"Send someone to get the elixir. If anyone delays, I want his head."

At this time, Zhu Ji was bent on a panacea to save his life. He ignored some things directly and roared
"Now that the situation is urgent, I believe that the Qingqi general Xue Guike can lead the cavalry to retrieve the elixir as quickly as possible."
Qiu Hai suggested again-
Zhu Jikou way
"I’ll do it for you." Zhu Hongyi sniffed out the room and fell into silence again. Zhu Ji was lying in a hospital bed with his eyes closed. Queen Xiao sat next to Zhu Ji in a phoenix robe. Zhu Hongji observed Qiuhai and Murenfu from time to time, only to find that whether it was Murenfu or Qiuhai seemed very calm at this moment.
"The pursuit of Ji’s adult, Fu’s adult, Jiang’s adult and others requested …"
At this time the eunuch came in again.
"Let them in," Zhu Hongji said.
"Minister JiXuan, Fu Tianqiu, Jiang … Visit the empress and the temple …"
Soon JiXuan, Fu Tianqiu and others came in and made a ceremony, but Zhu Ji lying on the boat with his eyes closed didn’t mean anything. Queen Xiao made a gesture of getting up, and several people were also available to look at the bed. Zhu Ji no longer spoke, and his thoughts were different …
"Master kilometers to news Zhu Ji critically ill lying in bed is dying" general mansion courtyard ning mining minister, wang three people get together, wang took the letter to report to Ning Caichen.
"What about him, Qiu Hai and the King?" Ning Caichen asked.
"If I guess right, Qiu Hai Zhu Ji’s early elixir should arrive at this time," Chen Gong said in a Tsing Yi mouth.
"Mr. Chen’s opinion is indeed true. According to the letter, Qiu Hai said that it was already on the way to ask Zhu Ji for an elixir, but now the court has sent troops to get it."
"Where is the traitor now?" Ning Caichen looked at Wang Sheng with a slight gaze. "Who is the person sent by the imperial court?"
"Xue Gui" Wang Shengdao
"Xue Gui" Ning Caichen came back from Dongyan County with a slight frown. He was conferred the title of General Xue Gui, who was also promoted from a captain. In addition, Huang Zheng, who was stationed in Hangu, was also conferred the title of General "How could the court send him?"
"I heard that Qiu Hai suggested that Xue Gui had already left the city."
"Qiu Hai" Ning Caichen’s frown deepened. During this period, he has been living in seclusion and investigating the Qiu family all the time. Because of his determination, the people of Shushan and Emei must have United with the Qiu family, but to his disappointment, he has not been able to investigate any news during this period. No one in Shushan and Emei has found it.
"Master, I’m afraid Qiuhai is ready to start work …" At this time, Chen Gong’s eyes became serious. "Qiuhai, this old fox jumped out at this time. I guess this is his layout. I’m afraid Zhu Ji has become his chess."
"Master Gonggongtai is right. During this period, I have sent people to find out about Qiu’s family many times, but there is no news. If Shu Shan and Emei are really mixed up with Qiu’s family, the enemy is now dark. We know nothing about the strength of Shu Shan and Emei …"
Wang Sheng’s face is dignified, and there is still a trace of drowning and murder. Wang Sheng has an unforgettable hatred for Shushan and Emei. Ning Caichen’s brow wrinkled into a Sichuan word, and he tapped his finger on the stone table and then looked at Wang Sheng-
"Pay close attention to the news of the palace and check the Red Wing Army. Now that the Yellow Scarf Army has fallen, I want to see who this rebel army is?"
"Yes" Wang should turn around and go out Chen Gong eyes a clot.
Time passed quickly at noon-
"The general’s palace urgently calls the general into the palace."
At this moment, a guard came in and informed Ning Caichen to follow a eunuch.
"I’ll go to the palace to see if I win. You’re in charge."
Ning Caichen’s face changed slightly and then he was fair to Chen.
"General be careful" Chen Gong’s eyes became dignified.
"The enemy will block the water and have means to resist it. Since they can’t wait, I will completely settle with them this time."
Ning Caichen’s eyes became sharp and flashed a tree, and then he went back to the house to change his silver armor and walked with the eunuch to the palace.
"At the end of the Ning Caichen visit positions"
After more than half an hour, Ning Caichen, the royal palace room, came to Zhu Ji’s bed and bowed down and said,
"Come in"
Zhu Jiyuan was weak with his eyes closed and his voice open, and it became difficult to speak.
"Father is a hindrance to things, just let me talk to General Ning." At this time, Zhu Hongyi looked at Ning Caichen and said, "Just now, General Xue Gui came to ask for help and escorted the elixir. On the way back, Huangmenpo encountered a large number of rebels and was surrounded by Huangmenpo."
"Xue Gui was surrounded. How many people did he bring?" Ning Caichen eyes a clot to Zhu Hongyi.
"Ten thousand" Zhu Hongyi arrived.
"Ten thousand, when did I see such a big rebel force in Liang?" Ning Caichen’s eyes became sharp and he looked straight at Zhu Hongyi, who was looked guilty by Ning Caichen for several times.
"General Ning is now in an emergency, and these things will be discussed later. Now it is important to get back the elixir and save the position …" At this time, Qiu Haikou looked at Ning Caichen.
"Yes, I hope General Ning can get back the elixir as soon as possible." Murenfu also said


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