"And you can enter different small worlds from the tower at the same time. The progress of these small worlds does not affect each other. There is a second small world that is special. That small world has its own way of operation." Linglong said two more words when he looked at the good mood.

"So I understand and thank my friends …" I got Linglong’s detailed response to the Baiyun Tower and thanked them.
Exquisite nodded slightly and pulled the little flower into a cloud to escape into the small tower.
"In that case, let’s watch it together …" When talking, Baiyun Tower looked Ziyan pool and Ziyan nodded.
Zhao-yang Xia is looking forward to sitting aside and setting out a spirit force to explore Ziyan at the door of the small Tata, and then exploring into the spirit force.
"Will Aly join us?" Baiyun tower turned to the little red bird and asked.
Aly nodded again and again, and the master elder brother wrapped up his knowledge and fled into the exquisite small tower.
Stay in front of the eyes to restore innocence. Yunlou is seeing Xia Shimei and Ziyan standing in front of a chaotic cloud and watching.
It seems that Linglong has gone crazy with Xiaohua Ling and forgotten all the business.
"Chaoyang Ziyan, you can recite this name number and re-enter the tower again, so it won’t be like this."
Just thinking about the Baiyun Tower, I read to the two school sisters that "the small world in this tower is derived from the refining of Elder Martial Sister Qingchi, which hides a lot of magical skills. Elder Martial Sister Qingchi will hide the small world in this tower if it is inconvenient to give it directly."
"Second Senior Brother, I accidentally got a crystal clear seed in the second small world, hiding a skill called concentration tactic, so I’ll give it to two school sisters."
After reading Baiyun Tower, I gave the tactic of concentration to two school sisters.
"By the way, it’s a wild little world. Fierce birds and beasts are very powerful. If the law hides, it may directly attract fierce birds. As soon as Aly and I enter, it will attract a powerful demon bird." Baiyun Tower finally woke up.
"tweet … yes, it’s okay to escape quickly or it will be miserable" Aly couldn’t help sighing.
"Aly … you can talk?" Zhao-yang xia surprised way
Ziyan indifferently said, "It should be because of the small world in this tower." He said that chaotic clouds left the name "Ziyan"
At this time, the clouds in front of several people churned for a while, revealing a star screen and a few lines of fine print.
The exploration of the first floor and the second floor of the small building has broken the boundary.
13% of Aly’s first floor and second boundary exploration has broken the boundary.
Ziyan’s exploration of one layer and one boundary has not broken the boundary.
"Hey, I haven’t seen this star screen yet." Aly said in surprise.
"It should be exquisite refining these two days, so it’s clear that this degree of exploration … so Aly should explore many places when he enters the tower alone." Baiyun Tower thoughtfully asked.
"Yes, it’s a pity that I didn’t find anything strange. It’s the second incarnation of a demon bird. Several birds didn’t know the god bird …" The little red bird shook and became a demon bird more than ten feet in size.
"Such a big breath is also very strong …" Xia Chaoyang looked at the little red bird incarnation and was surprised. Then he also read the screen of stars and left his name.
Chaoyang’s exploration of one layer and one boundary has not broken the boundary.
"Little Chaoyang seclusion …" After sensing that the light curtain of the stars showed the message of four people, the clouds around several people faded and quickly woke up to Xia pool.
Immediately, the Baiyun Tower also turned into a demon bird with a size of several feet.
"Wow, master elder brother will change. This is too big …" Zhao-yang Xia was surprised but didn’t forget to cast his hidden avatar and converge his breath.
Ziyan has long been in seclusion, looking at the scattered clouds.
When the clouds cleared away, it appeared in front of a few people that Baiyun Tower, a tall and continuous mountain peak, had a bad feeling at once.
Just then a surprised decepticon roared through the sky.
I knew it wasn’t that simple. I and Aly used this experience to incarnate the demon bird. I didn’t expect that this time there would be a beast site or a den. This is simply a provocation to these monster beasts
Baiyun Tower doesn’t say much, just read it to the two school sisters and let them continue to hide their shapes and find out if they go back.
