In just one hour, the Cossack cavalry regiment was broken up by the tank division, and hundreds of tank cavalry regiments were raging like human beings! Towyevich’s cavalry division was facing a tank division. The root of the division was where the tiger bit the hedgehog. The sabre in his hand was cut off without leaving a trace. Instead, his wrist was numb and his sabre was knocked off! You can’t even hit a rice pit when you play tanks with a carbine! Armed to the teeth, the battle of the tank division was too cruel and extremely cruel!

It’s bad luck to have no infantry division and artillery division to protect cavalry!
If you are far away, you will be bombarded by gunfire all over the sky. If you are close, you will be shot by crazy heavy machine guns. If you are close, you will rush into the cavalry and fierce tanks, and you will be crushed directly. Groups of tall war horses will be smashed and broken, and then they will be directly crushed into meat by huge tanks.
Tanks rushed from the position, followed by a road paved with human flesh and horse meat, and the whole position was dyed with blood!
In this Cossack cavalry regiment, the tank troops really fought with less than a thousand people, and the root of hundreds of thousands of cavalry was a drop in the ocean. They never fought with tanks. They completely panicked. Then the Austro-Hungarian army defeated Wei and thought about running across Germany. I didn’t expect that it was completely beaten by the German tank division just after entering Germany for a hundred miles!
Cossack cavalry fled in panic!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-six Fatal tank division
Got the grand Kornilov go on the rampage with anger directly kick over the front tea table!
"He has! You are a waste! "
I’m so close! If Tojevich had carried out the order decisively, the German eastern fortress would have fallen into their hands now, because Tojevich refused to attack the Germans. When the German territory was delayed, he was finally driven away by the German tank division. A Cossack cavalry division was beaten out of the water by a tank division in World War I, and a cavalry division suffered more than 30,000 casualties in one day, and many cavalry were directly captured by the tank division, which caused heavy losses! This world war I was more serious than the loss suffered by the cavalry regiment in Mongolia!
But now Kornilov has no time or energy to take care of the Cossack cavalry regiment. A cavalry is fast and can escape the pursuit of the tank division. If you want to escape from the attack of the tank division, you can escape. Second, since the tank division has arrived, it will soon join the Eastern Battle Group. Although a tank division has a small number of troops and limited overall combat power, it can’t stand the fact that people’s defense is super strong and the machine power is super strong. If the tank division strays around the battlefield, it will greatly contain the Germans, and it will be a big loss for itself!
"Command immediately adjust the deployment of artillery division 7, division move to the left to protect our left-wing artillery division 9, division 10 move to the right to protect our right guard against the German tank division sneak attack, pay close attention to our rear and report the enemy immediately! Order our infantry division to protect it! "
Kornilov reached an urgent order. For the ordinary German army, he was not so nervous, but for the tank division, it was different. It was too dangerous. The French Verdun war had already reached his ears. Hundreds of thousands of French troops were destroyed by German tanks. What’s worse, the Russian army? He doesn’t recognize that his army is more powerful than the French army supported by the so-called First Army.
However, although the Russian army is strong, it is seriously lacking in mobility. The Russian army is too slow to respond to the battlefield.
Kornilov ordered for a whole day, when the Russian strategic adjustment was still not in place, the tank division of the Cossack Cavalry Corps almost rushed towards the German eastern front without stopping.
Emperor Tai bypassed the German defense line and directly detoured from the south to the Russian left wing and launched a fierce attack on the Russian left wing. At this time, two artillery divisions of the Russian army still adjusted the road to the left wing, which was almost ten kilometers away. Without the protection of the artillery division, the infantry division simply organized the tank division to advance lightly by relying on the artillery strength of the division. In a short time, the tank division rushed to the infantry division near the Russian position and waved a deadly sickle.
Russian positions were instantly blown up by the tank division, and the Russian troops retreated one after another. At this time, they fought recklessly with the tank division, which was to die!
The artillery division returning to the road had to temporarily stop moving and station on the spot to carry out long-range shelling towards the distant flank positions, hoping to organize the tank division to attack!
However, there are still more than ten kilometers from the position of artillery division to the position of tank division. Such a long distance has almost exceeded the line of sight. The artillery fire is all over the sky, but he doesn’t have eyes. He doesn’t know the tank division, and he doesn’t know the Russian army either. It is also possible to hit the Russian tank division at least. The tank division has superb maneuverability in armored defense, but the Russian infantry division has a blank stare waiting to be beaten
Really hurt the enemy and lose a thousand! There may be more than this number!
A good tank division doesn’t want the Russian army to recklessly kill the Russian army’s position and make a chicken fly a dog jump. Before the Russian army came, it made an effective response and rumbled out of the battlefield.
The whole Russian left wing is beyond recognition. There are broken weapons everywhere. Temporary workers can’t stop moaning and groaning about the wounded.
