Shen Tuhong saw that the enemy had entered the battle even before the sudden change of life, and he was very anxious to wait for the aid door. As soon as he spoke, he recognized that it was a strange call from his master, the poor flower god Ling Hun, and shouted, "Hong Di and Hua Daoyou should not move!" Then he immediately took out the two-phase ring, and suddenly he wanted to listen to a cracked stone and shout loudly, "You look down on me too little". Li and his wife bumped into each other, but the enemy didn’t give way slightly. In front of the cliff, there suddenly appeared an ape in a white linen shirt, with an arm, a kite, a shoulder, a lion, a broad nose and a silver mouth. Her lips were ruddy, and her forehead was covered with two slender longevity eyebrows, big earlobes, and the color was like cinnabar. A pair of slender eyes, fine eyes and radiant appearance, and the tall and bearded old man appeared. When he appeared, he stood up and stood up, and a pair of slender fingers and claws stretched out together. Then he shot out from his fingertips Fairy House had heard about the government’s fighting against Ling Hunyi, and when the abbot of the ape abandoned evil and returned to the right thing, he heard from Zangling that he was busy at this time, that is, he stopped and Hua Xie shouted, "The younger generation knew that the elder forgave." Ling Hun suddenly stepped out of his hand and asked for a shining magic weapon of Xiang Hui, and when he met him, he pointed out that Hua Xie "I was asked by your friend Lu Daoyou to help me, and now it’s not fast to enter the cave." Hua Xie hurriedly bowed and entered Shen Tuhong and flew in to visit because of the inconvenience of the abbot of the

Ling Hun said to Li Hongdao, "You kids are restless, and it’s not yet your mountain time, so you come to tell me something ridiculous. I want to borrow a magic weapon here. I should specially instruct you to get this treasure because I remember the two small holidays in Qingluo Valley and the government, which makes me embarrassed to ask for it again. But what does it matter if something happens? It was he who gave you that precious charm, and the two girls in Hanshan soon discovered that the evil hand Moshe fought hard, but the heart lamp could not control this demon’s death. At this time, Xie’s sisters passed away and Wuyi and so on, and you needed this charm to get the heart lamp to the big blame mountain fire. Besides this, the evil hand Moshe also had a lively time to watch, and it would take another seven years to go on the mountain to hide the truth. Is it worse for you than me? Saving you the trouble has given you your magic weapon, which is quite greater than the name in the future. The law maker will show you that you are finished, so don’t go! " Li Hong said with a smile, "My nephew has a lot of magic weapons. I didn’t want any magic weapons. If you need them, please take them or give them to my nephew later." Ling Hun said, "Nonsense! Tibetan dwarf still thinks I have to do this, so take it away! " Li Hong took a look at the lotus flower, and it was not unusual to start with it. He was most congenial to Xie Ying and Xie Lin. He knew that the heart lantern he took was big. He didn’t know that Master was their father, and he had to wait for his own charm to get it. The old man is eccentric and inconvenient to ask more questions, lest he spoil the broth and thank you in a hurry. Don’t fly away
Shen Tuhong immediately saw that the demon man was dead and Yuan Shen was scattered by the sword light. The demon man was very powerful. Yuan Shen could be trapped by the flag gate and eat him first. He had rushed out of the encirclement and was about to synthesize into one. The ape elders’ ten brilliance points out the angle of the array first. Suddenly, it became an optical network and wrapped the shadow tightly. After two flashes, it was eliminated. At this time, I flew back to work and met Ling Hun. Two Taoist friends, Jiang and two old geeks, and camel couples are coming to watch me and the old ape. You should go into the cave quickly to restore the ban and you can do whatever you want. The flag gate can be taken away first. If there is anything, we can support it. Don’t worry. "Shen Tu Hongfang thanked Ling Hun and the ape elder and flew to the dark to think," It’s really wonderful that the method forbidden by the teacher is the most important thing. This old mana didn’t know that success is the end, and it is more difficult and dangerous. "He took the flag gate as he said. A magic weapon has not yet been successfully met. In a hurry, the outer wall is banned and restored. The second floor is a jade door magic weapon and a gold ring. At first glance, it seems that the painting door is a circle of yellow seals.
When Hua Xie first came in, he didn’t see that it was the first time that Buddhism Bao wanted to enter the door according to the general plan. Because he was trying it for the first time, he was cautious and didn’t dare to be too fierce. The color of the yellow circle of the door was exceptionally rare, but it was very different. When he went back for the second time, he didn’t see any reaction because of the first time. big sleep was timid and eager to get credit. In addition to lifting the ban according to the general plan, he made great efforts to attack the Hua Xie Zeng Fentuo’s master door for many years. Because of his daily work, he was the most diligent. 9. The ban on the same source layer has been solved, and there is no warning sign of ambush in the initial test. If you want to attack this door, you can act according to the plan, because you can recall that the general plan has been gradually lifted, and you can prevent it in case you lose it. If you lose it, you will know that the hole ban is not only related to each other, but also the hidden magic weapons are interconnected. Incredible power occurs. If you have to have a Buddhist magic charm and a coincidence, someone will get the two pictures in the same way. The sudden advance of the flower evil will just trigger the power of the gold ring, and the yellow seal of the door will suddenly Another person with less mana would have been sucked into the circle to eat the real gold in the west, wrapped in a twisted metal, and he would never have escaped. Finally, the flower evil is witty and extremely powerful, and the forbidden method has been stopped twice. It is still harmful and an expert. When he saw Jin Xiahuan’s color, he immediately became alert to know that this yellow seal is a magic weapon of Buddhism, but it is not forbidden. If the force is collected once it is triggered, it is really difficult to get out.In spite of your busy schedule, return your hand and bite your middle finger and use the avatar method of the teacher’s blood drop to bounce forward and melt into a lotus flower. Then Jin Xia is waiting to fly away from the door and greet the lotus flower. When the lotus flower is thrown into the circle of Jin Xia, it will stop where it is, and it will not turn again. The flower evil knows that if you don’t receive this treasure, you can’t enter the previous false alarm. Once it is judged that it is a Buddhist treasure that can’t be triggered again, you will try to collect the power of the golden ring carefully according to the two treasure collection methods of Buddhism and Taoism. Although you don’t reproduce As soon as the outer wall was banned, the golden seal of the door was restored to its original state, and it was no longer shining. Suddenly, it touched a brainwave and bowed down to Tong Cheng. After standing up, I couldn’t attack the Yumen first. I tried to lift the ban according to the general plan and saw the golden light flashing in my heart. I was frightened and quickly retreated, and then I took a closer look at the circle. The yellow seal suddenly turned into a gold ring, and it flew from big to small, with the thickness of a teacup to the outside of the hole.
