However, Moxiu doesn’t know how much efforts several big families have made to marry him. Even if he did, he wouldn’t care about what he is pursuing now.

Strength is his foothold in money.
As soon as the referee makes the game official
As expected, Shi Yuancheng took out a khaki disc with strong spiritual fluctuation at the first time, and his hands turned the disc slightly, and then large yellow fog came out of the disc and enveloped Shi Yuancheng very quickly.
But the yellow fog still does not stop and continues to spread to the whole ring.
Seeing this strange picture, don’t take a break. Naturally, it’s impossible for Shi Yuancheng to swish and shoot 36 sharp Jin Dajian handles, and then cut them at Shi Yuancheng with a shudder.
However, in a more bizarre scene, sharp Jin Dajian pierced the yellow fog one after another but didn’t hit Shi Yuancheng. Instead, he hit each other and made a huge noise!
Chapter sixty-one Jiugong law plate
Mo Xiu’s face changed slightly. He could clearly feel that dozens of sharp gold swords in the yellow fog were suddenly changed direction by some strange force, which would collide with each other.
This yellow fog can actually change the direction of attack!
Before you can find a solution, the yellow fog will pervade the whole ring and will not stop the package.
In the face of such a strange yellow fog, Mo Xiu dare not careless with his hands to repeatedly hit the intermediate operator and add four or five king kong shields. In addition, he firmly protected himself with more than ten sharp gold shields around Naibu. In the last sword box, he ejected sixteen sharp gold swords and danced around Mo Xiu.
Later, Mo Xiu started to scan the wisdom brain in the yellow fog. However, to his surprise, the wisdom brain actually found the other side’s position!
At this time, the wisdom brain suddenly scanned a faint spiritual force fluctuation, which appeared from behind. This spiritual force fluctuated very fast, but it could cleverly avoid many sharp gold shields and pointed directly from the gap.
Blink of an eye, this spiritual fluctuation came to a place less than one meter behind Moxiu!
Don’t take cold hum a finger to play a sharp Jin Dadun suddenly flashing behind him.
Rui Jin Dadun’s spiritual force fluctuated violently and collided at the same time, but it was strangely calm in the yellow fog. I don’t know if he was surprised that Mo Xiu could find his attack or was brewing a wave of attacks.
I really can’t find you?
Mo Xiu’s face is slightly heavy, and he makes a "deep scan!"
The energy in the wisdom brain pours out and slowly scans in the yellow fog, but this yellow fog is really extraordinary. The energy consumption of this deep scanning is several times larger than that of the previous one. In just a moment, the energy in the wisdom brain consumes one tenth.
Just then, the image in the wisdom brain flashed and Shi Yuancheng jumped out.
At this time, Shi Yuancheng is a dignified face, and his hands pinch out the dharma tactic. The whole body spirit fluctuates slightly, and he is releasing the dharma sample.
Being able to make Shi Yuancheng treat nature so carefully has advanced Daoism, but since Moxiu has discovered that nature will not let him interpret it so smoothly.
"Go!" Don’t take a finger sharp Jin Dajian sixteen big sword handle suddenly felt a quiver to break the thick yellow fog and cut to Shi Yuancheng’s position.
With such a big movement, Shi Yuancheng naturally sensed a slight change in his face and had to stop his hands and flip his wrists to take out the Jiugong array and spin fiercely.
As the Jiugong array plate clicks and turns, the yellow fog suddenly surges, and in the yellow fog package, sharp Jin Dajian suddenly turns out to be out of control and runs around, and finally crashes into a piece of golden spirit.
However, although Shi Yuancheng was not attacked by Rui Jin Dajian, the advanced Daoism he was prepared to release was also disrupted by Mo Xiu, which led to failure. Now even if he gave it to him, it is impossible to release Daoism again.
On the other hand, Mo Xiu showed meditation and immediately smiled "So that’s it."
Although this yellow fog can change the attack direction, it must be manipulated by Shi Yuancheng. Don’t take it for granted that this will greatly consume the strength of Jiugong array. We must persist in attacking this Jiugong array and it will be broken sooner or later.
If you put it before today, Mo Xiu wouldn’t dare to fight so hard to consume. After all, once the intermediate Taoist symbol is consumed, it can be very difficult to supplement it. But now he has the sword box support to continuously refine the sharp Jin Jian symbol, and even if it is consumed, it can be quickly supplemented.
