this thing can be strong in the future of Yanhuang Empire! To see if Terrans can rise! You have a lot on your shoulders! "
Su Yu coughed a full face of seriousness and said to the craftsmen, "Remember that knowledge is power! One day people will rejoice at what you have made in your hands! The names of the monarchs will also be remembered forever! "
"Leitian is a Terran hero because he is good at fighting; And you are also human heroes because you rely on this. "
Su Yu nodded his head and said with a smile
Chapter 34 The first steam engine
The craftsmen were stupefied and then trembled like chaff, and it was difficult to restrain themselves.
We are a few craftsmen in the Ministry of Industry, but the Emperor said that we have hope to become a Terran hero as famous as General Leitian. !
Is this-is this because these drawings are in hand, or because we are about to make something?
You know leitian is an army god!
The emperor personally gave Mo Bao the glory of the pen army god! Leitian and Su Long are two gods recognized by the Chinese Empire! They are also recognized as Terran heroes. Both of them have made great achievements!
A craftsman couldn’t help but look down at the drawings and swallow a mouthful of saliva. He looked up at Su Yu’s hoarse voice and stuttered and asked, "Is what Emperor Jun said true? I can also be an adult hero! "
"bold! The emperor dares to question! "
King choose eyebrows a wrinkly low drink.
These days, he didn’t practice Wushu, Su Yu, a large number of shopping malls, Dan Yao and the imperial royal department’s achievement method, Wang Xuan’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds.
At this time, a drink made the craftsmen feel a little scared.
But some people are still staring at Su Yu desperately, eager for an answer.


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