Shen Tu-hong has never asked the details for the first time. At first glance, he saw that it was a rare treasure. He reached out and caught the heresy of passing flowers. "I don’t know the origin of this Buddhist treasure yet, but it should be owned by Taoist friends. Otherwise, I have already received it. Please accept it. I will take care of it as I have, and it will benefit me for the time being. At this time, I realize that I am the only one who can never achieve my goal. I still hope that Taoist friends will eventually achieve success." At the same time, there should be an article in the topic. In the past, I didn’t know that it was not enough to rely on the external two maps alone. It was difficult like a layer to read the first-time emergency work. The two of them joined hands to go to Yumen according to the map. One finger of the door just opened itself, and there were tens of millions of Venus lasers coming. This ambush was not forbidden. All the flower evils were eager to tell whether it was right or wrong. When Shen Tuhong came, he read the fairy signs. If I had known, I would have taken off the two-phase ring in my hand and prepared to see it. I was busy throwing it away, and the celestial sand collected in the ring also turned into thousands of When you go back, you can drink "Hua Daoyou, this is the gold sand melted by the mud in the Buddhist merit pool, which is blocked by my second ring. Take a quick photo of the general plan and prepare to get started with me, and then you can recover the treasure by restoring the second floor."Flower evil saw that an iron ring gave off five-color starlight, which turned back the mud of the Western gods, and he was more and more admired and ashamed. At the same time, he realized that the cave was well defended, and the ban could not be withdrawn until the scriptures were handed to him. Every floor must be banned and restored from the outer layer first, otherwise, an ambush with a magic weapon will lead to wonderful obstacles, and the hidden magic weapon can also be collected. When the Buddhist scriptures are obtained, the forbidden method will not be broken, and the self-solution ends will echo each other wonderfully. According to this situation, the distracted monk knows that the enemy is fierce, and when the enemy
Shen Tuhong has taken the lead in flying into the door at this moment. Jinxia eats God’s sand, which is powerful and powerful. It is more powerful. It is like a landslide and tsunami. It is deafening, and the starlight of sand can’t be stopped. Shen Tuhong feels that the power of God’s mud is increasing gradually, and God’s sand attracts each other, which gives birth to a very subtle change. I don’t know that the two treasures have their own attraction. If one side is weak, it will be able to merge and grow into one side. Although the western god’s mud is powerful, the monk has already decided that all When it loses its efficacy gradually, it becomes the first treasure in Emei’s seven dwarfs. However, the divine sand, which is made of divine mud, is the same, but it is condensed into a gold nugget. It must take more effort to refine and transport it every day. Although Emei Fairy House has a treasure of heaven and earth, there are many things. The fairy said that the divine mud can be collected, but it did not elaborate. Shen Tu Hongcang suddenly failed to understand it, and the divine sand is Ruan Zheng’s life-related treasure. In addition to fighting evil spirits and completing the fairy industry in other years, the seven dwarfs led Jin Chan, At that time, the situation had been closed down, and I was in a hurry to spend a lot of money to transport my skills for many years. Because Ruan Zheng’s fellow disciples all knew the magic weapon was wonderful, everyone knew that this move was a treasure, and God’s sand was not an indestructible thing. Although people did not die, they were slightly frustrated, but the situation was very dangerous!
Shen Tuhong’s desperate struggle with the power of the magic sand has not changed for the second time along with the suppression and retreat of the Dasheng magic mud starlight, and the removal and prohibition of the flower evil has also succeeded. Once the prohibition of the magic mud is stopped, it will fail. The magic weapon of the magic sand absorption is original. Shen Tu Hongli’s fortune is absolutely fierce, and it’s just right. Shen Tu Hongli suddenly feels that the resistance in front of him is abrupt and loose, and it has not been eliminated. Eating God’s sand is divided into five-color starlight and flying forward, not to mention the obstacles. Be cautious. Although it is expected that God’s mud has been restrained, he still dare not stop to observe and suddenly listen to the heterodox of flowers. "The front is already a monument, and friends are quick to collect the magic weapon. I used to go." Shen Tu Hong heard the news and saw that the five-color starlight of Venus transformed by God’s mud was Be on the alert to receive the divine light and flash back, that is, hide the treasure at ordinary times. The iron ring is faintly surrounded by a circle of extremely fine gold points. I know that the divine mud has been obtained and the divine sand is integrated. I am overjoyed. At the same time, the flower evil has resumed the second floor ban and flew forward to Shen Tuhong to follow it to the end. When I see that the sacred monument is a flat jade wall, there is a foot-long leaf-shaped golden shadow that shines faintly in the jade.It seems that natural life is like a real leaf, and the jade in it is crystal clear. I know that this is the Bayleaf Zen Sutra. I am busy with the worship and sincerely wish to stand up. I also know that the thin jade skin is generally separated by paper, and the Zen Sutra carved on the outer wall is still more than a foot apart. This connection can’t make the jade more solid than a hundred. fine steel can’t take it out unless it is taken out according to the general plan. It’s not easy for people to get it. The enemy will also arrive. It’s really a matter of fact that we can’t finally prepare in advance and take it as expected. Shen Tuhong’s side guard was delayed a little, and great changes took place. When Shen Tuhong was young, it was even more necessary to take away the monk Zhu Youmu, Xuejun Jiang Tiancan, and the lack of mentoring. It is difficult to blame, and it is difficult to be nervous.
After staying for a while, Shen Tuhong saw the flower evil face wall and stood up. First, he pinched the tactic seal with his hand, and the middle finger released a milli-ray of light to the wall and slowly turned toward the leaves. Then he listened to the wall Zen singing, and it was faintly revealed that this was the sound and text left by the God monk. At that time, if his memory was inconvenient, he had to be able to understand it for many years. At that time, when the flower evil arrived early and should be robbed, he would not be able to protect himself. After singing the jade tablet, he immediately changed the Zen sutra and took it to himself. I thought Although the crystal ball is robbed, there are many secrets in the shadow method cave. It is still possible to peek at this Zen singing without listening to it. The two scriptures are also in a bad situation. If you don’t know the details and the God monk acquiesced in the authentic Buddhist brother in the past, it is hard to take away the mana. The end is bound to be a vain effort to harm others and turn to harm yourself. Although the evil is a cult with high mana, the hemp-headed ghost king can know better and be cautious. How can it be so stupid? Now the flower evil has achieved success, that is, it was not greedy and delayed a little before, but it was disabled that day, and the land was short of people. It is said that the enemy should have arrived outside the cave early. How can there be a warning sign? " Fang thought and suddenly heard that there was an earth-shattering earthquake on the top of the cave, just like ten or twenty huge mines erupting at the same time, but the cave was still good and different, followed by the wind and fire around it. The huge earthquake was louder and louder, and the two miles merged into a fierce evil. It is rare to know that Yunnan’s two evils are in phase with each other. Although it is still harmful, it will still be attacked sooner or later, and it will be difficult to break down from now on.
