"All combat units to prepare.

Smooth edge "
"smooth edge"
Li Wenda ordered that at the same time, the light edge had arrived around the Red Crescent Temple.
This terrible weapon, which broke out by ancient sound and multi-energy gathering, has become a conventional weapon of new airship.
War and pressure are extraordinary, and the speed of scientific and technological progress is unimaginable.
Almost all living things in the area swept by the smooth edge are turned into fly ash, but this is an attack by Zion fleet.
Then a green and purple light edge swept across the white place.
This point seems to be full of poor charm, which always makes people limit their bets and daydream.
This even includes Xu Leren.
all is quiet and still
Everyone seems to be expecting something, and everyone seems to be afraid of something.
It seems to be stagnant at this moment, and the gas seems to be condensed by pressure.
However, the breathing of many creatures still makes most people look at each other, and sometimes it is not stagnant but flowing.
Everyone’s eyes are on this mixed-color light spot.
The first is light.
Light obscures everything and erases everything around it.
Then came the explosion sound.
But the surrounding creatures look around and they don’t know what happened.
But that kind of death arrival doesn’t feel fake.
When the red moon templars reacted, the mushroom cloud had already gone up into the sky.
His creatures are no longer visible around.
A single blow deterred the Kuroshio attack.
That fear of absolute power made them stop, and even the command from the soul of Gu Yinduo was not at the top at this time.
"Zion will win"
Zion’s fleet scattered a series of light edges and shot at the ground, killing strange people in a trance.
Where Zion’s celestial forces passed was almost one-sided slaughter and crushing.
This made the warlocks of the Red Crescent Temple in Chengtou feel very alienated and unreal.
Shouldn’t Zion be a clown who plays tricks and studies some strange and extraordinary things?
Maybe they have really developed some convenient things, such as civil airships, rail trains and so on.
However, in terms of high strength, Zion has not made any substantial breakthrough for so long, and there are few level 4 warlocks.
These stereotypes make most Red Crescent Temple people think Zion is weak …
So weak that Xu Le, a member of parliament, was assassinated by the Red Crescent and the emperor, Zion could not speak except strongly condemning him.
But such a weak person is now commanding, and almost backhand has put out a lot of Kuroshio strangeness that oppresses the Red Crescent Temple.
This double impact of vision and spirit can’t be accepted by the Red Crescent Temple people.
"They … you pinch my face first" A warlock poked his companion beside him.
"Stop it. It’s them."
"Yes is Zion"
"This is not also …"


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