The 17th Xijiang Club "Xijiang Paper Company" has 11 votes in favor and 7 votes against it. If you want to be promoted to the second or first level, you must make enough contributions to Xijiang Club and get the votes of other enterprises.

Although the number of 11 votes in favor is not small, 7 votes against it is also the one that has received the most votes in recent times. Faced with billions of orders, enterprises will naturally compete for the membership value of Xijiang Club.
Wu Jingjing seemed to have expected that Xijiang would celebrate the dinner, so she hypocritically congratulated Zhu Guangsheng, the boss of Bicai Bamboo Industry, a special paper company, and said, "I hope you can get a low price at the meeting tomorrow, and I am ready to lose money and earn money."
Zhu Guangsheng opposed the "Xijiang Paper Group" in series. When Wu Jingjing entered Xijiang, he also put away his smiling face and said, "Miss Wu, when the Xijiang meeting is still short, it will be clear that our department will not allow malicious competition."
Mizan is Wu Jingjing’s investor. He also attended the meeting this time. After listening to Zhu Guangsheng’s words, he immediately replied, "You must insist on the investigation until the end. Good luck."
"Let’s see" Zhu Guangsheng hum a left the circle.
Chen Yi couldn’t help smiling when he heard the corners of his mouth. No matter who wins, the amount of paper orders will be as low as the historical freezing point …
"What are you laughing at?" Jin Douna wore a big red V-neck to reveal a beautiful semicircle in the evening ceremony.
It’s easy to go back to earth for a vacation. The first thing she does is to change clothes, buy clothes and change clothes …
Of course, Chen Yi can’t say what he heard, but he can’t lie, so he just keeps silent.
"It’s a secret, isn’t it?" She spoke in Chen Yi’s ear and spit out hot air.
Itchy ears are very comfortable. Chen Yi stretched out his hand around Jin Douna’s waist and laughed. "It’s really a secret."
"really?" Jin Dou Na murmured 1 in Korean.
Chen Yi couldn’t help but close his eyes when he felt the energetic waist and hard arm collision.
"Let’s go upstairs." Jin Douna pulled Chen Yi and made a roundabout to make them hide the shadow of the column as much as possible.
Today’s banquet is held in Jiangning Theatre, which is not spacious. There are about 300 people on the ground floor, and the second and third floors are almost empty.
Chen Yihuan looked around and then all kinds of tassels and light shielding took Jin Douna to the second floor.
The second and third floors of the theater are VIP rooms, which are narrow and semi-closed. From the floor, you can see everything, but from the side, you can’t see anything.
Jiangning Theatre can survive in the big waves of the times and rely on modern architectural design.
Without the support of tension, Jin Douna was soft. She put her arms around Chen Yi’s neck and looked at him carefully for a while, muttering, "You don’t look like a mainland man."
Chen Yi laughed and said, "There is an existing city."
"After that, you will have two continents, I believe." Jin Douna recalled what she had seen, heard and thought in the western continent, and then compared with the bustling banquet in front of her eyes, she was temporarily absent
There are two kinds of absent women, one is in a trance and the other is in a physical trance, but they are all the same.
Chen Yi watched the woman in her arms emerge from bed to look, and she couldn’t help being absent.
"Pull the curtain" theater curtain Jin Douna suddenly "woke up" and the whole person was like shrimp.
A red look forward to emitting fragrance.
Chen Yi started like a racing car and pulled three curtains around it in a flash.
Jin Douna felt that her body suddenly fell, and her back touched Chen Yi’s arm at the moment.
"Did you just let me go?"
"You let me go and drew the curtains and caught me?"
"A little wave of divine power is just …" Chen Yiyue’s lower horizon is gradually filled with the rich red lips.
Jin Douna tried to respond as if to squeeze all that untrue to Chen Yi or suck in a little real.
Floor banquet continues
Building intimacy heats up
For a long time, Jin Douna took a hard breath and laughed. "The knight of magic is really bad."
"Yes" Chen Yi leaned over and picked up Jin Douna, which made her have to entangle herself with her legs.
Therefore, he feels like enjoying a beautiful piece of porcelain, especially the half of porcelain, which has to undergo several tests and climbs.
At this moment, that beautiful big V-neck evening gift is not even the most basic shame. The palm of your hand is full of heat and magic to stimulate Jin Douna to tremble. She tries to distract herself and say, "I heard that it is no less than the story of the fighting knight, but I don’t know what the magical knight is like …"
"Knights of Divine Power are people who are good at divine power, just like this …" Chen Yi makes his divine power deform if it is substantial.
Jin Douna’s face just showed surprise and soon turned into surprise, followed by rest, shyness and a little curiosity, accompanied by a groan …


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