Shen Tuhong’s pious meditation on the evil spirits of flowers is as unheard of as thinking, "This female root bone is beautiful and beautiful, and has this high concentration. It’s really rare that she accidentally made a mistake at the beginning. She has been harmed by years of hard work, and the end is still not ruined by her 14 years of hard work. She is firm and sincere that she can overcome all difficulties and be willing to be martyred, and strive for positive results, which will inevitably destroy both form and spirit, even the Yuan God." Then she thinks of the teacher’s closed group of evil spirits and madness, and though she has to return to her old school, she is The way should not be the same as that of Aconitum, who insists on bullying and taking advantage of danger to seize the evil flower. If we meet in the future, we will never let the net slip. We are thinking about the wind and thunder offensive outside, and we are waiting for it. In a short time, we are suddenly mixed with a kind of music that we have never heard before. It seems that Aconitum’s mother’s voice is fascinating, but it is not good to know that it is not good. Fortunately, her skill is firm and she has not taken advantage of it. Look at the evil flower’s face. At the same time, she has stopped singing in the wall And the outer hole is full of wind, thunder and great flame light, and the walls of the four outer caves are shocked together, and they are about to collapse and become chaotic. They can’t help but throw the two-phase ring outward, and the five-color Venus of the mud and sand merge like a tidal wave, and seal the entrance of the monument room first.
Back to the 259th, I suddenly started to wonder whether the swirling star sand killed the old charm Ling Chengbao and the colorful flowers and rain police were really clever.
As mentioned earlier, Li Hong met Ling Hun and the ape elders helped him get a Buddhist treasure. Xiao Hanshan’s two daughters stole the heart lamp to refine the poisonous hand Moshi, so it was urgent to go to Shen Tuhong first. According to Ling Hun’s statement, Hua Xie made a joint effort to break into the cave. Shen Tuhong first received a gold ring and Ruan Zheng borrowed a treasure two-phase ring to take away a pill of mud from the western merit pool of Daxiong Zen Master’s old-time protection of scriptures. The two-phase ring added a lot of power. With the appearance of the jade wall monument, the Bayleaf Zen Sutra also appeared in the jade wall, and the Hua Xie established the Buddha’s dharma. A milli-ray of light was emitted from the middle finger and slowly turned towards the four sides of Bayleaf. Suddenly, the top of the cave was thundered and the earth was shocked. It’s amazing that Shen Tu Hongzhi knows that it’s two evils in Yunnan who have been refined to see the flower evil. She still listens on the wall. If anything, she can’t help but praise her for her high concentration. In the wind and thunder outside the cave, she suddenly comes with a kind of extremely piercing and sorrowful sound. The method is similar, but she can’t help herself. Fortunately, her skill is firm and she is busy transporting Xuangong Town. Look at the flower evil face. At the same time, the Zen singing in the wall has been interrupted. Suddenly, a burst of fragrant sandalwood has passed. Eyes full of flowers, storms and storms rush forward from the outside to the cave walls, and the cave walls are shocked together, and they want to collapse, and they don’t know the details in a hurry, so as not to be busy. Throw the two-phase ring outward, and the gods and clay are combined into one, and the five-color Venus crazy waves also seem to gush out.
I just wanted to close the tablet room first, and suddenly I heard the flower evil behind me calling out, "Daoyou, quickly collect the magic weapon, and I have got the Zen sutra. At this time, the Buddhist monk dharma has been launched, and then I have an epiphany. Therefore, it is inevitable that the outcome of Buddhism will be difficult, but I will not be able to read the two scriptures before and after. After the solution, I remember that the time limit for robbery has come, and it is difficult for him to attack the great evil method. The time is too tight to say anything. When Taoist friends take away the second half of Bayeux’s talisman, Sanskrit can sing again and make great achievements, and then they can be accomplished. The magic gold ring is the magic treasure of Zen master in the past years. It is simple to remember the six-character talisman in the front hole according to my study of Buddhism, and then it can be carried out by the heart. But this treasure can be used for self-defense. I don’t know. Please learn this tactic seal quickly and send Taoist friends out of I turned around and saw the flower evil for the first time, full of surprises, and secretly praised the magic of Buddhism. It was incredible at this moment that this woman was able to understand the mystery and even the Buddhism in the cave could be heard by her heart. However, it was gratifying to know that although her great achievements were 14 years of suffering and robbery, there were still countless ways to save the flower evil. After that, I passed the Bayeux charm to urge me to learn the magic gold ring method, knowing that it was urgent and difficult. The Zen master had been prepared for a long time, and I saw the six words outside the cave. Because of the prevention of the future, I may have remembered that two Buddhist and Since it is easy to learn, but this female exorcises the temptress, she should learn before she walks. She sees that the Bayeux is shaped like a big green leaf in the palm of her hand, and the symbol handwriting is golden light, faint and auspicious, floating and floating. The teacher has indicated that he will not look closely at the hidden flower evil and set up a tactic to tell the law. Because of the legacy of the Zen master, he left a message and said,"The Taoist friend is not a Buddhist brother, so I didn’t hear the other person’s wind and thunder, and Xiangguang is the power of Buddhism. I still have a chance to talk about it for three or five days, but I will wait until I meet Xie Dade after 14 years of robbery."
Shen Tuhong can encourage you to raise your hand and don’t say "Daoyou treasure your trip and see you again". Take out the gold ring you got first. Try to set up a golden ring to look around your waist, but the Buddha’s light and long-range body are protected by auspicious cages. Knowing how powerful it is, such as the combination of two phases, the demon is not an opponent, such as the flower evil, and the regret is too heavy. You must go through this robbery, and then you can help this woman get rid of the flower evil if you are instructed by your teacher and dare not violate it. The cave full of auspicious light flashes into a second wind and thunder, and Shen Tuhong knows that he is reversing the forbidden method. He is busy rushing to escape the light and feels that the resistance he has passed is as great as a fish passing through the body of the wave. All kinds of auspicious clouds disappear like a gap. Knowing that the flower evils are well guarded and the power of Buddhism is great, the host’s mind is in perfect harmony. This is still intended to let go of more Buddhist treasures for self-defense. I didn’t realize that I flew over the two-story door. At first glance, it was the first floor exit. Suddenly I remembered that "There are two evils in Yunnan outside the cave; I also heard that the evil method of Aconitum is similar, and perhaps the witch is also making a comeback. These two evil spirits are both extremely fierce and grumpy. Both sides cherish the Zen sutra more than their lives, and it is difficult to win it. However, knowing that the orthodox people have already lost their lives and the land is short of outsiders, they have already made great efforts a few days ago. Although these evil spirits are not in a hurry, they still share the same evil. I wonder if the two sides will unite? If you fly out in the sky, you will be attacked by groups, as if you are still invisible. If the two sides don’t conspire, they will start their own fire outside and be happy to hold a stalemate. When the matter is over, they will care about it. If they have joined forces with two evil spirits and are good at magic teaching, it is difficult to remove the temptress by stealth. "
