But in fact, there are two people who persist in the unbearable coercion and become stronger and stronger.

Windson can feel that his body is constantly strengthened when he climbs the giant horn. Windson can vaguely feel that there is a strange energy in the giant horn to help him strengthen his body.
However, due to the huge angle, the energy is not suitable for fast, and it is not a lot. However, if Lin Feng keeps climbing with strenuous exercise, this energy will continue to enter Lin Feng’s body.
And if windson stays in one place, the energy from the giant horn will disappear less and less.
"It’s no wonder that this giant horn can be used as a place to exercise a young unicorn." Lin Feng secretly thought in his heart.
Windson looked up at the distance from the top of his huge horn, then his eyes were full of firmness, and then he continued to climb to the top of the huge horn.
But bent on climbing windson did not notice that the original coercion was very uncomfortable. Now Xiaotian has climbed the giant horn.
But at this time, Xiaotian put his body tightly on the giant horn and did not move.
Xiaotian’s eyes don’t know when they have closed, but it seems that he no longer pays attention to everything outside, while Xiaotian’s neck keeps flashing a little green light.
If windson can feel more acute, then windson can find that the strange energy of the giant horn keeps rushing towards Xiaotian and the speed is faster than windson.
Of course, all this windson didn’t know that windson had put his mind to climb the giant horn now.
Lin Fengxian’s hands are already shaking and his face has become distorted. Lin Fengxian feels that he is already a little out of force. He really wants to have a rest.
But windson can clearly feel the energy from the giant horn pouring into his body, and his body is strengthened by a little bit. This feeling makes windson very addicted.
But windson looked at his trembling hands and sighed, then closed his eyes and recovered his physical strength.
Windson’s body became calm, but his hands were still shaking, which made Windson very resistant, but there was no way for Windson to do it.
Patiently restored his physical strength, and then Lin Fengxin gradually became calm. He opened his eyes and looked at the top of the huge horn, knowing that it was a long time for him to climb the huge horn.
Although Lin Feng also wants to make his body go further in a short time, Lin Feng also knows that this is impossible. After all, the meal must be stuttered and the body must be strengthened step by step.
Although the length of the giant horn is nothing to the god-level strong, it is difficult for the god-level strong to climb because of the special coercion, although the giant horn is not very long.
Windson took a rest and recovered his physical strength. He saw one in the arena but didn’t find Xiaotian.
Want to know windson is a’ big font’ absorbed by the giant horn. There is no way for windson to see the giant horn Xiaotian, which makes windson Xiaotian have chosen to give up.
"Alas, did he insist on giving up himself?" Windson heart couldn’t help having some disappointment. He didn’t expect Xiaotian to have left.
And Xiaotian, the giant horn, didn’t notice Lin Feng looking for himself because he closed his eyes, which has to be said to be a sad story.
Windson tidied up his mood, then punched himself, refueled himself, and then tried to climb to the top of the giant horn. Now he has felt that his energy has weakened a lot.
In order to make your body better, faster and stronger, Lin Feng did his best, and the veins stood out in his arms, which showed that Lin Feng was struggling to climb.
Although climbing is slow, the forest air height is not constantly high.
Windson has worked hard to gradually understand that there is a giant horn trying to stretch his body so that his body can be fully exercised, and his physical strength will continue to increase, so that he can climb the top of the giant horn faster.
In the distance, outside the arena, Mu Feng looked at the corner of the giant horn and revealed a smile, then muttered to himself, "I didn’t expect this windson to be so fast, and now it has climbed to two-thirds of the giant horn. It seems that I have to hurry up to prepare."
"You two watch here and let me know as soon as my brother Lin Feng comes out." Mu Feng ordered the two servants seriously.
"Yes" and "Yes", the two servants naturally did not dare to have the slightest resistance and nodded and said yes.
Mu Feng satisfaction nodded and then sat next to the car in another direction toward the night city.
Windson, of course, don’t know Mu Feng note yourself, but even if windson knew, he wouldn’t care, would he?
At this time, Lin Feng climbed a little bit again, and then his body couldn’t help shivering. He felt a different feeling from injecting energy into his body and every cell of himself.
Windson feel edge pain coming towards their finished without a comfortable feeling.
Windson heart is full of shock. Is he breaking through some boundaries of the giant horn? Why is this energy completely different from before?
"In the unified detection, it is detected that energy is injected into the host body to automatically start the soul burning in the cultivation mode." The unified sound suddenly came out.