What’s more, after the early trading this morning, he took advantage of the seven hours before the game to refine more than 200 Aring Zhang Jin Jian symbols. Now he has at least four or five hundred body symbols, and five advanced ones consume him to win and lose.
Don’t take another swish to shoot sixteen sharp gold swords and cut them at Shi Yuancheng.
Seeing that another 16 sharp gold swords were cut and the direction was even-handed, it was his position that Shi Yuancheng’s face changed slightly. For the first time, he was lucky enough to be blindsided by Mo Xiu, but two sharp gold swords were able to threaten him. It can be said that Mo Xiu had some means to find his position through yellow fog!
In order to verify his own ideas, Shi Yuancheng did not instigate the Jiugong array, but just added two quick symbols to himself to quickly change positions in the yellow fog.
Let Shi Yuancheng’s heart sink slightly. Sixteen sharp gold swords followed his ass from beginning to end!
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Shi Yuancheng stopped and slowly turned the Jiugong array plate. Sixteen sharp gold swords ran around again and collided with each other.
However, before Shi Yuancheng relaxes, don’t rest. It’s sixteen sharp golden swords!
"Hum! I don’t believe that you have consumed me! " Shi Yuancheng heart cold hum unceremoniously again fuelling Jiugong array plate smash 16 sharp gold sword handle, but Shi Yuancheng didn’t think it was just a!
After more than ten times in a row, the sixteen sharp gold swords will be shot again, and the sixteen handles will continue as if they were exhausted. Although they will be shattered by the Jiugong array, Shi Yuan will slowly sink on purpose.
Most of the Lingshi in Jiugong array has been consumed!
Shi Yuancheng didn’t fight back, but the intermediate Taoism he released was discovered by Mo Xiu and solved one by one, and it didn’t work!
"Can’t drag it any longer." Shi Yuancheng gritted his teeth slightly and shook his wrist slightly, and typed a Taoist symbol with a huge earth spirit force.
"The setting sun hammer symbol!"
A khaki hammer with a length of ten feet was smashed into Moxiu with a wave of Shi Yuancheng’s hammer!
Come on!
Don’t take a look at me and shoot a fine mans. He is waiting for Shi Yuancheng to fight back strongly now, that is, it is impossible to support the Jiugong array for too long!
Wrist shaking. Don’t rest. Each hand has a golden symbol.
"Pure gold shield!"
"Pure gold sword!"
Ten-foot-sized huge shields and huge swords slammed into the sky, greeted the giant hammer mercilessly, but the pure gold giant sword slashed at Shi Yuancheng with fierce momentum!
Shi Yuancheng frowning slightly again with a senior operator.
"Earth wall symbol!"
With the crazy surge of earth spirit force, a huge thick wall suddenly surges to protect Shi Yuancheng firmly.
The collision of four advanced Taoism methods set off a monstrous air billow in the ring.
Right now!
Moxiu shook his hands again and typed a high-level symbol.
"Pure gold sword!"
Chapter sixty-two Win easily
The huge Jin Jian once again divided the yellow fog into Shi Yuancheng.
Shi Yuancheng won’t let Mo Xiu succeed. The earth wall technique is also an advanced Taoist method. How long has it been supported by two pure gold swords attacking the root method? At this time, the yellow fog of Jiugong array is surging again, and the pure gold sword suddenly deviates and crashes into the ring and makes a huge noise.
However, after all, this is an advanced Daoism, and it can’t be damaged too much if it just collides with the ring. Moxiu’s finger flies up again and cuts at Shi Yuancheng, only to be manipulated by Shi Yuancheng again to guide the pure gold sword to hit the ring.
Several times in a row, Mo Xiu’s attacks were solved by Shi Yuancheng, and the pure gold sword also consumed more than half of its strength in several impacts. However, the pure gold sword is a real advanced Taoist method. If Shi Yuancheng wants to change it, the attack cost is less than the first hundred times. Mo Xiu will never believe how long Shi Yuancheng can persist.
Sure enough, after a while, Mo Xiu could feel that the interference force of yellow fog on pure gold sword weakened rapidly until it finally became negligible.
Feeling this, Mo Xiu never stopped manipulating the pure gold sword and repeatedly attacking it. At that time, he broke through the yellow fog several times and cut it into the earth wall, which made the ten-foot-high earth wall crack and crack, and it would collapse completely if it was attacked several times.


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