In the dreamland, Yan Nvxia is a little less realistic than this expression.

However, in the dreamland, Yan Xia Wang Mu feels that she should be a yuan god.
Actually, it is more important for monks to communicate with God than to touch the flesh in reality.
Because of uniting to this state, the body can be abandoned, but the Yuan God can’t be abandoned.
Naturally, Yuan Shen is more important.
Du Jie, the former Yan Nvxia, and Xianmen’s own Yuan God were seriously damaged, which was even worse than the physical body. Only in this way can Wang Mu cultivate the mixed element sword in the environment.
Holding the latter’s hand gently, such as caressing suet jade, is not comparable to the dreamland.
Look at this scene, Wang Mu suddenly had a feeling of watching Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl practice the Heart Sutra in the play.
At the moment, the five panaceas of the other body have been in contact with each other. If you want to complete the integration, you need to use external forces.
This external force is naturally a mixed element sword.
Or Yan Nvxia
If we wait for some time and practice steadily for a few years, the difficulty of integrating several methods to the same level will be greatly reduced
Gently rub the jade in your hand.
Wang Mu found that the owner of this jade hand is not as calm as it seems.
"How to practice?" Wang Mu suddenly asked.
Yan Nvxia one leng.
She doesn’t talk.
Wang Mu is close to something of a faint fragrance.
A few strands of hair fell uneasily, and Wang Mu’s face seemed to be pushing and blocking.
Unfortunately, what power can a few strands of hair have?
"Elder, do you want me to demonstrate the mixed element heart sword again?" Wang Mu asked with a smile.
"Don’t call the elder …" Leng Mei, the heroine of Yan, swept away. "How could you forget it before long?"
"It’s like a dream to practice sword before …" Wang Mudao "It’s like dreaming. You can always understand dreaming, right? Wake up later generations is easy to forget what happened in the dream … "
"Especially after so long, who remembers?"
There seems to be some truth
In fact, before practicing sword, the dreamland is similar to the dream.
Wen Yan Yan Xia frowned slightly, and Wang Mu may have really forgotten the formula of mixing elements.
"That I’ll you …" Yan Nvxia saw his one eye and bowed their heads.
"No …" Wang Mudao "You and I can just demonstrate"
Yan Nvxia looked up in the eyes and was puzzled. "I will show you …"
Mixed element heart sword is a kind of cultivation method. When the sword enters the mixed element, it realizes the emotion of Yin and Yang all over the body to the extreme.
There’s no real move, there’s a formula
Pay attention to is a natural mind.
You can’t demonstrate it naturally without substantial swordsmanship.
Wang Muxiao smiled and said a few words close to Yan Nvxia’s ear again.
For a second, Yan Nvxia’s arm trembled, and a burning sensation spread rapidly from her hands, and her straight face burned a little hongxia …
"You …"


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