Kornilov is going crazy. It’s really terrible. He ordered the cavalry division to outflank and attack the German fortress as soon as possible. As a result, the cavalry regiment was unable to restrain the army and delayed the best opportunity. Now he is facing the tank division’s attack and ordered all ministries to deploy and deal with it. Damn the Russian army, it’s not as fast as the tortoise! The root of the Russian army and the German army, which had an absolute advantage, was to use one’s hands tied!
Kornilov had to order the army to retreat for a while and redeploy the battle. This time, Kornilov pushed his six artillery divisions to the forefront. Once he attacked again, he would destroy the dilapidated military fortress with the fiercest firepower, and then launch Cossack cavalry to kill the remnants of the German army in the tank division. Even the two artillery divisions that were scrapped must be killed! Tanks are too much of a threat to the army!
However, at present, the number of Russian heavy artillery is insufficient, so it is difficult to complete it. We can wait for the further arrival of Chinese reinforcements, but there are still two regiments in China that have not arrived! At this time, the commander of the cavalry regiment, Tojevich, has also completed a major battle to rectify the cavalry. If the tank division appears in front of the cavalry regiment again, I am afraid that no cavalry has the courage to attack the tank division head-on. The gap is too big. This is the natural nemesis of cavalry! Facing the tank division, there is not even a chance of winning!
Emperor Tai led the tank division to safely withdraw from the German fortress. When he met Pulitwitz, Pulitwitz thought that he was suddenly ten years old. The former burly and high-spirited general was suddenly old because of the war these days, and his life was overdrawn under the pressure of Mount Tai.
Several senior generals met Liplitwitz and asked, "Taidian, how soon will the Ninth Regiment be able to reach our eastern front? Once the Russian army is ready to attack our fortress again, even with the help of the tank division, we can’t hold on for a few days. After all, the strength difference is too wide …"
The emperor said indifferently, "General Plitwitz, please rest assured that our country has a developed railway to unify a regiment. We will send follow-up reinforcements as soon as possible. Hey, hey, isn’t it a million Russian troops? Even a million French troops are not our opponents. What’s worse, a small Russian army?"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty-seven Hindenburg strategy
I didn’t let the emperor wait too long with Pritwitz, and soon Hindenburg led the ninth regiment to the eastern front. With the ninth regiment joining the German army, there were nearly 400,000 people. Although the Russian army was still in an absolute disadvantage, its combat power has gradually been pulled to a close position.
Hindenburg’s arrival encouraged Emperor Pritwitz a lot, but Hindenburg, a famous German expert, was outstanding in tactical command, and it would naturally be best to have him as the commander of the army.
It was the German army that sent more troops, and the Russian army also sent more troops. Behind it, a Russian legion also quickly advanced to the eastern front, and it would take four or five days to reach the eastern front in early one week, and there was a Russian ninth regiment not far away. Only these troops could never win.
Emperor Taitai naturally hopes to be able to kill the enemy on the battlefield and establish an immortal feat. Emperor Taitai relies on his tank division to be sharp and has been eager to fight again in Plitwitz. He is self-serious and insists on sticking to it until the war on the western front is won and lost. ludendorff’s army will greatly support it and then care about it. Two people have differences on this issue
Hindenburg’s eyes were fixed on the map and he wanted to fight a battle, but the question now is how to fight this battle. If you want to start a fight in a week, you must fight before the Russian reinforcements arrive, so you can still win. Maybe if the Russian army adds a legion, it will exceed one million people. The strength difference is too great. Moreover, the battle damage of the Pulitwitz army after this period is too serious. The base has exhausted its combat power and can fight, so it will have its own ninth regiment tank division. Together, it will be less than 300,000 people! It’s not a big problem to defend yourself, but it’s too difficult to win!
And 200 kilometers away is the ninth regiment of the Russian army, which is the elite main force of the Russian army. It can threaten the German flank at any time. If you are not careful, you will be surrounded by the Russian army, and that is the danger of annihilation!
Hindenburg sink a way: "General Taidian Pulitwitz wants to fight against the Russian army, but we need to plan well. First, we must end the whole battle before Russian reinforcements arrive; Second, we must get rid of the threat of the Russian Ninth Army, which is only two or three hundred kilometers away from us. It takes three days to reach us, which poses a serious threat to us and we are surrounded by many dangers. Third, we must find out exactly which unit of the other side is going to kill. It is impossible to hurt ten fingers and break one finger! "
"Say yes to General Hindenburg!"
Pritwitz replied, "If we want to attack Taidian, we must solve the ninth regiment of Russia! Otherwise, there will be a sharp knife hanging from our flank, which may hurt us at any time! "
The emperor was too impatient and asked, "what should I do?" Two generals, what do you think should be done to solve this threat of the ninth regiment? Do you want Conrad to continue to send troops to contain the ninth regiment? "
Hindenburg shook his head and replied, "The power of the Austro-Hungarian army in Taidian is so poor that it can’t play any role. The ninth regiment of the Russian army is a rare elite force in Russia. It is not easy to throw off the Austro-Hungarian army after entanglement."
The emperor said angrily, "What do you think we should do?"