Along the way, the flame was mixed and the flight was delayed until the idea was worked out. The cicada leaves were taken out at the mouth of the cave, and even the protective light was hidden. I didn’t know that when I went outside the cave, I saw that there was a pagoda with various colors on the ground opposite the Pearl River, and there were ten other tall and ugly-looking buildings. God will hold all kinds of strange weapon implements according to the nine official positions. Two of them are tall and fierce, holding Buddhist monk’s knives, admirals and steam wheels. Dharma cards and other instruments: a pretty monk in red sits with two blood flowers, which are also like red chiba lotus petals. There is a bloody flame on each side, which rises towards the maser. Zhang Xu synthesizes the two blood lights and covers the two pretty monks together. There is also a layer of blood halo around the Dharma table, holding a fireboat and a token pockmarked face. The pretty monk sends out a golden brilliance with a length of about 100 feet, and the look on the top of the cliff behind him is very tense. Not far from the front of the table, there is a gloomy cloud and a tragic fog that covers the witch Aconitum and a demon who looks like a ghost Dark green face, no eyebrows on the forehead, as if sick and rotten; A pair of round eyes are angry and convex, and the blue pupil shines directly; High-cheeked, nose-cut, mouth-shrinking, chin-shrinking, wearing green short clothes and shorts, bare and black as iron legs and feet; There is a big dead man’s skull as big as a fist hanging on his chest with a gourd on his back, which hangs in front of the stage like two savage monks arguing about the first demon monk. "Hou Daoyou and I are famous for each other, Jinghe does not make a mistake. I have heard that three Taoist friends have said and done the same thing. When the woman who stole Zen Buddhism became a fish in the net, the master elder brother Zeng Jingqiu saw the video. At this time, the two old monsters were preparing to fight against each other.And the other day, this woman was careless and refused to do what he asked, and she would never stalk us. You don’t need this experience, but she was encouraged to come. If you are willing, as I said before, we will give you two magic weapons afterwards and make friends from now on. Otherwise, please go back to Yunnan for the time being and wait for you. "
Before the words are finished, the monster looks like a ghost, a demon looks like a chicken’s paw, and the strange hand has been raised. The witch seems to be ready to cooperate with the situation. The savage monk also seems to be secretly on guard. Somehow, the demon’s face suddenly changed as if there were some warning signs, and he was taken aback and replied, "My three brothers said that they must change forever. At this time, my eldest brother and my third brother suddenly urged me to go back to my leisure. You two ignorant barbarians are entangled in the total meditation, and I will look for him. It’s not worth your care. You can’t The first savage monk saw that his color was violent and embarrassing, but he couldn’t help but be furious. The monk’s mouth seemed to be slightly moved. He just stopped the demon, and it seemed that things were urgent. Even before he finished his unfinished words, he turned into a green gas to stimulate him and died, such as the lingering sound. People had flown into the distant clouds, but when the witch disappeared, his face became more ugly when he saw the helper. My nose is like convulsions, and I can’t stop moving and yelling, "I can’t reunite with people. My heart is like a knife. I know that doom is coming. I still desperately knew that you would come here. I invited Hou Daoyou to discuss this matter with you. It is difficult to protect my son’s life. I have finally said that you will not listen to Hou Daoyou, but you don’t want to lose both sides. Don’t be stubborn." Suddenly, a sly smile said, "My brother is eager to join hands with outsiders. It’s still impossible for you to join hands. You will blow the air and I will attack the mountain gods and demons for a while and let you go first. If you can’t do it or if someone kills us, will you do it again?"It’s not easy for my two brothers to come here, and it’s still undecided whether they can get what they want, but I’m doomed, and my mana is high, although I haven’t calculated the source yet. I’ve been well prepared, unlike you, an old witch, who dares to be bold when something terrible happens. "
The temptress heard the words and shouted angrily, "I’m afraid you’ve made both sides lose. My son swallowed it. Otherwise, I’ve borrowed the three friends from the real treasure and bones. You’ve tasted great things before, such as sitting in front of the little King Kong. The Zen soul has already been taken by it. This woman will be fiddled with me when I blow her. I have to give words to the Zen sutra. Don’t stalk it then." When Shen Tuhong said, it seemed that after listening to the pretty monk’s tone, he wanted the camera hand to kill diseases and used the invisible magic to go sideways. There is a white bone whistle hanging in front of it. First, listen to the demon whose surname is Hou, and then you will doubt it. The three monsters in the tomb have repeatedly heard the witch say that the white bones are blowing more and more amazing. Previously, the different sad screams must be suspected. No wonder even myself can hardly support the prevention of flower evil. Suddenly, I heard the resentment in my heart and heard the pretty monk shout, "Shame on the witch! Let you talk nonsense first? Want to get to the top of the mountain and get a bargain? It’s just a dream that people will come here for three days and stop, so that you can delay our preface again. "When Shen Tuhong came out, the wind and thunder didn’t stop, and then a little further, he saw another ten gods in the cliff top, and the same instrument in the right hand issued a hundred feet of wind, thunder, pockmarked face and pretty monk’s right hand token demon light to command the fierce attack on the mountain. At this moment, it suddenly flashed that the top of the mountain was still a good heart, and the witch was full of evil, and he still wanted to delay waiting for the top of the mountain by talking. Point the crack and then move the Xuangong to change into the scriptures. The anger of the savage monk’s path is broken, and I feel embarrassed. I can’t help but make a fierce anger. "The savage will stop talking at this time and will take the dog’s life sooner or later!"The other sentence is very harsh with a crying voice. Two pretty monks seem to have a long history. She yells and curses, and her eyes are doomed to temptress. When the temptress finishes, she turns around and shakes her arms, and the evil spirits outside her body immediately inflate. Her gray hair and two hanging paper money on her temples fly up and fly with her. She stretches out her strange hands like chicken feet, and ten black shadows fly out from the tips of her fingers, each of which is hundreds of feet long. She will cover the cliff with holes and cross it, and then she will rush forward like a galloping horse.
Shen Tuhong acted cautiously when he came, so he was afraid that the monks and temptresses had forbidden nets to prevent them from touching. He deliberately went around from side to side and was far apart, ready to attack. Seeing the temptress move faster than knowing that the demon cloud and evil fog had a warning sign in her heart, so she suddenly appeared and shouted, "Know the Uber! Your doom has arrived! "Just at that moment, the reason for applying for Tu Hong is that Emei’s senior brother doesn’t want to hurt the enemy in secret, but he doesn’t want to guard against a blow and leave a future trouble. One now and another, the two phases ring, one fling, the heavenly sand, the early amount of the star, the Tao and the golden awn dance, and the temptress surges out. She could have escaped because of the change of Xuangong, and when Gao Gang just showed up to give her mind, she had a warning sign that someone was lurking on the left. Suddenly, she thought that she had suffered a loss a few days ago because of Li Hong’s I want to take this opportunity to show off my revenge to the savage monk. On the surface, I pretend to do the right thing, so I will arrange evil methods, take advantage of the enemy’s surprise, turn around and grab the soul of my enemy’s life, only to find that the evil star is hidden on the left side, not to see the young child Li Hongtian’s sacred sand, which is an extremely powerful nemesis, and the western sacred mud is even more powerful. Once it is a little bit more powerful, it is a little bit more powerful than thunder. It is a Qi Fei that rushes in when it changes according to circumstances, but it is not easy to escape. When Shen I have also suddenly turned around and raised my hand to catch the two sides at the same time. I was waiting for the temptress to catch a glimpse of the other side as a big-headed linen garment with Buddhist golden light and Xianghui around me. When I was a teenager, the five-color star Tao had taken the lead, and my heart was shocked. I didn’t know that the pressure outside my body was great. I didn’t know it was bad. When I screamed, I had to incarnate and flee, but I didn’t know that this treasure was powerful and dedicated to evil spirits. I died more slowly. This line of work was strong, and I earned the star Tao was excited. IHas been destroyed in form and spirit.