Windson haven’t understand what windson found a blue flame in his mind. Is this what the whole system calls soul burning?
The pain receded and a cool feeling came out from Lin Feng’s mind. Now Lin Feng feels that his state is great.
At this time, windson found that the energy injected into his body became gentler.
If the energy injected into windson’s body just now is an invasion, then now this energy is helping windson to change the speed moderately, but it is even faster, as if there is a form of energy driving windson’s body.
Although windson feels very strange, windson knows that this should be caused by unification, and windson is not very worried.
"The soul is not enough, the soul burns, and the cultivation mode is closed" suddenly shows up.
"Lack of soul?" Windson heart a tight, he felt his mind cool feeling disappeared and pain hit again.
"There are 45 souls, aren’t there? How can it be gone so soon? "Windson hurriedly inquired.
The cold sound of "insufficient host" almost drove the forest atmosphere crazy. It is this damn shortage again.
Windson although still want to experience just that kind of practice mode but nai windson has no soul to be tortured by pain.
Windson feel now the science of uniting the efficiency is low than just now, the most important thing is now very painful.
But when windson feels his body changes, windson’s heart is full of joy.
This should be pain and happiness!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Huge Angle virtual shadow
A year has passed in an instant, and Lin Feng is approaching the top of the giant horn, even if he wants to go further, he can achieve it.
Now, after a year of exercise, Lin Feng has become more handsome and full of heroic spirit. It seems that Lin Feng has grown taller again. He is nineteen years old.
Lin Feng’s hair grew longer again. He looked up at the top of the huge horn, and his eyes were full of longing. He wanted to climb.
Outside the arena in the distance, Mu Feng looked at and tried to take the last step. Lin Feng’s face was full of expectation, because Mu Feng knew how difficult the last step was, but Mu Feng also knew how much he would gain after taking the last step.
Mu Feng watched Lin Feng try to climb some again, but when Lin Feng to the moment seemed to break through a certain boundary, a coercion more than ten times stronger than usual suddenly pressed Lin Feng.
"Poof" one mouthful blood spit it out from Lin Feng’s mouth. Lin Feng lost consciousness instantly, but an energy kept pouring into Lin Feng’s body, constantly destroying and repairing it.
At this time, the forest air ring was suddenly hit by a drop of cyan liquid and entered the forest wind micro-mouth, which was the divine power of the wind Lord.
If Lin Feng is awake, it will be full of shock because it is hard to imagine that someone can control his ring.
The main divine power enters the forest air body, and the forest air body feels this energy. The horse unconsciously absorbs it actively, and there is a cyan halo on the surface of the forest air body, and the forest air body is rapidly strengthened.
In the distance, Mu Feng didn’t notice the blue halo of Lin Fengshen. If he saw it, he should be able to recognize it.
"Well, he did, too. It seems that it will take me a while to practice." Mu Feng said to the two servants around him
Two servants looked up and looked away. Mu Feng’s face lit up, and then they left in the distance. How can they stay here all the time?
Shortly after the two men left, the giant horn windson moved his fingers, and windson had some headaches. He opened his eyes, and the blue halo of windson disappeared in an instant.
Windson woke up the first thing to do was to check his body, but what surprised Windson was that his body was nothing, and his body became much stronger.
"Is it because of his coma after the huge horn energy strengthened his body? So how long have I been in a coma? " Windson have a question in my heart.
But this question should be put in Lin Feng’s mind because no one will answer it.
Glanced at the top of the giant horn near hand windson face revealed a little excited to continue to climb to the top of the face.
This time, Lin Feng has made enough preparations and is ready to bear the strong pressure from the giant horn.
But let Lin Feng wonder because when Lin Feng climbs, I don’t know what the reason is. Lin Feng feels that the coercion is much smaller and Lin Feng can accept it.
Although I don’t know what it is, Lin Fengxian doesn’t want to feel the huge horn energy pouring into his body. Lin Fengdi’s face is full of joy.
Lin Feng climbs bit by bit. Whenever Lin Feng advances a little, he can feel the influx of his physical strength and the influx speed is much faster, but the pain is relieved a lot. It should be because of Lin Feng’s high physical strength.
Since it is this kind of forest air, nature will not stop moving forward, but forest air is constantly crawling towards the top of the giant horn
Suddenly windson felt his body thin and his body was out of the giant horn and light and came to the top of the giant horn.


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