"This …"
Hindenburg hesitated for a moment and replied, "Tell Conrad to continue to send troops to advance the Austro-Hungarian forces they nest to the ninth regiment, and order the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th divisions of the ninth regiment to move towards the southeast, causing the Austro-Hungarian empire to work together to panic in the illusion of the ninth regiment. The main Russian army will inevitably divide its forces to the southeast, and this time we will eliminate them as reinforcements! Now Austria-Hungary still has 300,000 troops, plus we have sent four divisions and 10,000 people, which is enough to pose a great threat to the Ninth Regiment. After all, his Ninth Regiment has only more than 200,000 people to fight against the Austro-Hungary case, but if the Germans help them, they are definitely no match! Kornilov absolutely dare not sit back and ignore the dispatch of troops to help, then it is expected! "
The emperor hesitated too much and asked, "General Hindenburg, in this case, it is absolutely not enough for us to send four divisions to destroy the reinforcements of the other side. Besides, we will be in a situation of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis if we let others encircle us!"
Hindenburg laughed. "Temple, you’re overrated. If I guess right, Kornilov will send cavalry regiment to rescue the ninth regiment again. The cavalry regiment will come and go like the wind, but it can be rushed to the ninth regiment in the shortest time. They will make a crazy attack on our fortress! Because there is also a time when the fortress is in the weakest stage of strength, it will take longer to strengthen the attack? "
It’s also another attack. The cavalry regiment can’t ride a horse and want to launch a charge without courage, can it? In that case, you’ll die, and you won’t stand a fart!
Hindenburg went on to say, "And once they sent the cavalry regiment to help, the main force of the remaining Russian army marched slowly to death, which was too far from our German army. Our tank division could rush out of the fortress at the first time and rush into the cavalry regiment with four infantry divisions, and immediately meet the Cossack cavalry regiment to the north. It is still possible for one tank division and four armored infantry divisions to finish eating their cavalry regiment!"
Empress Plitwitz looked at each other and asked, "Well, if Kornilov didn’t send cavalry corps to help, but sent infantry corps to help, wouldn’t we be miscalculated?"
Hindenburg laughed "sent infantry rescue? Then we’re really wasting time with the ninth regiment! The elite main force of Wan Dejun plus 300,000 Austro-Hungarian troops will eat up their ninth regiment, and it won’t be too much of a problem. How fast can they help the troops faster than our tank division? Our choice is not the Cossack cavalry, and the 200,000 ninth regiment will be taken away by our department! "
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixty Afraid of him coming!
"good! Just do it! "
The emperor got excited and jumped up and cried
Aside, Pritwitz shook his head and smiled bitterly. Although the plan is good, it is also quite risky. I really don’t know where they got such great confidence!
But both of them have decided to take their own strong support. Anyway, the sky is falling and there is still a high top. It’s not their turn!
The next day, I got a joint report from Emperor Taitai Hindenburg. Conrad learned that the Germans were going to send four armored infantry divisions to help him attack the ninth regiment. I was so excited that it was finally my turn to take revenge.
These days, it’s too timid. Those royalty in the country are going to scold themselves to death one by one, forcing themselves to re-enter Russia in an attempt to retaliate, but they have been unable to make this determination. More than 300,000 troops in World War I have weakened the Austro-Hungarian Empire army. Although the current strength still exceeds that of the Russian army, he is always nervous in the face of Russian military strength.
Now, the Germans are willing to send four outfitting divisions to help him with four main outfitting divisions, that is, ten thousand people, so what are you afraid of?
Conrad reached the order at the first time, and all the troops marched towards the territory of Russia as close as the ninth regiment!
More than 300,000 Austro-Hungarian troops once again forced the commander of the ninth regiment, kaledin, to face the advance of the Austro-Hungarian army. This is a group of rookies. Even if they have more than 300,000 troops, they can’t stand themselves. Even if they can’t protect themselves, they are more than enough.
But the news made him sit still a little, because tens of thousands of German troops suddenly left the eastern fortress and approached southeast!
According to the intelligence, this is four infantry divisions equipped with a large number of artillery! In order to ensure that the Germans have a strong firepower advantage, Hindenburg gritted his teeth and pulled out two self-propelled artillery brigades from the ninth regiment again, and the total force was approaching 100,000!
Kaledin is a little pale for the Austro-Hungarian Army, but he can’t underestimate the German Army, which is a very powerful force. At one time, the western front beat the French army and couldn’t find a tank division on the northern eastern front, so he killed a whole cavalry regiment and went belly up and fled everywhere!
Now I’m going to be persecuted by the Germans!
"Immediately send an urgent request to General Kornilov to urgently send an army to help the ninth regiment. Once we are encircled by the other troops, we will be in danger!"
Kaledin urgently ordered that he had another way, that is, to retreat to the northeast and give up his station to avoid fighting, but this foot is Russian territory. If he retreats without fighting in the face of the persecution of the Austro-Hungarian army, Nicholas II will tear himself alive!


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