Shen Tuhong knows that the temptress carries many magic weapons, all of which are extremely filthy and vicious, for fear of being wiped out. Two pretty monks pay attention to their own faces and guard the platform, but they are not prepared to take precautions. They will release the flying sword in case of emergency, and even the new magic gold ring will be released. As a result, there are a few ugly ghosts crying and wailing. The golden light from the sand of God has not yet flown to the destroyed Shen Tuhong, but they are still not at ease. They are still designating the golden light auspicious Xia cover to shrink the sand from the Buddha’s light and recover this treasure. It’s not too late for this wonderful fashion. I just broke the two monks’ phase and then went away. Suddenly I heard the pockmarked monk shout, "It’s time for Taoist friends to be ordered to clear the gap at the back of the mountain. It’s time for you and me to have a grudge. We saw that the little King Kong is not bad, and the Taoist friends’ mana is still nai me. When Taoist friends come, I will see that Taoist friends are willing to fake their hands. Besides this witch, your female companion Yuan Shen was taken by her, and he told Taoist friends to go against our teacher’s orders, right?" Shen Tuhong didn’t know that the savage monk only knew that he probably didn’t see the details. Half of what he said was a lie. He was eager to be blindfolded and knew that the magic teachings he held were not bad. It was really hard to break his heart. Although he was surprised, he still wanted to demonstrate a little. He thought about it like a hand and listened to the thunder on the back of the mountain. When he saw that the sun was already early in the west, it was difficult to delay. He shouted, "Daxiong Zen Sutras are left with good luck. If you get it first, you will be an example if you dare to hurt her!" The pockmarked monk hurriedly put in his mouth and said, "We’ll never hurt her. There’s still something to say."Shen Tu-hong knew that it was a pity that the teacher’s immortal show would never be recovered. He was indignant at the moment and saw that the monk was a little timid. He was eager to rush to the back of the mountain, and then he flew away and listened to the monk’s cry and sighed. He didn’t turn around to pay attention to the flying fast, dazzling the black tooth cave, looking busy as the fairy showed, but he didn’t fly near. He went to see that there were ambushes and prohibitions along the way, and he used the barrier of the master’s spirit to go around the dangerous peak in front of the cave from the chaotic mountain.
The deep place in the back mountain of Nawuyadong is very remote and dangerous, and the forest is separated from it. Being short of land, the master and apprentice are eccentric and moody, and they are often strange. It is even more arrogant to rely on the teacher to protect the special students. Therefore, it is difficult for us to avoid Shen Tuhong’s footprints on weekdays. It is also the first time that we came to this place. We used to be surprised when Shen Tuhong was looking for flower evil. The cave is near the west, and it is not vast outside the cave. The three sides of the basin are dangerous peaks and rocks, like jagged teeth, and the situation is black and black. It is very dangerous to ban Shen Tuhong from coming in all directions, which not only prevents the master from being shocked first You see through the long-term use of the method of invisible dry Kun’s big move, and the cicada leaves are stealthily moving forward the other day. First, you are afraid that the master’s mana is high and you will touch the forbidden net if you are a little careless. I know that when you first arrive at the peak, Huang Yun flashes all the prohibitions, and then suddenly removes them from the peak and looks at the Buddha’s light and splendor. Together with all kinds of Guanghua, it is still faintly reflected in the sky. When you know that the two sides are not tied, you immediately go to the peak to find a good hiding place and look at the two dangerous rocks on the opposite side of the cliff. One is beautiful as a fairy. The girls in Tsing Yi are all in their teens, but they are all tolerant. When Lang Xiu saw them, she recognized them as her master. Two uncles, Zhu and Jiang, knew that God Tuo Yi Xiu, Han Xian and the poor God Ling Hun and the ape elders who met in Lingjian, the first pearl, would also look for the trace of the well. Ling and the ape’s parents came to the rescue. Perhaps the old couple Zhu and Jiang, who were hiding in the side, had an appointment all the way. How could they not see each other?
At this time, the sky was broken, and the lack of land did not appear. The yellow cloud screen that had driven away the witch Aconitum a few days ago was released. It was not like that day. In half a day, the black tooth hole was covered with a cliff. There were five strange people standing on the surface of the cloud screen. All of them were yellow shorts and ugly-looking, but their brothers did not shoot five Buddha lights at the screen with their fingers to Xuejun Jiang. The left hand designated one green, one red and two Changhong, which also seemed to cover the two ends of the cloud screen. With the other hand, I was holding a dharma tactic. The five eccentrics were poised in front of me. The screen was silent and dynamic, and they were very calm. Each had a white light to protect themselves, and another five-color treasure gas was lasered out from the center of the screen and distributed into a light wall to block the Buddha’s light in front of the eccentrics. The Buddha’s light was a little short of time, and the Buddha’s light was compressed and returned to the screen. The five eccentrics were now out of shape, but the color light was also quite strong, and they retreated slightly, dazzling and forcibly rushed up. When Zhu Yumu saw this, he It was like this stalemate. When it was dark, the clouds shone all around, and the magic splendor was even more spectacular. Shen Tuhong knew that the sky was broken and the land was lacking, but when both sides were not disturbed, he waited patiently. Xuejun Jiang tried several times to raise his hand and eat all the food. Zhu Youmu stopped until the light wall seemed to know that it was not the opponent who had stopped rushing forward, but blocked the front of the cloud screen. This seemingly declining offensive and defensive Buddha’s light could no longer be a stalemate.
