Su Li almost protected the spiritual source equipment except his right arm and left hand. No matter how heavy the rain is, it will not get soaked.

The lion and the tiger brigade are also ready in the rainy night.
Through the lighthouse, the sun ball releases soft light, and everyone can clearly see the heavy rain all over the sky. The atmosphere in the whole ancient city is very solemn.
But I didn’t expect that the ten-man team built by Ronaldinho didn’t come back and the monster didn’t appear until the rain was late.
"It’s strange tonight," Gean muttered and then looked at Su Li. "Why don’t we go back first and we can’t wait here all the time?"
After Su Li nodded, everyone went back to the house except for a few scouts.
Leaders such as Su Li and Ge ‘an also got together. Tonight, the situation is special, and everyone can’t be careless.
This room is very large. Ge ‘an will arrange a conference room in the center, and a large desk will be placed with a large calendar. At this moment, the back of this calendar faces the equivalent of a piece of paper. There is a person drawing the edge on the back of this calendar, and several people are explaining the conversation in detail.
Su Li came over and realized that these people were drawing the map, and the central area was the three peaks of Longqiu Mountain.
Ge An said, "Brother Su, have you found anything today?"
Su Li shook his head and said, "Today, I found that I mainly went to the northeast. I originally wanted to return to the area of Nanjiang City again, but I didn’t think that there were a lot of eggs floating in the water. Always don’t get close to the restricted area."
He can’t say that several people went to Yuping Peak and stayed in a strange and bizarre world for half an hour. As a result, most of the days have passed, and he was able to pull up "Nanjiang City". He came from the direction of "Nanjiang City" that day and was familiar with that area.
When it comes to "Nanjiang City", Su Li suddenly thought of the eggs that came out from the bottom of the water that day. These days have passed and I don’t know what changes these eggs have made. What is the situation of "Nanjiang City" now, but it is certain that it will be extremely dangerous and you can’t just enter it.
"Eggs?" Gean slightly surprised.
Su Li said, "The eggs in the abyss may hatch some terrible monsters."
At this point, he is worried that if these abyss eggs drift along the flood to Longqiu Mountain, it will be in big trouble.
Fortunately, "Nanjiang City" is more than one hundred kilometers away from here, so it should not be there for the time being.
"I know that drawing all these’ Nanjiang City’ is about one hundred and fifty kilometers away from us in a straight line, where the restricted area is marked with’ Abyss Eggs’"
Gean carefully told the man who was drawing a map to nod while holding a ruler in his left hand and carefully drawing the paper.
This man is obviously a master of drawing. Su Li saw that the map was beautifully drawn. Several people around him went to explore today. The leaders of several teams told their experiences today one by one, and then this man would draw the map.
This is still a map that will become more and more detailed as the scope of exploration around it becomes larger and larger.
At the moment, I am reporting on today’s exploration. It is a young man who belongs to the "Lion Brigade". Su Li has a little impression on him. His name is Gu Fan, and he was the leader of the ten-member team of the lighthouse in the Guard Square.
Now it is obvious that he has been promoted. Today, one of the teams is headed by him.
Although he used to be a ten-guard, his skill is extremely outstanding. He has performed well in the past two nights and already has a leader-level combat power station. Today, he also led a team.
"We went all the way to the north of Longqiu Mountain and saw some star buildings that were not submerged, but no living people were found."
On the other hand, Song Shipeng said, "I remember that Longqiu Mountain is due north, which should be the junction of Erlang County and Huaiyang County, which is about 60 or 70 kilometers away. There is a seat in Niutou Mountain at the junction of the two counties."
Gu Fan nodded toward him and said, "We saw the Tau Mountain far away today, but it was not near. According to our observation, there should be a human force there. Of course, we can’t rule out that it was forgotten by the Terran. We left without their contact."
Gean nodded slightly. "If you do well, you should be cautious. Now you can be sure that there is a force in Niutoushan, which is due north. There is a force suspected of human power or forgetting Terran."
The map maker, according to what they said, has mapped out the location of Niutou Mountain.
"We went to the southeast for about forty or fifty kilometers today, and as a result, we saw a huge skull floating on the water, and we could see the skeleton monster moving faintly inside, so we immediately returned."
Today, one of the teams is led by Ge ‘an’s deputy Wang Lin, and now he also reports the situation he has detected today.
Listening to Wang Lin’s words, Su Li and Gao Shengyi looked at each other and thought of the skeleton family.
On the same day, when they left Nanjiang City for Longqiu Mountain, they saw a giant skull floating on the water. This skull family’s lair was later besieged and attacked by humanoid fog creatures, and the result was that they didn’t know.
Now it seems that this skeleton family has got rid of those humanoid fog creatures and is 40 or 50 kilometers away from Longqiu Mountain. If the other party is still floating here, it seems that it will not be long before it can reach Longqiu Mountain.
However, with the reality of the ancient city, I am not afraid of Su Li, a skeleton family. Several people are still relatively calm.


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