If Carson can’t give him a good explanation, then Carson’s poor salary reward will be deducted from his post as a punishment!

Save the calf from making another mistake.
"Carson, didn’t I tell you before? Don’t ask me for those interviews without big news, just do it yourself. "
But Carson doesn’t care about these things. Everything can be put aside. When the news comes out, he will be the hottest anchor and journalist in Sam.
"Supervisor, I want to apply for live news!"
Before his supervisor could react, he went on to say, "There is a great war in the sky. There are four flying humans and two ten-winged birds in the sky!"
"What? What did you say? " The supervisor hadn’t thought much about it, but he turned white as soon as he heard the bird with ten wings.
A director of a large television station, he is also a little strong.
What’s more, these days, as a journalist, he knows something about angels.
Naturally, I know that the so-called ten-winged blazing angel is stronger than the person who seems to be the strongest in Sam.
If we don’t know that the old warrior in Sam has not been able to fly, human beings, even Sam, have to pay attention to the fact that they are the most powerful among hundreds of millions of people.
Worse, four flying humans?
Big news!
"You send the live signal right away and I’ll arrange it now." The journalist has a keen sense of smell and he arranged it immediately.
If you want the live video to be sent to the headquarters, then he needs to check it out. If there is no problem, then he can choose the live video with pictures.
About dating a beautiful assistant?
But fuck it. Is it fun to have such a big news?
"I’m in charge of that thing. What do you think? I … "This female assistant really wants to be a female anchor and being able to be on the news channel can represent great fame.
"I’ll talk to you later. I don’t care about you now." He left his office immediately after saying that.
It didn’t take long for someone to check Carson’s input picture.
He didn’t even inform others, but just said "live broadcast"
He has this live broadcast. After all, he is the head of a department.
The advantage is that he may take the big head. What if something goes wrong?
You must take the blame.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Carson from CBS. I’m here in Fuzhou, California. You’re broadcasting a powerful biological war.
It is normal for him to be careful, but he also knows that he can’t limit himself to introducing himself.
If you want this news to be popular, then everything can be said.
More importantly, he is also worried that those powerful fighters will leave here!
Actually, Carson is still very lucky. Generally, neither the powerful angel nor the head of the old Tianshi, Hua Guowu Sheng, will choose this place to fight.
But to choose a higher virtual reality and avoid some human beings.
But now?
The old Tianshi Gali Fuzhou has set up a trap to trap the two flaming angels with ten wings, as well as many archangels and angels, the four martial arts heroes.
So Carson is lucky to be able to broadcast this epic war live.
He made a perfect fortune and set a perfect example in his dead life.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-three Great War
Harrison’s family are loyal viewers of CBS, because there are many interesting entertainment news and current affairs news, and of course some soap operas.
After all, CBS TV station needs to be geared to more audiences, so it should broadcast all kinds of movies, whether it is buying old movies and showing high box office movies or those exclusive continuous TV dramas.
However, Harrison was alone at home watching the news, and suddenly the picture was cut away.
Moreover, there is a live broadcast mark in the left corner.
Then the CBS reporter Carson appeared in the picture.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Carson from CBS. I’m here in Fuzhou, California. You’re broadcasting a powerful biological war.


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