Xuejun Jiang meaning seems to be impatient to scold a way "old monster! Is it difficult for you not to come forward with the shield of thousands of wandering souls? Except as we said before, you will be punished face to face. Although the two of you are on the left side of the road, except for being arrogant and shielding Shuangfeng Mountain this time, it is ok to admit your mistakes. Otherwise, I am not like Zhu Daoyou’s kindness. You’ve made thousands of wandering souls into a life-saving card and your lair is ruined. "Two people in the listening hole replied," Are you afraid of you as my brother? " However, you just happened to be in a hurry for a while. It’s just that my brother will come out to see a height when he is young. Aren’t you afraid that it might hurt me if the detonator is issued? "
When someone shouted, "Don’t talk too much, old monster. Do you know that Jiang Daoyou pitied these wandering souls and forced you two to stand out and refused to tell the killer what you got?" As usual, my husband and wife don’t like two dozen young monks. They have already beaten him to make him think of you. You two old disabled and conceited people who have dared to shelter evil spirits for many years have found the door. You should always point out your ghost doorways so that you can see and hide your head. It’s a shame to go crazy and talk about it. My husband and wife will never help Zhu and Jiang, two Taoist friends, and they need help. They have been here for half a day. My husband and wife don’t want you to start uncovering your turtle shell, so that you can save the two of you from getting ahead. Shen Tuhong saw God Camel B Hugh with Han Xian’s sudden black tooth hole appearing at the top of the cave, but it was only a few feet high, but he said that Zhu and Jiang were behind him, and the peaks were just the opposite. Then he looked back and saw that there was another God Camel B Hugh across the cliff. Xu Xiaofeng stood still and pointed to drink and scold Han Xian, but he didn’t smell it. Someone looked forward at the top of the cliff behind him, but he was aware that it was rare that both of them could speak the same words and deeds. Zhu Youmu had not finished his words and praised B Hugh. "Camel brother! I don’t pick up people cheap old disabled can quickly appear camel body incarnation, five ding palm will you prison hole to grasp to be forced out of this world for no reason. "
Words haven’t finished yet. Wu Ya-dong listened to Zhu You-mu’s words to stop it. Before he finished speaking, he reached out and made five strands of Changhong, which was like golden light flying. He tied the Wu Ya-dong tightly with the cliff top. He flew to the international mouth with the longitudinal escape of light and drank a word "disease". A dangerous cliff about ten feet high and wide, together with the Wu Ya-dong standing in the middle, seemed to be level with the ground, shoveling a crack, making a sound, and getting rid of eating it neatly. First, it was blue and misty, and Burst like hundreds of huge thunder broke out at the same time. The cliff has turned into a hundred feet, and the fire is fierce and evil. It’s never rare for B and Korea to see the small peak surface and the original body at the same time. Haha laughed. "The old cripple used to use all his heart to burst the prison hole by himself for no reason. When I was young, my home could be yours. After years of practice, it was a real fire. Did it ever hurt me?" White cheap mountain wife refined a pure Yang treasure "said Han Xian also peak appeared in the waist hung a black gourd whisking a recruit cliff stone broke out and the fire was suspended and immediately flew to Shen Tuhongxian wonder how thunder and fire converge and do not come loose?This just shows that the fire is still wrapped in a very thin layer of light net, as light as smoke, and the fire is as strong as non-smart eyes. You can’t see any trace. When Han Xian saw the fire fly to the hand, the fire burst into a self-propelled gourd, and the blue light smoke outside the fire was also put into Han Xian’s sleeve. At the same time, the five acts of the opposite cloud screen suddenly flashed and disappeared, followed by the convergence of the cloud screen. First, a group of yellow gas and two green lights flew up. Jiang and his wife caught the light of Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s light and sword’s light, and at the same time, they showed two ugly twin weirdos who were short of their left leg and right leg. They stood side by side and squeezed very tightly. They all looked as if they were very angry and didn’t say anything. When they met, they flew to the small mountain, and they didn’t see much light. Even their hands and feet didn’t move, but they flew surprisingly fast. Shen Tuhong didn’t see how to fly in front of the small mountain. Even Zhu and Jiang’s high mana seemed to be accidentally blocked and they were
It turned out that the sky was crippled and the land was short of hate. Two people rushed towards B and Han, only to find that the other party knew that his nest was destroyed and that Lingshi was really on fire. They were desperately prepared in advance. What they had seen before was that the pale blue optical network suddenly appeared again. Although the hidden light escape method of Taiyi was not as good as that of Buddhism, it could wander thousands of miles away, but it was also quickly and incredibly castrated and almost didn’t get hit by the net. At the same time, Zhu and Jiang saw two old monsters flying to B without saying a word, but they abandoned themselves. The flying sword also eats the yellow gas and two green light, and knows that the way of the two old monsters has been different for years. The two treasures are unique in the side doors of the two schools. They were taken at the ends of the two poles in the past years, and they were about to accumulate into a planet. The true qi was condensed and became green and yellow, and the two colors were clear and turbid. In addition, there is another treasure that is made more powerful by Antarctic magneto-optical. These three magic weapons can’t be broken. Although a mass of yellow gas is so powerful, it can be broken. Once it is shattered, Fiona Fang is full of self-excited atmosphere. Cracking earthquakes, landslides, floods, raging fires, and the destruction of people and animals in this earthquake circle will spread. The atmosphere is as heavy as a mountain, and the creatures will immediately suffocate and die, unless they are separated for a long time. The heavy and turbid air is condensed by rain and wet, and the earth and stone stop. Although the disaster areas are not as severe as before the positioning of heaven and earth, it will take hundreds of years to shake the people outside the circle. Although they are not dead, the disasters are more severe than those at the wave end.
The old monster has always treasured this treasure more than his life. People have never been against the enemy, and for many years, they have been hiding in the cave and mountainside where they meditated. Even the master didn’t let him see the original preparation for the 300-year-old robbery. When he arrived, he went to the junction of two days and made an appointment to fight with several fellow robbers who should have been robbed. This treasure is not evil when people are self-reliant, powerful and high-spirited. When they are arrogant, they are proud and single-minded, they share their feelings with each other. Although the law is strict, they will be It’s hard to protect each other when it’s time, and it’s hard to clean the door once. It’s especially hateful to say that it’s extremely vicious, such as the double Fengshan. Fortunately, the rabbit is willing to bow his head and endure the pain and anger when he meets two people. When he is happy, he will also help him without any scruples. Many people can’t accept that Zhu Youmu had two good friends in his previous life and ate his disciples’ losses and almost died tragically. At that time, he was inspired by indignation and was reincarnated by his teacher’s orders. Emei Prefecture just met the two strange disciples who had caused the On the contrary, when you provoke yourself to escape, you will call for a call because of the delay in value. We will defend the Buddha’s light against the other side of the three treasures in advance, but we will never dare to unexpectedly display it. The husband and wife know that they are as afraid as they are not to create this catastrophe. The Buddha’s light is so wonderful that it is not lost. Therefore, the old monster is still at the beginning of the meeting. I really don’t want to be a doorman, except that they are angry and violent. Although we have a system, according to this magical power, we can’t underestimate it. If the other side is in aHow bad the harmony is! When the demon is hit, the golden light flashes, it will become a robbery, or even the shape and spirit will be destroyed. It is unreasonable to know that the other party seems to know in advance that the highland where the golden light flashes is a large piece of rock and dust. The highland has also shattered a big pit. Look at the sky, the land is missing, and people have flown ten miles away. The golden light flashes and people fly back to their original places. The high-rise sky and a half dust fog immediately dissipates faster than the action. At the same time, everyone’s shoulders emit a colorful light, shining and dazzling, and the air-conditioning is dense
Xuejun Jiang saw that the other party had sent out the treasure refined by the bipolar magneto-optical device, so he cut his legacy Bao Tianlong into two pieces of glittering brilliance, and flew back to the second place. He still wanted to see this treasure desperately, knowing that it was so powerful that both sides stopped fighting and moved quickly. It was a flash in the pan, and Zhu Mu’s mind was micro-moving, but B Hugh had laughed. "I don’t like bullying more than they are, and these two old disabled people can be regarded as a mountain wife. I have to find me desperately, and I have enough to pay the little monk and Jiang Daoyou a magic weapon quickly." After saying it, my body flashed into a golden light and stung the yellow air mass. The air mass had eaten Buddha’s light bag, but I didn’t stop fighting. Tu Hong was an expert. I knew that the air mass was small and heavy as a mountain Buddha’s light. Although I wrapped it and couldn’t see that I could break it, I was about to wear it into the Buddha’s light. Suddenly I heard Zhu Youmu shout, "Brother Tuo can’t be angry, old monster. Although this is their lifeblood, it’s quite a matter for them to send this heavy and turbid thing to the junction of two days to break. But IB Hugh ignored it and still rushed into the room. Zhu Youmu knew that B Hugh wanted to show his magic power and sent this treasure to the junction of two days to destroy it. When he came here, he met a younger brother, Li Ning, who advised him by flying, and he was unwilling to go too far. He was afraid that B Hugh would hold a grudge against the other side and protect the evil spirits. Although the end of the game was removed, Han Xian lost several magic weapons, and even the White Rhinoceros Pond Water Palace where he lived was not guaranteed and made many claims that hatred would not be stopped, he knew that a real master secretly arranged to prevent B Hugh from going to the extreme. The end deliberately rushed ahead and deliberately put things on its own, only to find that B couldn’t bear to wait for a long time and still made a move. When I saw it, I stopped the air mass from rising. I had to exert my strength to specify the Buddha’s light and even the golden light to wrap it together, which didn’t make the capability of both sides rise. The air mass had already turned into a huge ball of light and golden light, and the Buddha’s light and Qi Huanxia Hui, and the two sides went in and out again, and the weather was magnificent.
