Master Wang, seeing this Buddhist monk’s gestures, threw a big burly nursing home to the edge of the street, clutching his ass and crying. He was taken aback and realized that this Buddhist monk was less than two steps away from himself and quickly shouted, "What do you want?"

Although he is questioning this question, he hesitates and shrinks into the crowd in the hospital behind him, which shows that it is hollow.
The Buddhist monk disdained to glance at him and walked around the Maitreya statue.
Maitreya lies with his right elbow, his right palm supports his head, and when his left arm bends, he arches his waist.
"Three thousand catties, three inches, three inches, and one inch may not be impossible to try." Buddhist monk silently calculated that the breathing rhythm of the nose and mouth changed force and poured it into his waist, hips, arms and palms, which turned red, and there was a faint heat rising in his fingers.
He bent down and bent through Maitreya’s left arm with one hand and lifted Maitreya’s head with the other.
The dust on the ground two feet away from his exhalation was blown away, and Maitreya suddenly seemed to be lifted a little.
Master Wang was stunned, and those nursing homes also looked thirsty, even forgetting the burning pain in their buttocks when they were thrown out.
However, Master Wang, after all, is well informed. At this time, he is still thinking about betting on himself. A businessman dares Shaolin to scold those three words, and his life may not be guaranteed. Even if Shaolin people don’t start work, some lay brothers will not be stingy.
At this time, Master Wang didn’t consider it decent. After glancing at the statue of Maitreya on the ground, he patted the floor with his palm and exulted, "There is not even an inch here without three inches."
The doors and windows of those restaurants and shops in this street are all watched by some people. At this time, after listening to Master Wang’s words, they gave a burst of disappointment. Shh.
Some people also saw that the Buddhist Buddha was violently shaken by the Buddhist monk just now, and they couldn’t help but cheer him up.
The Buddhist monk’s face turned red, and the base of Maitreya Buddha statue made a rough and low friction with Shi Zhuan, and gradually left the ground again.
Master Wang stared nervously at the gap between the Buddha statue and the ground and shouted, "I can’t lift it without three inches."
At this time, the Buddhist monk really has no spare capacity to let the Buddha move again, but listening to Master Wang’s words, an anger rushed to his forehead, his face was red as blood, and his eyes stared at him with a malicious color.
Suddenly, a young man came by with a voice of Buddhist monk.
"Let’s put aside the good things first."
The Buddhist monk felt a palm of his hand, and his elbow held the Maitreya’s head. Suddenly, the hand seemed to be wrapped in a strong force and sent out.
Knock! !
More than 3,000 kilograms of Buddha statues once again implemented the street. Shi Zhuan burst into a small piece of debris and just hit Master Wang in the face, which made him scream and jump.
I saw a simple young man in black next to Toutuo and laughed. "Although I didn’t make three inches, it’s not enough to move out five inches. It’s better to call it a draw, and everyone doesn’t have to hurt the gas."
Master Wang still has some dissatisfaction with burying his face in it, but when he caught a glimpse of the Buddha moving out nearly a foot, he thought that the divine power of the Buddhist monk just now made his throat tighten and nodded, "All right, forget it, I won’t bother you, and don’t bother me after you."
With that, Master Wang turned around and left in a hurry, even ignoring the Buddha statue. Those nursing homes were ready to drag the Buddha statue away by scooter.
Seeing that Master Wang was somewhat defeated and fled meant that his back was not very carefree. He said to the young man next to him, "Brother, I am grateful to Jintou."
"Master, don’t say that. You have such strength when you come here, but they are so noisy that you forget this stubble." The young man also fuels a gift "Fang Yunhan"
Jin Toutuo shook his head. "Brother Fang always does me a big favor and I’ll buy you a drink."
Fang Yunhan laughed, "No need."
Jin Toutuo immediately put a straight face. "Why don’t Fang brothers think that I, a Buddhist monk, want to eat wine and meat, so I’m not worth making friends with?"
"People and precepts are not the same word to confuse each other," Fang Yunhan said naturally. "It’s just that I’m not good at drinking and I’m afraid it’s bad for the master."
"Ha, ha, ha, how many men really drink at the wine table? It’s just a chat about the anecdotes of the world and the rivers and lakes."
Jin Toutuo took Fang Yunhan back to the inn and asked Xiao Er to eat and drink while laughing. "Brother’s skill is impressive at a young age, but how old is my brother? There are also some good Jianghu stories in my stomach."
Jin Toutuo is a talkative Fang Yunhan who came here to wait for half a day before leaving, but after listening to Jin Toutuo’s story, he also had a few drinks in Tan Xing and asked, "Master, it seems that the reason why you bet with Master Wang is that you have some old grievances with Shaolin?"
"Sort of," said Jin Toutuo. "I grew up in Xifan and inherited the martial arts of Ningma School. In the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a founder who admired Shaolin’s seventy-two stunts and came to the Central Plains, but he was defeated. Since then, martial arts scholars in all previous dynasties have always worked hard to hone their martial arts and hoped to get revenge in Shaolin."
"But when the founder was defeated, he had to practice martial arts to the level of the founder before he could go to the Central Plains for so many years, and I came alone."
Jin Toutuo took a sip of wine, and his expression became a little complicated, and his narrative speed slowed down a lot. Word by word, "It’s a pity that when I arrived in the Central Plains, I met a strange man who lost three times in a row and didn’t even see the threshold of Shaolin. After ten years, I thought that my master’s lesson was wrong. Shaolin, who had never met before, was a little resentful. If you think about it, they were also quite wronged."
"So that’s the way it is." Fang Yunhan nodded and looked at the sky getting dark outside, guessing that when it was enough, he got up and said goodbye to Jintou. "It’s a pity that I have something urgent to leave first. Goodbye."
Jin Toutuo was about to say something when suddenly a pure cyan falcon flew out of the window.
The falcon’s pure blue feather is rare, and this eagle’s foot is still tied with a small bamboo tube. As soon as it falls in front of Jintou, the table will not move.


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