The little red bird has spread its wings and turned into a red light to fly away at a high speed in the distance
After reading, Baiyun Tower immediately spread its wings and took up bursts of broken sounds and fled to the oblique side.
Two-dimensional monster birds fly separately and escape from each other for more than ten miles, and they are stared at by powerful monster beasts. The roar of the two beasts rings again, and with strong shock waves, the half-day tremor has a virtual shadow.
Aly’s body trembled and was almost shaken down on the spot, and he regained his stability. When he turned around, he brought out the true fire and forced a passage in the shock wave, and a fast rotating fire line fled outward.
Seems to be angered by Aly’s heterogeneous breath. In the mountains, several roars broke out one after another. A gibbon with a size of more than ten feet jumped up and jumped for more than ten miles. Before stopping the fire line, he opened his hand to grasp the red light.
"Snow" a little red bird turned into a fire line and directly penetrated the great ape’s big hand and disappeared into the sky in a flash.
In situ left a stuffy hum.
Most powerful monsters are attracted by the smell of little red birds, and Baiyun Tower incarnates demon birds, so they are not noticed.
After firmly carrying the shock wave, the wings of Baiyun Tower were displayed and the magical power of demon birds was broken directly.
"What kind of small world is this? These monsters are too powerful. There are dozens of high monsters …" Although Xia Chaoyang hid his body, he still habitually shrank a big stone and read to the teacher elder sister Ziyan.
"The master elder brother just said that this is a wild little world, and most of the animals and birds are refining the flesh. The master elder brother doesn’t have these monster beast shapes and even wants to give Younger a surprise." Ziyan sat on the top of the boulder and smiled and read to Xia Shimei.
"Hey, hey, it’s really fun here … master elder brother and Aly are so fierce that the flight speed is so fast …" Xia Chaoyang sighed.
Just finished saying this sentence, Xia Chaoyang felt bad when he arrived at the master elder brother. He was a little relaxed and forgot to read it and said it directly.
Sure enough, the words just stopped and another tiger roared.
Moment a dozens of zhangs Gao Hu demon appeared on one side of the peak impressive breath directly locked the Chaoyang Xia as if immediately will be swallowed up.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-four Fantasy phase
Half-hidden figure returns to Baiyun Tower. Seeing this scene, I can’t help but pull the corner of my mouth and plan to rescue it, but I stopped my figure in an instant.
Tiger demon roared from the big stone plate and sat in the palm of Ziyan’s hand, and at the same time a crescent moon appeared, and the golden wheel of cold light moon was also revealed.
The moon golden wheel shows a strong breath, and it will stop when you see the vision in front of you.
See Zhao-yang Xia was the tiger demon breath a shock spirit force burst into a unique breath involuntarily roars at the tiger demon.
Dragon roar!
Circles of shock wave cover fell on the tiger demon.
The tiger demon Zheng seems to be locked by a powerful rule force, and the breath fluctuation bursts finally smooth.
At this time, the great ape in the distance galloped and raised his palm to shoot a figure as big as an ant. I didn’t want the tiger demon to shoot a claw directly, and the great ape shot several hills and started a puff of smoke.
"Hey, the big tiger has become a demon pet?" Zhao-yang xia some vacant although mind feel that tiger demon loyalty goodwill but still some asked uncertainly.
The tiger demon quickly ordered two heads and growled, then slightly lowered his head.
"Go to Chaoyang, let it show you around now that it has collected the tiger demon." Baiyun Tower said something to Xia pool.
"Good senior and senior sister Xiao Chaoyang went for a stroll first, hey hey". After hearing the reply from the senior brother that Xia Chaoyang was in a big mood, he flew up and jumped up, and the tiger demon flew away with the tiger demon on his head.
As the tiger demon is away from the peak here, it is quiet again. The Baiyun Tower flicker and falls on the big stone body, and a seclusion circle is laid around it, so it is now born.
"Ziyan has something to say, you know … the origin of Xiao Chaoyang", said the Baiyun Tower just thoughtfully.
"Oh, brother already knows?" Ziyan asked doubtfully.


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