Zhu Youmu stopped B Hugh from flying away; While thinking, "The two monsters are lucky to eat Xuejun Jiang, otherwise things will be even more unpredictable. At this time, the potential is to ride a tiger, but the last move can’t win, otherwise B Hugh will never be good." Seeing that the sky is broken and the land is short of hands, I know that they will also use the killer Xuangong to change the enemy and then drink "Old cripple! It’s not that we rely on many people to bully you two. Brother Tuo hates you for not being evil, but likes to shelter evil spirits. I want to break the three treasures of your robbery as a warning. I want to force you to discourage you from seeing that Brother Tuo is powerful again. I can’t stop him for hundreds of years’ hard work. If you two change your evil methods and Xuangong, it’s like we have one more person. I ask Jiang Daoyou to stop. Brother Tuo and I will fight the enemy. " At this time, the day is disabled and the land is short of breath. I didn’t expect the other party to know that they were lucky as early as possible. I heard the thought, "I didn’t give up these two magneto-optics, but I was stumped and asked the other side to cut the dragon and set it up. I can display Xuangong changes, chase the enemy, seize the opportunity, and fight for it."Smell speech is preparing, but Xuejun Jiang has to hint that Tianlong scissors are moving back and forth, and the three parties are moving fast and starting at the same time. This is about to fly, and the time is not a moment. Zhu Youmu’s dharma has been ruined. The lack of land just turned two magneto-optical lights to fly up and smelled a flag of sandalwood. At that time, my mind was confused and I knew that it was not good to drink angrily before I went up with a trick. I wanted to try my best and suddenly caught a glimpse of a piece of auspicious clouds. It didn’t look very fast from the side peak of Ran Ran, but it was only when one person stood in the mountains and was shrouded that a statue of Buddha appeared with a circle of Buddha’s head and a violet smile in his hand. At that time, it was full of auspicious splendor and colorful flowers and rain. Full of maser dancing, the situation is very different, and the two of them wake up and feel that the cat is quiet and cool. The previous resentment, anger and anger have gone up in smoke, and those magic weapons have returned to their hands as if the nightmare had just returned and things were going well.
Both of them have the same words and deeds, and they suddenly remembered that the non-Buddhist middleman suddenly showed the magic weapon of the Buddha and Bodhisattva’s golden body and recovered it. If it was not sent, it must have been the enemy’s great spin. The Buddha’s body has been under suspicion for many years, but its reputation and prestige have been destroyed. The magic weapon, together with the golden light of the powerful enemy, B Hugh Yuan God, has disappeared. At this moment, the two of them have been made by Buddhism. With the success or failure of their emotional reaction, the fairy has been delirious at first thought, and the whole body is burning with anger. The previous evil thoughts have been burned by the real fire, and they have finally fallen into reincarnation. Finally, the two of them have been struggling for thousands of years. Bao Guang is still in the dark, and they are busy looking around. B Hugh has returned to his original place. The optical network has been collected in front of him. Together with the separation of rocks, Look at the side peak again, and a stout boy in Geyi can’t help but realize.
It turned out that the two of them had worked out that they were temporarily angry and sheltered from evil spirits, but they couldn’t stop riding a tiger. After the pious calculation, they soon found an adversary to find the door. This fight was actually safe and successful. Just a few days ago, someone in Zhulingjian had just worked out how to learn from the Buddhist scriptures and a companion was a savior. The design attracted people to borrow the charm but refused to be sneaked into the forbidden net to escape. If they had already exported, they could not take it by themselves, and they could not take it out before the time limit. Then they calculated again to save themselves. The high-mana tournament can’t figure out the details, and the more powerful it is, the more she knows. Finally, although this woman didn’t allow or refuse to borrow the symbol, she was very grateful when she helped her get rid of her embarrassment. Maybe she didn’t do anything. Knowing that this woman was willing to borrow the symbol and the enemy arrived, she had to hide the two most hated disciples from the cave and meditate on the surface, so she just released the protective cloud screen and divided the Yuan God into five strange disciples. She wanted to delay the moment to be rescued, but she was stupid enough to pull out the cave and put stones, Vulcan thunder and eat Han Xian. Take away the lost treasure, and the flower evil is the enemy of Fentuo’s desertion. There are many origins. Recently, he refused to borrow the symbol. Because of this, he didn’t send it, and he hoped that his reputation for many years would be ruined. Anyway, it is difficult for the enemy to hurt himself. Anyway, he must fight for the three magic weapons that he relies on and eat the enemy separately. It is extremely resentful, especially hateful. Is it urgent that Yi Xiu wants to destroy the most powerful mixed dollar balloon in the three treasures of future robbery? I thought to myself, "If you are worried, just let’s make this big robbery."It happened that the enemy took back the Dragon Scissors and was about to rush to the Buddha’s body. He didn’t fly from the ground, and his mind fluctuated all over. When he saw Shen Tuhong’s fierce inspiration, he just realized that he was arrogant, leveled his whole body and turned cool. As expected, his skill was extremely high. At that time, he just came here in vain and both of them worshipped and shouted, "My Buddha is merciful!" It seems that a piece of auspicious light passes through the body, just like an awakening, and the whole body is refreshed and refreshed. How can there be any distractions?
