At this time, a miracle happened. The same red flower gradually bloomed on the ice. A drop of blood turned into a huge flower in an instant, and then all the places where the blood ran turned into red ice, showing signs of melting. When the blood went from side to side, the ice melted from side to side.

I slowly stepped back. I never thought that the melting ice was actually my own blood, and it was such a coincidence that I accidentally cut my finger.
How could you forget that you set the machine? The voice was clearer from the ice.
When the ice slowly melted for half an hour, the traces of the ice disappeared. Twelve cocoons stood upright and the ground was a pool of ice melted, and the water quickly dried up.
I went to the front of the cocoon and looked at twelve cocoons. I didn’t know which cocoon the woman was in.
Women say be careful. If you don’t talk, you may die here.
It’s a pity that everything is clean when I die, but no one will let you go.
That’s not necessarily true. Even if you die, you’ll still be in the afterlife. At most, I’ll just wait a little longer, but don’t forget your wife, your children, and when you die, they won’t know what day it is.
Don’t worry, I’ll let you come, I gritted my teeth and said
You still haven’t changed, said the heavy-hearted woman.
How can you benefit me if you don’t care? I said
Please let me go quickly. My brother’s woman has a soft voice and a little smile, which seems to be very kind.
I didn’t speak again. I walked from the first coffin to the last coffin. Twelve coffins looked exactly the same. I didn’t feel that I was more than letting a woman keep talking, and then I listened, but the sound seemed to come from every coffin, so I couldn’t understand where the woman was.
I turned from the front to the back and looked at a row of coffins back and forth carefully. A row of coffins was almost identical, but when I was exactly the same, I found a coffin that was special.
It’s the third coffin from the left. There is a small white flower on the top of this coffin. It’s really invisible if you don’t look carefully. Fortunately, I looked up and the flower on the other side entered my eyes.
I think this should be the coffin of that woman. I reached out and knocked on the coffin and said, hey, woman, are you in there?
My name is dragon lady, not a woman. I’m your sister. The woman voice came from the coffin with dissatisfaction
This time I heard that it really came from this cocoon coffin.
However, when I was sure, I was puzzled again about how to hit this cocoon coffin. Does it mean that my cocoon coffin looks seamless? It’s like a silkworm baby knitting in it without any gap, but reaching out and touching the cocoon coffin is a very hard thing. I don’t know what it is. When the dagger is struck, it sounds like iron.
I was interrupted by a woman’s hot voice before I shouted. Call me elder sister or dragon lady.
Dragon lady, how do you say this thing hits me? I suddenly feel that this dragon lady is also very interesting. She is a temper woman. If we are not in this situation, I really feel that I am quite like this. Maybe I can still be friends in my previous life.
I told you, I didn’t know that you sealed all the things. How do I know what tricks you played? The dragon lady asked questions in it, but I didn’t know what to do. Do something about it, big one. Give up whatever you mean and grasp it as a gun.
But I can endure it, even though it’s her inside.
Sighing, I continued to look for the machine knot, but I didn’t find the machine even if I was dying. I was better than all my blood, and I took a palm print on all parts of the cocoon coffin, but there was still no sign of melting than I did not move.
Just when my hands were bloody, I stretched out my hand and pulled the flower on the other side of the cocoon coffin alive. A miracle happened
As soon as I pulled the flower to the cocoon coffin, there was a little movement, and then I clicked and clicked. I realized that I was not busy and hid in one side. I saw the cocoon coffin split two shells from it and fell back and forth, and then the crystal coffin fell across one shell.
And inside the coffin, I saw a woman dressed in white, quiet and elegant, lying quietly on the other side of the flower shop, holding a flower on the other side tightly in her hand. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her face was seven points like me, adding three points of gentleness and gentleness became an extremely beautiful woman. The woman looked as if she were asleep, which was generally very stable and stable.
Hit the coffin. Women’s voices are in my ears.
And I looked at the coffin, but there was no movement in the coffin. It looked as if the sound was not from her.
I walked to the crystal coffin and saw a handprint on the top of my head. I closed my hand and pushed the lid of the coffin slowly.
The woman’s eyelashes trembled slightly in the coffin, then her mouth and then her fingers showed signs of recovery, and I waited patiently on one side.
This woman doesn’t look like a bad person at all, but she is simple and elegant, which makes people feel like an extraordinary person.
The only fly in the ointment is that a black mark on a woman’s forehead is a dragon, which makes a woman look a little more cloudy. Chapter 46 Frozen cocoon coffin 5


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