The sea fought fiercely for three days.

On the third day, the deck of Fengyun killed countless sea animals, and the sea was red and bloody for several miles.
Even a large array of protective decks and hulls were covered with dark red blood after a fierce battle.
Sun Hao deliberately manipulated the rotation of deck monks to get a rest, and now he still has good combat effectiveness.
After three days of fierce fighting, the top battles between the two sides also slowly separated the advantages and disadvantages.
The colorful dolphin is worthy of saying that it is a matter of time that the biological blood magical power has won one enemy and two still occupy the wind and cloud, and the two then great powers can be firmly suppressed by it to win.
Luo Pengfei’s combat strength is a bit unexpected to Sun Hao.
After three days of fierce fighting, the Nanyang overlord golden shark has been a little weak, and the quality of attack and defense has dropped, while Luo Pengfei is still alive and kicking, and he has gained a big advantage to win.
The advantages and disadvantages of the two top regiments are completely different, and which one wins or loses first may really determine the direction of the war.
Sun Hao, a god, observed the thoughtful faces of the two chapters and smiled clearly.
Not surprisingly, the two warring factions will almost win at the same time.
If so, it will be a very interesting result.
Perhaps the moment when the two warring factions win or lose is the moment when many questions are revealed.
Friar Tsukiji’s advance and retreat in the Fengyun battle have been well documented, and he has kept a good fighting capacity. If Sun Hao does not make mistakes in command, the battle will continue.
Sun Hao’s display of sustained fighting ability once again surprised the monks of Fengyun.
After a few days of fierce fighting, his monks took turns to rest, but the four of Sun Hao’s small team in the main array continued to fight. The three of them maintained a good mental state and it was easy to understand. After all, it was not very long, but Sun Hao’s performance made everyone sigh.
Sun Hao always controls the array for a few days, not to mention that his mind will be tired, but so far, in everyone’s eyes, he is smiling and leisurely at the end of the year.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-five God Dolphin Elegy III
(Today, at six o’clock in the third chapter, there is a difference of more than one recommended ticket in the fourth chapter monthly ticket, and one can be added.)
The Great Naval Battle Bureau really developed as Sun Hao expected.
After another half-day war in Lei Yun, I remembered a series of roaring explosions. The huge body of the colorful dolphin jumped and its huge tail whipped up layers of ripples into the thunder clouds.
"Pa" a explosive accompanied by two stuffy hum.
It’s another burst of Lei Yun craziness.
Two charred human bodies came out of the thunderclouds at a rapid pace, staggered and rushed to Fengyun at a rapid pace.
At the same time, the huge wave Luo Pengfei rode a huge golden shark and blew out the golden shark with one punch. A huge eye was blasted with one punch, and his mouth opened with a moan. A series of blood came out of the sinking sea.
Luo Pengfei strode across and rushed to Fengyun.
Fengyun, two elixirs, entered the array quickly and dared not neglect crossing their legs and sitting on the mast, taking out elixir and stuffing it into their mouths.
Seeing the image of the two mighty monks, Godsworn Tsukiji, could not help but be surprised by Qi Qi’s heart.
The wind and the clouds are in a bad state at this time.
The beard and hair are burnt, the roots are erect, the face is gaunt, the body is unstable, and there are still many wounds, tears and blood flowing out of them.
Wind Shaoyu’s left hand and right hand all hang softly, and the golden blood drips down the sleeve and onto the deck.
The two then defeated and had to flee back to Fengyun.
The Lei Yun storm slowly followed, and the huge body of the colorful dolphin floated. The dorsal fin in front of Fengyun released a layer of white ripples visible to the naked eye and fell into the sea.
In the sea, the huge body of the golden shark floated up, and the white ripples rippled and fell. The wound of the golden shark quickly healed, and a golden shark sprayed a water arrow into it, which regained its combat capability.
Luo Pengfei also flew back to Fengyun, and stood with a cut face. "Brother Feng and Brother Yun, are you all right?"
Wind Shaoyu nodded and then said with a heavy face, "Peng Feili should guard against me and recover when the day needs a little."
Yun Tian has closed his eyes and pranayama.
Luo Pengfei nodded and said "good" and then his face was a little hard to look "but I’m afraid it’s hard to stop the colorful dolphins."
Wind feather gently said "try your best"
Then the wind less feather also closed his eyes to recover.
The huge colorful dolphin slowly approached the golden shark, half a fish head behind it, and the huge waves followed them as they approached Pengbai and hit Fengyun.
The Fengyun waves are falling together.
Three feet away, the colorful dolphin slowly stopped moving forward outside the large array of Fengyun escort boat, and the whole boat seemed to hear her say, "Let my son break his arm and hand him over, so you can wait for him to die."
The colorful dolphin ripple is amazing. Although she didn’t say who would break her arm, everyone knew that she meant Brother Fengyun then she wanted every brother then to break his arm to apologize.
Although the colorful dolphin didn’t point out who to hand over, it was natural for everyone to come here for nothing. The colorful dolphin refers to Zhong Xiaohao
The wisdom of colorful gods and porpoises has made this request direct at the core five then real people. Needless to say, it is the main fighting force of Fengyun, Zhong Xiaohao’s battle array, and it is also the main means to lead Godsworn Tsukiji to fight against sea animals.
If Fengyun promised her that the conditions were almost instantaneous, most of the combat power would be disintegrated.


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