I was looking back at the hidden light, and suddenly I heard someone calling from my side, "The old monster Qi Daoyou has benefited you a lot. Today, the Buddha’s light shines, and the rabbit will be robbed in many evil influence. Adding your three treasures to resist foreign demons can definitely harm the talisman. Can’t you put it away?" When I opened my eyes, I saw that I sat down and didn’t kneel next to the previous five people. Two people were added. One was Ling Hun, the other was the ape elder, who had seen each other before. All of them were smiling. There were Taoist priests in front of each other. Naturally, it was necessary to elaborate on the victory and defeat, and there was Buddha’s strength to resolve the bad feelings. I replied with a smile, "Needless to say, the previous ones are illusory. It is a pity that Jiake’s long-distance dwelling has been destroyed by his friend B, so please have a chat in the little disciple’s cave. B Hugh also smiled and said, "Daoyou Fairy House has recovered from Buddha’s light, which means that we are not allowed to go out to watch the battle privately. Although we are invisible, we almost lost our lives when we were exposed to Buddha’s light. Now everyone is in a coma and suffering in the cliff on the side of the peak. It is hard for a young monk to save you and me, but now our temperament has changed and we will never be tired of fame again." Ling Hun laughed. "I can’t tell people today that the Buddha’s light is amazing, and the golden body is reflected by Buddha’s light. I can’t tell you guys and Brother Tuo came together, and even the Emei government heard him vomit for the second time. If I knew this, the old monkey head and I really shouldn’t hide so far away. Wouldn’t it be good to get rid of my poverty and the old ape’s wildness if I hid near and let the Buddha shine? " Han Xian, Xuejun Jiang, etc. all felt funny. Even Shen Tuhong, who has always been eager to see people in the sky, was attracted by him and couldn’t help laughing.
Looking back, I saw that the black tooth cave was still intact and everyone was suffering, so I asked everyone to go with Shen Tuhong. There were seven strange disciples, and his brothers were already in a coma with painful faces. Zhu Youmu said, "Because Shen Tuhong is not a Buddhist, you can’t make the best use of Bayeux, otherwise these western treasures will be powerful and wonderful, and good and evil will be transferred. Even if they turn into ashes, they will return to the original two Taoist friends." It’s a pity that the good fortune is still shallow, because I’m also a robber, and I dare not take it rashly. If the master had known this, he would have received it from the Buddhist mind, and they would have benefited a lot. "As you say, he will release the refined Buddha’s light to seven people."
260. Back to evil, worry about danger, leave the soul and pity the woman’s heart and protect the fairy child.
About a cup of tea, seven people gradually realized that they were in a dream, and they were short of land. They said to the audience, "My brothers should have been enlightened and soared, and their temperament was strange and delayed. Today, many Taoist friends in Qi have been rescued, and you have turned to good fortune. Now you have become friends, and the cause and effect of evil have changed. Fortunately, my nine disciples have to go out of the mountain to practice after a short time. Since then, I still hope that my Taoist friends will learn from each other when they meet. This time, although Qi Daoyou are secretly presiding over it. Shen Erren’s situation is particularly poor. She has been silently transported to see that the Zhulingjian monument hole has been attacked by the savage monk and even the 36-phase demon into the first floor. The Huaxie Zen Sutra has been able to take risks and escape, but this woman is sincere and resolute because she has not yet passed the Sanskrit. She has been martyred and determined to learn to rely on Daxiong Zen Kung II. The third and second floors of the ban have not lost their efficacy, and the storm and the fire are attacking without intention. Unfortunately, we can’t see the inside scene before the first floor of the ban is solved. Recently, this woman refused to borrow a symbol, and no one was ordered to help. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so. Because I was a pretty monk who was good at the crystal ball video, I saw that Shen Tuhong’s Taoist friend had recovered the original forbidden net here after realizing it. He would never see this woman’s ambition, so noble and sincere, and everyone on the road sat idly by. I wanted to go with you and get rid of this woman’
Ling Hun laughed. "You two brothers want to leave me and the young monk, camel couple, Jiang Daoyou and the old ape. Which one is not just like Xian Kunzhong, who talks about man conquers nature? If anyone can go there like this, it will take a lot of effort to raise their hands. Please think about what her former teacher, Fentuo Shenni, is. If she is unbearable, she will never receive the door. I’ll never be expelled again, but I’m willing to encourage you to try to make things right. Don’t say that it’s like her master’s magic will do everything, and she will sit back and watch. Although these 14 years of suffering have been extremely severe, it’s really good for her. Let her go, but the two evils in Yunnan have been rampant in western Sichuan and Yunnan for many years. Although their ending is just a kind of evil in other years, we will eventually get rid of your two brothers, Yunping, the young monk, and the Buddha’s light have been invaded for a long time. These wandering souls are also quite pitiful. When the flower evil is in a crisis, someone else will come to help me and the ape elder Qinling come back, maybe go to have fun. You two can go by her. "B Hugh laughed." Although the master has been strengthened by Buddhism, their grievances are rooted in the nature of Buddhism, and the original cause and effect should not go early. "
Zhu Youmu said with a smile, "Brother B’s redundant master’s mana is high, and it’s hard to move. I don’t want to make the flower evil slightly less bitter and evil. It’s just that things are still dangerous. Because of the quantity, the three monsters in the tomb are determined to think about the magic wave pool, and Li is difficult. Yang Daoyou accidentally told people about eating the ancient gods’ doves. It was learned that the three monsters had made an appointment to go to Dongting Mountain to find Yuewen Daoyou, and then the evil method sent a signal to ambush the magic wave pool and get close to the second monster’s destination. It happened that Yang Daoyou’s place was hundreds of miles away from the magic wave pool, and the ancient god dove and the Buddha slave bird friend immediately slipped out and rushed to the magic wave pool to send a message to the alarm, so that the god eagle told his master to be more alert, and the god eagle master was loyal and knew that the ancient god dove was autocratic. At that time, such zombies and evil spirits looked for things first, and it happened that the three monsters were guilty of their beliefs because of their conceit on weekdays. They were sure to kill rabbits. If someone was brave enough to cover up the stalk, they would find this person first, and it would never be difficult for their predecessors to take away even the souls. If you miss, you will never send it again. Although there are two ways to do this, after all, Yue Daoyou is not easy to provoke, and she is not willing to tempt the witch Aconitum to ask for help again. She has tried to win Yue Wen’s revenge from the big and small monsters. Will it be urgent these two or three days?For many years, the creed cannot be changed, and it has been changed. The witch of Aconitum has come here for a long time. The three monsters flew very fast through the Great Blame Mountain, and suddenly they met with the poisonous hand Moshe and fled back. Speaking of the Qibao Golden Mansion has fallen to his enemy Xiao Hanshan, and two women have broken the magic wave, he has two women, and both enemies have become one. The two monsters know that the Qibao Golden Mansion is also their nemesis, and they are frightened and delusional. On the way, they met the ancient god dove, and naturally they didn’t let go. Don’t let go of the famous three monsters, so high evil method met the nemesis. Even after eating many losses, Yuan Dan was caught by the god dove, and Just after the exhibition of the seven evil spirits of the nose, the dove was defeated, like Yang Daoyou, and he came to trap the two monsters. After the evil method was in a hurry, he had to help the second monster invisibly. However, it will take time for the three monsters to recover from their physical injuries, and it is estimated that the master here is not easy to provoke, and he will wait for the two evils to seize the scriptures before picking up the ready-made ones, otherwise there will be more flower evil crises. "


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